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    OF COURSE! It's a fact and like LO, you are just closing your eyes while the truth is right infront of you!!! if there was a ban wave, why dont you post the names of the chars got banned to satisfy all those who dont believe that LO is doing sth against cheaters? Daily we can see cheaters streaming on twitch, what about that???
  2. Legenderi


    you must be blind or playing another game tho
  3. Legenderi


    so funny. this topic has been opened last year december and i still see the same ppl playing with cheats .. speedhacking, using modded gamefiles, aimbots while stream and nothing happends to them ... nice job LO ... not much longer and i will go to leave that game or also start to cheat!
  4. Almost 3 weeks have passed when i opened a ticket because a character name change didnt work. So far i got no reply! Why does is take so fucking long to get an answer or do the name change how it was supposed to be??? It's a service i paid for, so it should be in LO's interest to solve that issue as fast as possible before any other.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j_Obse6QsM
  6. Obviously you didnt understand what i mean. I DONT WANT THE SYSTEM TO BE REMOVED! JUST THE VISUALS! The Rest they should keep. Also i think its good to balance Matchmaking by Ranks and Skill!
  7. Apparently you didnt understand what i mean ... i dont want the TL_System to be changed (and that's the only thing you thought i want) i just want the visuals removed of being gold silver or bronze or whatever. The thing you misunderstood, is that people are not going to dethreat no more when they dont know their Threatlevel and this way it doenst need to be changed anything on the System. If the disctricts are mixed up with different skilled player who are not dethreating no more, i think the TL will work better, but also it could be necessary to lift up the number of total players who can enter a district back to 100 in order to get better matchmaking and fair groups with similar skill-levels
  8. I think my idea is the best, because when players cant see their threat and dont know it, they will not dethreat and are going to play in a normal way. That way the existing TL-System will work better because there won't be any fakesilvers who actually are gold and going to rip off bronze players. Also there will be no more issues with empty districts when it doesn't matter where you play because all are the same. Thanks for listening. Have a nice day.
  9. That Problem started when G1 made their new matchmaking system, bc ppl were crying the cant play with their friend who are not good enough to get gold. I Think the solution you want as in players who get gold getting kicked isnt working properly as long as players are dethreating. Just look at the gold servers ... they are empty since ages, and now its going to be the same with the silver servers because players are leaving the game. If you are gold, it shouldnt be possible to go into a distrcit lower than gold. But i think the best solution is to take away the threat level and dont show it, so players dont care about being gold or whatever and just playing the game an d haveing fun. I case of that there also is no more reason to have gold, silver, bronze and green disctricts. I think if ppl dont see their "colour" they are going to play normally in one day
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