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  1. If console apb got merged onto PC, at least the Brazillians and Russians would have people they could actually kill in missions without having to cheat haha do it complete the circle of life!
  2. ahhahaha 23 downvotes holy shit man they hate you more than me ahhaha gg!
  3. Wow, lots of actual good strats on this thread. Like sincerely good strats on this thread. I only got 1 question; why is it when my teams fight the people in this thread in missions, almost all of them either instantly AFK, hackusate, both or quit the match? People seem to know how to play, I guess afking is just easier to do? I dunno, never afk'd or quit in a match before lol. But i have hackusated!
  4. Trivirium gets it. And red is a shit color. Fuck red, fuck pirus, and fuck anybody whose favorite color is red. Facts.
  5. Ayy I know a few people with god tier aim in fps games that are on pro teams in various games that use that same exact type of measurements to adjust their mice sens in any game they're in. They go to LANs and stuff for tournaments. They literally bring a tape measure and figure out their sens accordingly just like how you use a ruler. People may think thats ridiculous but when there's money on the line and they have to use different mice all the time, figuring out your exact requirements in terms of sens is pretty critical. That's whats up man. +1
  6. I've heard that information is true to an extent but not 100%. It seems interesting regardless, so thank you for telling me! I've vaguely heard about the dpi changes you're talking about but never really looked into it. So again, I appreciate you showing me! But atm Im pretty solid with my performances in shooting games like APB, Apex, OW, The Cycle, Borderlands, Division 2, Fortnite and Siege. I dumpster most people I play against so I don't mind getting beat up when that happens too. Spent many years practicing my twitch aiming and I'm very ok with my level of accuracy at this point. Win some lose some, all that good stuffs. Good looking out on the video though, it was definitely worth the watch!
  7. yeah you're 100% absolutely right. I played Quake, Unreal and CS 1.3-1.6 years ago on a Microsoft Optical mouse back when they was perma stuck at 1000 dpi. Just what I been using ever since. The only time I really have any issues in shooting games vs people is fighting players with super duper low sens like that 400 dpi/3-4 sens with mousefix where they use their entire arm and wrist to aim. I can still kill players with that level of accuracy usually, but if they get the drop on me I'm forced to basically twitch aim to hit them. If I'm drunk which I usually am these days, it doesn't always work out But when it does it looks like I'm cheating because I can 180 instantly and hit targets. But yah, you're right. I should convert to 4-800 dpi and learn to use my entire mousemat and aim from the elbow mainly and wrist to fine tune aim. I've seen a lot of pro players in various games aim that way and their accuracy is basically the best it can get.
  8. 1000 dpi 11.7 sens with mouse fix .47 marksman Logitech G403 mouse way faster than most but it's what I'm used to
  9. Cmon man be honest, you dont like jump kicking doors open? It's one of the best glitches in the game of all time lol
  10. "Drop the baby and run!" best pedestrian quote in the game. If you wanna go play a kids game, go play Roblox or Microvolts.
  11. Failed game modes, failed weapon balances, lots of promises, lots of screenshots displaying said promises, 0 actual changes worth coming back to. But they added new joker box guns on armas. The answer is no. Definite no. Unless you trying to get run down by nfas, thumpers, jgs, pmgs, and rfp's nonstop and the same old cheaters that were here before you quit as none of them have been banned yet.
  12. TLDR Spoiled af mellianial kids on the internet using mommy and daddys credit cards to play games dont have no god damn respect for themselves or for others lowering the bar for overall maturity on the internet due to their parents being trashcans who suck at parenting. It started back in 2003-4 when XBOX introduced online gameplay where all the 9-12 year olds could call people the N word on Halo 2 and it's progressively gotten worse every year since, especially on literally every single f2p internet game. APB is no exception, in fact it's an exceptional example of how bad it can actually get. News at 11.
  13. Show us the scoreboard at the end, I bet you guys had a field day didn't you hahaha Ah good ol' APB at its finest
  14. If someone stole your phone and saw the APB Logo on the back, they'd immediately go back to you and give you the phone back. Then they'd follow it up with a heartfelt apology and a cash money donation. In APB, we call that a reverse robbery.
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