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  1. Probably because these come with an open customizable slot maybe to prevent rerolling cheaters from using mods but then again it's just r20 you can reach that in a day or less no prob
  2. K3ith

    Pet peeves of APB.

    No lifers with over 5k posts on forums see it works both ways
  3. K3ith

    Unlock Wizard Hat

    thru more rare daily activities, i got one on one of my alts yesterday it required me to kill 3 people in the final stage
  4. Does happen to me occasionally, goes away on it's own like nothing happened. Tried restarting your router/modem?
  5. Such symbols are fine so aslong as they don't push it on others and mind their own business, don't get your panties in a bunch. There's plenty of crims with CCCP commie symbols aswell but I bet you won't complain about those tho.
  6. just skip it entirely, you'll get a new one tommorow or get a friend to help you out
  7. K3ith

    Missing Weapon Skins?

    Don't worry i haven't received a skin or anything on epidemic role 2 either, prolly an issue they're working on
  8. idk what are you on about or on but sounds like personal issues to me the only difference with fps i've been getting is in the event district when everyone gathers around the central park, hitreg and lag issues are unheard of here in Citadel unless you're still playing in Jericho or your net is total garbo, do recheck your rig.
  9. K3ith

    Epidemic - walk through

    reduce the overall population per district, make it 40-40 or 30-30 the stutters and fps drops and sudden disconnects make the event unplayable
  10. Maan did this flop, hope you guys will be making further adjustments to the pricing, right now you're still paying for weapon for about as much as an actual decent game on steam would.
  11. except that it's exploitable af and keeps players away from playing the actual game
  12. we all start to feel the same way after a certain amount of time, here's what i do 1. try other TPS FPS MMO's etc 2. binge play the shit out of them all the while trying to keep myself as far away as possible from APB 3. start to realize there's very few games like APB if even, remember all the fun and in-fighting i had here and that i should be grateful it still exists 4. come crawling back to APB, rinse and repeat
  13. I like how these hard-to-please game title reviewers always nitpick on the game's physics and such as if video games are supposed to resemble real life to the highest degree (aren't we playing them to escape it for a little while?) and expect them to be as close as possible to their favorite more mainstream popular titles such as of course the ever eternal GTA series in this case as per usual. I won't disagree that this port to the console's was a rushed tragedy by G1 but you could've atleast checked the PC version first compare the two and get up-to-date with the current events. lazy cu nt makes a lazy poorly-researched review, basically.
  14. I'm fine with our current one Farf made a while back it fits the game more imo, however i wouldn't mind seeing it make a return and be used in the user creation studios instead or something.
  15. Her: So what's on the menu? Him: Me 'n' u