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  1. i sure hope they wont let u do this i dont care about ur whining but other companies wouldnt care too much balances are needed and you have to stop complaining no other company would refund or give u a chance to change a weapon because one of the stats on it got changed why would LO do this ? since LO unbanned people the community thinks LO ownes them everything THEY DONT so get over it
  2. its only a small amount of changes that actually got into live theres still lots of info missing
  3. +1 and dont post the old outdated blog post we want the most updated changes
  4. +1 i just see shit tons of silvers whining about a mod change that actually does a decent job and adds a new aspect to the game
  5. By the way you're stating this ("not working exactly the same way"), would I be correct in taking that as you're still pushing them live rather than just reverting entirely? isnt it obvious ? they're just rebooting the servers the otw patch is going live start adapting to the new meta and have fun
  6. i do agree that it was all a but to rushed LO is still new to apb and adding new stuff without it being tested enough is too rushed they should have taken it slower
  7. ntec is still pretty strong the ir3 actually buffed alot of weapons frenzy behaves really good now Far is really good now too misery is great and alot of other weapons are good i do agree though that ir3 is kinda broken atm the slower fire rate feels abit like a buff too instead of a downside
  8. i dont know about LO but g1 had a refund policy if u owned the weapon for shorter period then 48 hours u can ask for a refund something like that i got a refund several times like that
  9. playing for 8 years and saying that nhvr shouldnt get nerfed yeah.. okay. because getting zoned out for 10 seconds (at best) from 1 shot is okay and balanced just for the record yesterday i played on otw amd got hit from my own FIRE WORK and then i just got 1 shot from an nhvr so yeah the nhvr still does 85 you just have to to be zoomed in
  10. when i played on otw i still didnt have mods so i could try the ir3 only tested some premodded weapons hope they maxed me there now anyways i think it still impacts the rush aspect of it so yeah..
  11. No? Ntec will be most likely be used the same amount.. Unless they make actual changes to it. +1 its like when they nerfed ntec so when heavy barrel 2 is added it takes 1 more shot to kill so people adapted and started using ir3 people will just abuse cooling jacket now or something like that
  12. i think alot of people play on otw to have all of the weapons unlocked you can see that by all tge ntec tryharders there alot of the times when ive played in baylan most of the people were running with live weapons and just tryharding while a few people were actually trying out weapons and discussing about them
  13. First of all sorry for my bad grammer and i might miss spell words since im writing this on my phone So why are people so scared of changes, Most modern online games have some kind of "seasons" that deviate meta's and add new stuff thats how you keep your game alive and thats how you make new people play your game if the game stays as is its veteran friendly BUT it means new players have to deal woth people that know every corner of this game starting from the map to weapons amd every bug and glitch to abuse thats how the game has been for the last 7 years or so we need changes, we need new content. we cant keep everything as is and complain about "nerf this nerf that" TL:DR We need these weapon changes and we might need meta deviations every once in a while
  14. i mean if it was op it would've been abused by silvers
  15. is it customizable? it also comes with the firehawk kit which is nice. no the firebomb is bot cutomizeable you can get a normal 4x4 with no kits in the jk store for 10000 jocker tickets for the 4 slot
  16. saying "nerf 8ball and brick because they 1 shot" is not a solution nor a problem they are hard to use and you have to be lucky to get kills with them
  17. next in the list "Golds are too op" please nerf golds by 85% dmg and make them have 50% hp please! and buff nronze too weak make them deal 25% more dmg and have 150% hp ty
  18. tvh this is kinda F up i got lucjy since i left otw and then wanted to play again just when they moved into waterfront then i noticed that lixil took names so i actually asked from her to add me too i suppose they should make a thread or some kind of form so beople could fill and get thier accounts ranked up damn so many miss spelled words writing on a phone
  19. seems great though dont forget about jg ive played with it on the stress test and it was really weak compared to the csg could say it was even useless against it the shredder change is nice im glad u added some range to it because it felt like it was needed about csg thougj i dunno if it was needed
  20. i love what was done to shotguns BUT Shredder got kinda Shredded the decent range it had is gone i had 7 hits on a guy 15m away from me and he survived it maybe it was the lag i dunno but still it felt kinda weak compared to the live one
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