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  1. Not only do crims get way less cash than enforcers per kill, none of the two get to rank their weapon roles either. I believe past events like the halloween one have had this disabled too. What's the point?
  2. K3ith

    MG42 as a SHAW reskin

    I see your point but different/unique weapons tend to be locked behind a paywall and stir up controversy from newer players that this game is pure p2w, this wouldn't be an issue if the game wasn't focused primarily on PvP so reskins are more favorable imo. Now a glock and it's variants as an FBW equivalent would be real nice too.
  3. K3ith

    MG42 as a SHAW reskin

    Seems fitting since we already have another German classic that is the MP40(Obeya CAP40) and the Luger pistol(OSCP 'Kommandant') in-game and although they're not reskins, they definitely hark back from around the same era. I don't think SHAW has an actual reskin however and the AMG-556 is on a whole different league of it's own, whereas ALIG has the CASE so I feel like this could fill in the spot quite nicely. Edit: here are the names I propose along with a couple pics, preferrably with open 3 slots should this become a thing. GPMG stands for General-Purpose Machine Gun. Obeya GPMG 'Buzzsaw' Obeya GPMG 'Krieger'
  4. i reinstalled an older version of Nvidia Geforce and it seems to be running fine for now, if anyone is having an issue with this
  5. idk what you guys did but after the recent patches my game stutters really effing bad while crouching especially if you couple it with shift eventually leading to locking up the keyboard entirely until i unbug it by crouching repeatedly again. Should i start looking for a new keyboard or is this something im not alone on? This is absolutely game breaking and i believe it already broke my keyboard drivers because some keys don't work anymore while holding down SHIFT w/ for eg. the S key.
  6. ya it's been affecting my keyboard as well it disables itself out of the blue then the game starts to stutter, especially in face-to-face combat but when i alt-tab out the keyboard runs fine
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