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  1. hahahah Diane was a giant fuzzy bunny and deserved to be fired and blacklisted from all online gaming companies since. GG no re.
  2. considering no two players look the same, why in the absolute hell would anybody look for player models over the giant red nameplates over their heads? Common Sense sold separately.
  3. you fuckers cry over any and everything lol
  4. The game is and always be as fun as you make it. But when you're backstabbing people, instigating false drama just for attention and being an all around D bag then look up and realize all your friends are gone and you're all alone, then yeah, the game sucks. Karma.
  5. This thread is like watching daddy hit mommy at the dinner table
  6. This is why GM's and moderators always seem to not be around. They're busy moderating stupid patootie trash threads and talking to fucking morons in-game rather than doing actual productive work.
  7. I can tell by your grammar that English isn't your primary language. But with that being said, you are the biggest idiot I've ever encountered on these forums. You're a borderline bronze player in-game and your opinions are literally always the worst/dumbest idea in every topic I've read on these forums. Do us all a favor and just shut the fuck up already.
  8. Kaitlyn been cheating I seent it in SL! wait wat?
  9. good luck trying to argue with someone with an IQ the same level as a bronze player lol
  10. rtw's version of apb was an impossible pipe dream to get off that stupid make believe bullshoot lol rtw was trash in ever aspect of the words. the gameplay was trash, the graphics was trash, the matchmaking was trash, the entire development team was trash and the overall gameplay was trash all you fkboys holding onto the "old days" are 125% full of shit; no one liked liked the 2-3 second ttk's from guns and very few people were on the winning side of the of 4v10-12's that RTW matched you up against in matchmaking. the game is better now than it ever was and its still trash haha. living in denial is like thomas trying to act like he's gonna live past age 50 with marfans syndrome; it's not gonna happen. haha. gg.
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