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  1. NiVaKi

    "Borderlands" Shaders

    As i said in my thread i wanted to Test that on otw Server just like matt told us to do
  2. NiVaKi

    "Borderlands" Shaders

    Huh are you banned yet?
  3. NiVaKi

    "Borderlands" Shaders

    You Can disable smoke
  4. use a shortcut of apb exe. fixed. wait for LO to bring the 3.5 update(soon( and then let them fix matmaking and stuff. be patient
  5. NiVaKi

    German community still there ?

    ich bin auch deutsch
  6. NiVaKi


    miss those tracers ;(
  7. i asume that there is something people that were falsely banned will get something
  8. wont be implemented today for sure.
  9. Dont know what you write in your E-Mails but i waited Not even 2 days and got my steam account working again...
  10. NiVaKi

    Armas gifting

    Giftet items to my other Charakter yesterday and now its gone
  11. Thank you LO support for giving me back my Hacked account. G1 didnt gave it back to me because i couldnt give enough info...well i gave them an payment proof. But LO did gave it back to me! Thank you for that.
  12. NiVaKi

    APB MONTAGE by me

    nice montage your oscar aim is funny somehow ^^