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  1. The plan - set up my xbox controller to play abp on pc using the APB controls option in the settings. #FAILED Problems are as follow: 1. firing weapons is automatically set to B button and wont be affected by changing binds from settings. 2. automatic controller settings are trash so the do need revamping. 3. some preliminary binds do double actions when edited in settings or dont conform replaced with another controller bind. 4. vehicle controller Binds need to be reimagined.
  2. so just so were clear what redeem codes are we supposed to use?
  3. Havent Had time to help discover info or research this mystery but good job so far, everyone and shout out matt for honest ingenuity this is really sparking a fire in the community.
  4. Yo whats up its ThatGuyHD and today im making a post. this post is gonna be for discussing my youtube series that im beginning. Its gonna be a series of APB videos basically a road to 255 Im gonna use different styles of play and weapons in different videos and ill use alternative characters but mainly my enforcer account. so here's what i need from you the community. im gonna need a audience of curious or interested community members aswell as feed back on weapon choices to help me improve my match participation. since this is a role playing game titles and topics for videos are also gonna be helpful so please check out my first video and if you like where its going share to your friends.
  5. Hey def going to get 1 or 2 things just cus
  6. Wait (C3MeHoBu4 "News Flash -> Web site link")... Is APB Not American (Cussword)
  7. Wait... What! what is it... is it Scripthook?
  8. Hey Guys me again. as i stated up there i was scammed again before the trade update its now been 2 weeks since then and im angry. some maxed rank gold criminal took my raptor condor and wouldn't pay me back. that gun was my main primary and i haven't been able to level up because i dont have it. so basically im here to ask if anyone has a spare raptor condor they would donate to me. i know some people stopped taking this game serious and others might just feel bad i got robbed. ive already talked with the guy selali and hes not helping me because terms of engagement involving such scams have been changed. so essentially im screwed unless someone from the community pitches in to help me out like C00ky did. my char name is ThatGuyHD and depending on the outcome of this post i will either become another non sentimental player or maybe just maybe if im lucky i can go back to being a contributing player to this SCUMBAG community. i dont wanna throw names at anyone because maybe its still early. if anyone has had a similar set of events occur to them put them in the comments below. please help me.
  9. Hey can i get a raptor condor. i lost my old one and i wouldn't play the game without one (Cool Post)
  10. lol get rainbow six siege. P.S. View my ticket support team....
  11. But Did You Rank Boost Like C00ky asked you?
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