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  1. Golds are 50% of the playerbase? Since when?? More like 20-25% if that. All I ever see is Silvers and the same 2-3 all gold premade teams with the occasional solo gold player here and there that teeters between gold and silver.
  2. Well your overall actions speak a lot louder than a single sentence, so I mean, whatever you gotta do to convince yourself to sleep at night dude. Lol.
  3. I never said no one deserves a second chance. I said if you break the TOS you deserved to get banned. Especially for cheating. This game is owned by a private company who can do whatever the fuck they want, whenever the fuck they want. They don't owe anybody anything, period. Take the silver spoon out of your mouth and realize that LO owes you jack all shit. You and everyone else around here acting all entitled and privileged to APB cus you been here for a few years, the reality is, no body owes you fuck all. So stop acting like a fuzzy bunny and grow up.
  4. If you want mercy, go to church. If you want to cheat or violate the TOS in a game, get banned. Tf is this lol common sense clearly sold seperately
  5. wtf why are you so helpful lol whats your hidden agenda you sneaky sneaky Im onto you
  6. good OP. I also noticed on full auto guns if you double-click-and-hold very quickly, you will ghost shot the first 5-10 bullets no matter what. I tried this on pretty much every gun years ago and they still do that today. Works 100% of the time on the PMG, Alig, Shaw, Eurayle and the OCA. Shittybeans lol.
  7. Do everything Aeronaut said. You're pretty helpful I thought you was an a-hole troll this whole time lol
  8. After years of not liking you, I finally agree with you. lol.
  9. There's a lot of "you's" in your post, but I'm going to blindly assume you're talking in general and not directly at me lol. I've never been silver in APB nor have I ever opted to play in a silver district when there were gold districts available. The reason why no one uses gold districts is NOT because Golds are hiding in silver districts, it's because there's too many threat levels and too many district options for a population this SMALL. Population size is the only real reason why gold districts aren't used. And it became the standard for so many years, it's just the way it is now. The fact that the old G1 days of APB had multiple threat reorgs but all yielded the same results is proof; when only a small percentage of the game is gold and the majority are silver, with a population this small, by literal default gold players will log in on off-peak hours or non-primetime hours and have no one in the gold districts. We were literally forced to play in silver districts or not play at all. At least that's how it was on Colby through basically all of CBT/OBT/Steam release. When I came to Joker in 2012 it was already the same situation. I can't speak on EU servers because I only played there on NA off-peak hours aka when the EU servers were all full up. With that being said, if you feel like you belong in a bronze district because you are that caliber of player, then so be it. No one is forcing anyone to do anything in this game. If that's where your comfort level is, then by all means man, play there. Just don't complain when a gold player stomps you up in a silver district or anything else. It's like it's okay to do what you want to do, but if someone plays the game in a way you don't like, you're entitled to cuss them out. That's unfortunate, but that's definitely the tone I received from you in your post. And for what it's worth, I'm sorry I got you riled up apparently, however, I understand your frustrations even though I generally disagree with just about everything you said. I don't make the game I just play with the cards I was dealt. I've met a lot of silver players who became gold and stayed gold throughout my 20k+ hours in this game and they all will tell you the exact same reason as to why they are gold; they kept trying to get better until they got better. Some found friends and worked as a team to get good, others did it on their own. Regardless, they will all tell you it wasn't easy and it felt pretty good when they became perm gold. So I mean, I guess we can agree to disagree or something. Regardless though, good luck and have a great day sir.
  10. Settle for playing against weaker skilled opponents and you will never improve. Play against people better than you and make an actual effort to improve and you will literally improve over time by default. Don't blame the better players for putting in more work than you or learning the mechanics faster. You will literally default your way to gold if you stop raging and giving up every time a gold beats you up. Also it's pretty common to see silvers immediately giving up the moment they see they're vsing a gold player. Stop selling yourself short. You're better than that. I sound like a fucking life coach right now, wtf. You can do it lol. If you dont believe in yourself, believe in someone who believes in you lol. Nothing is more heartbreaking in APB than seeing a 255 bronze player.
  11. This. 2.5 years at LEAST to go to 4, if not another year on top of that aka 3.5 years. Ive worked for a handful of AAA companies in the US and Korea and I refuse to believe that a company who made licensed Disney and other games for a living could do all this overly nearly impossible detailed overhauling in under 2 years. Even 3.5 to 4, 2.25 years at least. They are literally still figuring out what assets they have right now. They're like 80% organized. There's absolutely no way UE4 is introduced into APB until 2022 if not EVER. My vote is that'll literally never happen. Not because LO isn't good enough but because they will settle with 3.5 and try to modify it the best they can because they need the money extrmely bad so to make positive income they will settle. Happens to a LOT of gaming companies. Blizzard, Microsoft, Sony, NHN, YNK, Nexon, Bungiee, the list goes on. They've been hemorrhaging money since acquiring APB and will continue to do so until their "re-re-release" of the game after the engine update. Matt Scott and LO cashed out immensely on licensed games and if APB tanks they are literally Fucked City and Matt Scott's the mayor. Facts. Don't believe me, look it all up. All I said is 100% facts. Ask their employees. A handful of them play on Jericho and openly speak about it on private discords. The engine update is 125% what they are riding on. If it fails, the game is over. Pack your shit up, call your parents and tell them Christmas is cancelled. GG No Re.
  12. Who cares if your ammo is limited, if the ammo is in your gun and you left click, the fucking thing needs to shoot and explode. This shit is ridiculous hahaha who the fuck fires a grenade launcher and the grenades turn out to be blanks. What kind of RNG excuse bullshoot is that hahahah jesus christ on a bicycle going downhill in the rain
  13. Holy shit that sucks man, RIP That really really sucks. Any designer/thememaker should be 100% no ok with it. All of us have tons of mailbox pages worth of stuff. LO you guys screwed up on this one. Big time.
  14. How many bowls did guys smoke before deciding all the RFP changes??? Does ANYONE at LO play this game or are y'all just guess and testing number values???? Sweet merciful christ on a bicycle this game just keeps going downhill.
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