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  1. Seriously, noone ever buys them on Armas, but I'm sure they'd be quite popular in the Joker store.
  2. simply don't move. /s or try /unstick, if respawning doesn't work.
  3. ah yes, the super wagon. It can barely move off.
  4. I'd prefer a wagon instead. Something like an RS6 maybe? Could carry quite a few items and with insane performance though.
  5. okay I started having the exact same issue recently. Could be APB's fault?
  6. He was the messiah of this game. I still miss him.
  7. Oh Jesus. Even on forums, you two warriors (Tigrix and Kitty) had to unite and spread bullsh!t. Please, stop. This is the most irrelevant issue I've stumbled upon.
  8. gifting free premium is truly a nice idea. At least being in quarantine will be fun from now on. :))
  9. qsn

    Remove refurbishing

    refurbishing takes 10%, therefore - gotta pay 100k for a 4 slot vehicle
  10. no thanks, don't want to be bullied for taking my phone out
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