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  1. NiVaKi

    When will OCA Whisper be nerfed

    normal oca is better
  2. thats why you wont die!!? cheetah!
  3. no new thread needed since you can tag people in threads...
  4. can we first see the changes in action before complaining? thanks.
  5. NiVaKi

    config to fps

    he wants an fps config... Use adanced launcher.
  6. NiVaKi


    glad i bought it account wide while it was up played lcr on waterfront and liked it but on financial not so much
  7. Whenever i use /fps i have my cursor on screen and cant shoot...even if i disable /fps again. i will post a screenshot soon. Dont know if its a game bug or on my end ;/
  8. NiVaKi

    What BS Is This?

    i mean he is silver and rank 11
  9. NiVaKi

    "Borderlands" Shaders

    As i said in my thread i wanted to Test that on otw Server just like matt told us to do
  10. NiVaKi

    "Borderlands" Shaders

    Huh are you banned yet?
  11. NiVaKi

    "Borderlands" Shaders

    You Can disable smoke
  12. use a shortcut of apb exe. fixed. wait for LO to bring the 3.5 update(soon( and then let them fix matmaking and stuff. be patient