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  1. From what i understood ( now correct me if im wrong he ) is that because of how the servers work, they want to make the shotty more efficient of actually having a real hit instead of being a ghosthost or what have you. cheers EDIT: Also, lets just see how it goes. We both dont know how its gonan look.
  2. I dont know if this topic is relevant, because LO said weapon changes are coming. Just wait for that. cheers
  3. i feel more comfortable going with CSG, especially when the servers are acting up. If its really really bad though then im going SMG instead. LO adressed the issue with shotguns lately, so im hoping to see a change soon. cheers
  4. thanks for the heads up! love the frequent notifications.
  5. give it time, be patient. people were / are hungry for changes and now you got a new dev + a roadmap yet ppl still complain. just because you scream the loudest, doesnt make it any faster.
  6. CrimeCleaner

    FPS Lock?

    try to disable vsync, if activated. Also can you post a picture of your graphiccard settings from the driver menu? cheers
  7. Hello everyone, i read that some people happen to have unexplainable and sudden FPS drops in 40-20 zone + additonal audio stutter. I had this too until i found the cause of it. Now before that i reinstalled apb 2 times, defragmented HDD, downloaded new nvidia driver and nothing helped. What did help was unplugging my USB game controller. So if you happen to have any additional USB devices connected - remove them and see if it helps. Also this problem was only noticeable in APB. In other games I didn't notice anything weird going on. cheers
  8. did you try the repair option? also if your game is up to date - try start it via apb exe
  9. Yes i agree with Electro. i also have the same issue for many years. in close combat it is absolut horrific and if you dont use advanced launcher you probably gonna loose. thats why im saying it gives an unfair advantage to players who use vanilla version.
  10. Hey, have you tried using borderless fullscreen or exclusive one? It may help. if that doesnt help try alt tab and go into the game again. cheers
  11. I suggest to wait a little longer. On patchday servers can get a little funkier than usual.
  12. Something to feed the addiction I'd never thought APB would ever use UE4. LO makes dreams come true.
  13. Loving the new approach on banning + BattlEye Thank you Matt, LO
  14. this whole thread can be answered with 1 word: training. people didnt simply become that good. many hours put into APB and other games to get to where they at. talk the talk or walk the walk.
  15. everything that made APB should be removed? sounds just like your usual TDM shooter. Having more obstacles to overcome is more competitive. We already have that. Bronze district.
  16. I messed with all kinda settings in the past. What it comes down to is the old UE engine build. Wait for the new one and it should be fixed. No other game i have issues with, but just APB.
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