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  1. Silvers talking about remote detonator.
  2. IR3 changes = basically u removed IR3 from the game, no need any other explanation. Shotgun changes = i can't beat a player with same skill level if i am with JG and enemy is with any SMG (0% chance so far. Not sure why this was done.
  3. OCA+percs+remote det all the way.
  4. Knataz

    Login problem ?

    Another weekend, another hurricane.
  5. Can you stop with those excuses already. "DDoS" "hurricane"? whats next? "Sun is causing our servers to lag"
  6. If u could stop camping with your obir in baylan, that would be great.
  7. Knataz

    clan deleted

    Nice pic mate
  8. Knataz

    How many months until you all turn?

    LUL APB is not for a small joke company like little useless orbit. Nothing has changed Lolol. Same automated support, no Battleye(soonTM) All i see is G1's 'soon'. FFS let it die already.
  9. Same situation with support as it was with G1. Automated message reply, completely useless Lol. Nothing changed and nothing will change. LUL
  10. Knataz

    At the end of the day

    In it mate