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  1. daily battle eye thread detected why cant people just read other posts
  2. Pretty much this bringing back SPCM is a good idea making people from the community GM's not so much The only GM's should be the dev team people from the inside like somevody here said GM's from the community will use the powers for thier adventage and exploit thier powers and favour thier "friends" and "clan mates" more the others
  3. "Apropos - Reporter" Oh man ive been looking for this song for AGESS!!!! i remember playing late at night at some empty districts ram raiding and listening to this aong on loop damn this is sooo nostalgic
  4. yeah tell that to all the graphic whores who told me that "apb looks bad because of graphics"
  5. lmao never knew this community was a clan mate hope to see him back was fun playing arranged with him
  6. the weapon is pretty good but the crosshair is annoying as hell
  7. A REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION IS BEING ASKES HERE seriously hope theres going to be an animator already
  8. i'd like to thank RTW for making this awesome game
  9. current one shows ur rank and lvl old one showed rank and threat level it means there were bronze 1-10, silver 1-10 and gold 1-10 i loved that threat system and in my opinion it worked just fine gold 10's were pretty much god tier and very good players where gold 1 were average golds and then there were silvers etc maybe the system will need some tweaks but its much better then the current one imo
  10. oh god please no tbh i doubt that graphics will get better maybe some textures here and there and maybe better bloom and effects or what ever
  11. making a better match making wont help when the population is so small oh and im not really excited for battleeye since tgere are still some bypasses and it mostly detects known codes/cheats
  12. following EA's decisions which is the worst company ever and most of the people hate them by now is a pretty bad decision just admit that joker boxes are easy money pits and you dont want to skip on them
  13. +1 i loved it before the weapon rebalances then they nerfed the ntec and all of the other guns and the pre nerfed cobra could've been decent but they nerfed the cobra aswell
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