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  1. my balls itch

  2. ??? it already is !!! yes, me for example got a silenced version of the manic ... i'd really like to keep that ... or permanent oca silverado
  3. i'm kinda confused?! candles, bottles with unknown liquids ... looks like a place of wank to me - just missing the tissues
  4. Nothing new that you dont get an answer to that, because its the truth. I think there is not that many cheaters no more, and those who it, are using private cheats, bc most cheatersellers didnt bypass battleeye.
  5. i'd prefer to buy them for JT. That way you dont have that infinite and you always have to do JT Mission or go Fightclub
  6. Hi. I have a char on Nekrova and i think there is a lots of other players who also got that. Is there a plan that we will be able to merge our chars to Citadel or one of the other servers? That will be good for the game, because nekrova servers are dead nearly. I checked it some minutes ago and there 88 Players on the whole server! I would like to play with my char but when its so less people online that will never be possible. Please do a merge so we can have more fun again and the other servers will get some more new players for competition. An answer would be nice. Thank you in advance DollyDee
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