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  1. I love the level of assumptions haha. I just play the game and watch people talk trash to me nonstop regardless of what I do because I am without question, the minority in just about every single way in this game and online in general. I rarely say anything in-game I just let people harass me and others nonstop and just press K and play missions, lol. I love the assumptions on these forums though, they legit make me laugh out loud and I appreciate you all for that hahaha. Have a good one, gimme some downvotes please!
  2. I been here since friends and family alpha for RTW, but ok. I dont threat shame anybody I just play the game and whatever op I get is whatever op I get. However on these very forums all I ever see is silvers and low tier golds crying and trying to force their views on LO and because LO track record thus far appears to be believing the the QQ they are told on these forums which is why the game is still failing long after LO after purchased the game over a year ago. But ok. Lol, whatever you guys say.
  3. nah LMGs dont suck I was just talking to talk haha. I personally dislike the Alig but its not a broken gun or nothing. I'd just rather use the ISSR-Dog Ear because it melts basically everything in the game including cars.
  4. The games population is why there's such a noticable skill gap. It has nothing to do with the actual golds who play this game and everything to do with the game itself as well as it's history. Blaming golds for being golds won't ever solve anything; all I see on this forum is non-golds complaining non-stop about golds and low-tier golds complaining about anybody who is gold and is better than them. Then when any mid/high tier gold player tries to offer suggestions to get better, they just get downvoted to hell. It's hilariously ridiculous. What do you guys want, all the top gold players to just quit so you get defaulted to gold? The fact that people on these forums actually get angry when they see a gold player not give them a free win because they are better is absolutely ridiculous. It's a level of absurdity that I cannot wrap my mind around. It literally feels like people on these forums want mid/high-end gold players to apologize for being good at the game and to give anyone who is not as good as them free wins/kissing their asses otherwise they are labeled as "toxic". It's unbelievable the things people demand around here without putting in any work of their own. Lol. But I guess. Now gimme my downvotes!
  5. People say guns are clones but when you actually use them they 100% feel different. Say what you want, link gun stats, whatever. Use them and they clearly feel different. Regardless, my FBW > Anybody's Alig. Shrug.
  6. I mean being gold isn't THAT hard as you make it out to be. A little effort and a little teamwork auto results in gold. Stop being so delusional and over dramatic about it.
  7. Alig been trash. I've never seen a gold player who was worth their weight use an Alig in literal years. ISSR and Case beat that gun out all day, because transitioning from cars to players the Alig is trash. I'd FBW down any alig player 10/10 times and Im not even that good with the FBW. Say what you want, until I see otherwise in actual missions, that gun is hot trash. :^)
  8. I dunno what you guys are talking about due the fact that I didn't read any of the posts other than the OP lol, but for what it's worth the Case KO is still the best car killing LMG by a metric landslide, no question. The ISSR Dog Ear is a close second followed by the DMR AV. While the OP mentioned LMGs, Case for cars, Shaws for players. Crouch cornercamping with a Shaw + CJ3 you literally cannot lose if you have good aim. However, for what it's worth, if player killing is involved along with car killing, the ISSR Dog Ear dominates by a metric landslide. Car killing only, I'd pick the Case KO no question no matter what. Aligs stopped being good years ago, well before the Case KO and the ISSR were introduced. Aligs got over-shadowed by the CSG long before it got nerfed, then the PMG beat it out for car/player killing, followed by the introduction of the DMR-AV. Then years later the ISSR was brought in. Aligs were NEVER worth using past OBT/Steam release and are still a basically a useless gun to this day. ISSR/DMR-AV/Stock DMR/JG Shotgun and Case KO make the Alig look like total trash as they provide less recoil, better ttks and more overall value to a team at any given stage, even on full time car missions. Hell a stock OPGL beats an alig vs vehicles if you can hit the car with a single nade. Even a Shaw is better LMG than Alig because it eats players alive whereas an Alig has 1 job and it's been years since it was the best at said job. Even G1 put a free gun on armas that beats the alig by a metric landslide if ya spent the cash that functions like a better shaw, it's the eurayle or wtf it's called lol. Medusa for JB variants. Corner camp + crouch, you will out ttk everything if you have remotely decent aim; which includes vs NFAS and True Ogres which make your bullets disappear when using 99% of all the guns in the game, except for the shaw/medusa/eurayle point blank range. Best corner camping shaw/medusa/eurayle player I ever seen; PinkyPie. Destroyed everybody in the district corner camping with a Shaw for months. Frustrating AF to play against but couldnt hate but respect the gameplay lol. gg. Edit: Drunk Korean grammar, hahaha
  9. There was a time when the PMG didn't have an RNG factor to miss bullets automatically regardless of your aim, and it was that accurate well over 50m. Then it got nerfed, I want to say, what, 3 times. The Ursus is the PMG with Marksmanship mode without the RNG auto misses and hits further than the PMG ever did. That's why the Ursus is that good. If youre gonna hit a target 1-3 times, why not hit it for the most dmg possible? Think about it, then buy yourself an Ursus lol.
