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  1. accounts banned to date by battleye? 0 accounts flagged to date by battleye? the community would love to know @MattScott
  2. b-b-but what if one of them came back and he had to see a single toxic message from one of them? He would have to log off the computer for the rest of the week, he'd be so upset
  3. https://steamdb.info/app/654172/ steam has a solution(regional pricing) for this that might work for g1c purchases through steam if little orbit wanted to go that route, check my link to see what its like in other games
  4. split up the clothing packs, its disgusting to pay 1000+ g1c for that one piece of clothing in a pack and u wont even use the rest
  5. maybe im wrong but isn't that irrelevant to how apb decides the winner? im pretty sure that the top 50% of the match in score receives the "win" to stop people from being boosted
  6. "We're gonna put a new anticheat in our cheat infested game but we're not going to broadcast bans and we're not going to actually autoban, despite using BattlEye which has very fast implementation of unbans in the case of false positives." k bro
  7. why wont he? something like the r6siege ingame announcements, where a bot wouldn't be able to pick them up so a website like ffbans can't be remade the community is pretty one sided on this, they want to see bans happening
  8. yea bro just turn on autobanning please, people are tired of the "tiggs" treatment of banning in waves and other nonsense she did
  9. he might be better off waiting for a reply from the "Community Manager" or the game director that post on the forums regularly : ) he might be better off not wasting the time of support asking a question they wont know : ) he might be better off not waiting 20 days for a response : ) you might be better off not wasting your own time replying to threads with useless suggestions : )
  10. ? They are doing another wave, they aren't at the reach out to you phase but they told people they were.
  11. so.. make them not bis like they currently are? gotcha
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