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  1. NotGoabea

    what the hell man

    Intel Core i7-8700K 6-Core 3.7 GHz..... i dont think my cpu is the problem l000000000000l That's weird. My 4.0 Ghz I7 4790k pounds CPU with a smooth 100FPS when i'm not streaming.
  2. NotGoabea

    what the hell man

    upgrade your cpu lol
  3. I made some shoes recently.
  4. Anyways it's fixed.... Somehow. I made a female character today without any issue
  5. Nah. I had a friend who wanted me to make him a female hoodie on EU.
  6. I was trying to make a female character on the Citadel server and I got this error. What's going on here?
  7. NotGoabea

    Pay2Grief - Win $400k EVERY Friday!!

    Oh, i know the feeling. If only i could bring my recreations to the EU server haha. people would leave me alone.
  8. NotGoabea

    Pay2Grief - Win $400k EVERY Friday!!

    Hey, if you ever feel like doing this on the Jericho server, i would gladly donate an OSCP as a reward for whoever manages to blow you up on Jericho.
  9. Not exactly, since normal maps are just a textured on layer. It'll just be editing the texture. Or at least i hope it would
  10. But it could be applied to cars as well. I'm just a lazy shit and did not photoshop cars.
  11. Matter-a-fact they did! I rememeber this very clearly.
  12. We could use that on cars as well. Remove the default shine and add matte paint for example, right?