  10. I dunno what golds youre talking about, I dont know any golds like that personally. The only thing that separates a gold player from a silver player is a solid premade team with voice comms. Been saying that since I hit Gold 10 on CBT in Pirate/Enigma, shoutout to Pandy and Amancia. Literally, having a solid premade team will make ANY high rank silver gold by default. Keep plugging away and working on it and you will be high gold in weeks if not days. The game is actually that easy. People in APB tend to give up the first time they lose to any premade team they personally feel is 'better' than them. The "F-It I quit" Ratio in this game is through the roof. All I hear on these forums is silvers crying about how they cant get the job done and that all gold players just incomprehensibly better than them like we're born of a different stock than them and that they will never ever in their lives be as good as golds and it's honest to god laughable. Get the F--- off that quitter mentality and actually TRY TO GET BETTER. I know the idea of actually TRYING is a new concept to a vastly large amount of people playing this game, but if you actually TRY, you'd be amazed on how much the results will vary from your "I quit" mentality after getting beat 1-2 times in a row in a mission. Hell, there's golds who post on these forums all the time who literally, LITERALLY, AFK every single mission vs myself, my husband and my clannies even tho we're no better than they are. They just give up first so in their eyes either myself, my husband or my clannies are "cheaters" or "toxic' because we're gold and actually try in the mission. We lose missions all the time. In fact, we lost 9 in a row like 4 days ago before going on a 21 win streak. And in that 9 loss streak, we lost to the exact same 3 man premade 5 in a row--they decimated us. And yes, they talked trash every single time, and we didn't say nothing but press K and keep going. You win some and lose some. Keep going, and either don't care and press on or care and try to do better. The actual amount of spineless people who play this game is outright unbelievable. Believe in yourself ffs, before demanding anything. How can you expect randoms to believe in you when you don't believe in yourself??? So many instant quitters who live on these forums is ridiculous. It makes me wonder why they don't just stick to 1 player games and actually put in the time to come to these forums or log into the game and play. Christ almighty this thread is absolutely absurd and the amount of people defending the QQ is hilariously unbelievable. Grow some balls ffs, and that's coming from someone who had theirs removed hahahaha. GD.
  11. Shrug he still lost six times, and in all six of said losses he was absolutely slaughtered. So again, not sure what youre talking about. Everyone wins and loses, you guys over here with the victim card acting like top golds never lose and everyone below them is never going to get better no matter how hard they try lol tf outta here If you cant learn from your own mistakes or put in the actual effort to learn what the people who are beating you are doing so that you can adjust and adapt, then you're the only one to blame for that. Stop assuming others have to cater to you in order for you to be good at this game; you get what you put in.
  12. uh you realize that mike tyson had like 20+ sparring partners over his entire career right? you also realize that he even sparred with former champions before he even ever became a champion right?? Lol people act like the best people in anything just woke up one day and had all the skills required to immediately be the greatest. Are you ignorant on accident or on purpose? Honestly, I cannot tell the difference right now. Jesus.
  13. everything Firebat speaks is the truth! kill em with fire!
  14. hahaha lots of pots calling kettles black on this thread. This is awesome
  15. Looks like it went under the car. Happens a lot it seems like, thats why I dont use rockets. Been happening forever. This is 8 years old haha: Good times lol
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