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  1. atac is a fricking laser, good option. ntec/pmg, even an oca if you're not shooting from over 30m away
  2. I say i quit but in otherwords I'm taking a long break. I feel I've invested too much money aswell as time to fully quit, I'll stick around till the game dies.
  3. Happens to me too I just get on with it, its not game breaking just slightly irritating.
  4. Also if anyone can deal with an MC over the tunes, then check this out. Got many many sets so if you like it i will link more, its abit of an aquired taste and I wouldn't be surpirsed if its just me whos a fan. I was actually at Boomtown Fair 2 months ago and It was insane, this was on of the sets i skanked for two hours listening too. This was probably my favourite set other than Chase & Status Return II Jungle, that was insane, the visuals and soundsytem was off the charts. 23:32, that double drop is too naughty I nearly kicked my nan down the stairs. (Joke)
  5. Anyone into the dnb sub genres called rollers or jump up? My two favourite types of dnb, very fast and alot of bass with many samples not one boring sample all the way through. Rollers / Ket Horns (more bass than anything): Jump up (Fast paced with alot of different samples):
  6. 800 dpi 5 sens 0.55 mark Zowie EC2-A No mouse fix or acceleration
  7. As stated above, I'm looking for a new mouse. Currently setup with a Zowie EC2-A and its near the end of life. Preferably 5 buttons including the mouse wheel, no more like a naga or anything as i main shooters. I play palm grip and my hands are fairly small so nothing to oversized like the Razer Deathadder as I had it prior to my current mouse and found it too big. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  8. MK1 Golf, gorgeous little cars in the right hands.
  9. For males we need a mankini, like borats
  10. Yes yes and yes. dnb crew, i see you I have an endless list of gems.
  11. Its an F2P game, you will never be able to eliminate all the cheaters no matter what anti-cheat is in place. Obviously it would be nicer for the blatants to get banned instantly but thats not going to change anytime soon. I think they should IP ban serial hackers to stop them re rolling and hacking again. But hey, thats just me.
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