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  1. I told someone in-game that i have 5000 hours gameplay, I lied, i only have 3000 hours. But before i could say im just kidding he said "thats not even much" I'm like wtf? you dont considered 5000 much? So i'l ask you guys how many hours you considered "much" in apb and how many hours do you have. Also what does it it takes to be considered a veteran in here? i personally consider anybody who has around 2500 hours to be a veteran.
  2. Unless i get a video prove of someone playing good with it during full missions ima call it trash.
  3. im unable to redeem this code. says its expired even though i dont have this mask. edit - Nvm. They are first come first serve type of codes. Only useful for a ssingle player.
  4. FFA bullshark and r&d Both freaking sucks. Wanna prove me wrong? Post one single recent clip of 1-2 full missions where a player is using any of these guns and getting a good kill to death ratio.
  5. Like im playing and doing very good, getting lotta kills then after sometime when i check the scoreboard and see woahh im mvp and got so many kills and as soon as i realize im doing quite good i automatically starts playing bad. IT HPPENS ALL THE TIME. usually in silver district. Does it happen to you?
  6. time to take a break till Xmas event. See ya all.
  7. #TEAMTREES is a mega funding campaign for planting 20 million trees before the year 2020. For every one dollar donated, one tree will be planted. This video started it all - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPJKxAhLw5I A lot of big personalities are supporting it like Allen walker, Elon Musk etc, even discovery channel and almost all youtubers. https://teamtrees.org/ what do you think about it?
  8. Let me blow your mind and tell you that everything you said could very well have been a part of apb right now. Apb had the power to be the next big thing like csgo or overwatch. But sad and unfortunate as it is, the people who were given the power had no idea what to do with it. Like imagine what would a beggar do if he suddenly gets 20 million dollars? That's what happened with apb. The original company was given 20 fucking million dollars but because of the mismanagement everything got ruined. Thing is, whatever ideas your mentioning can still be realised but it's about priorities. Server merge, phasing and engine upgrade are the top priority.
  9. Play casually. Don't try. Just let your gameplay flow like water. Use the guns your bad at. Check out that thread called "how to not get angry while playing Apb"
  10. Joker RFP still the best. If you can spend real money, get the armas version with scope or act 44 with the scope. RSA and commander got terrible accuracy in my opinion. They are reskins of each other anyway.
  11. Things that could be done in a item hold mission to make it less exploitable in my opinion are, - either further decrease the speed of cars which are being used to held the item, especially Vegas OR decrease the health of car automatically as it gets the item in its trunk or seat OR both. - increase the timer for item hold missions tasks. Most of the time the timer runs out even if you chase them with good strategy. And I agree with above poster that missions needs to offensive and defensive roles should be swapped in a single mission for both parties back and forth.
  12. You should tell your friends to try this game only after phasing system has been implemented. Check out the official threat and matchmaking thread for more information.
  13. Some mods like car surf should be unlocked at r150. That's the only thing I agree with.
  14. Character: Erdyan Server: Jericho (NA) "The Cyber Grim Reaper" Inspired by hollow ichigo from bleach.
  15. i sometimes have it worse like the download speed starts at 600kbps then gradually decreases to 6 byte ps second lol and then starts increasing again. Though it does not happen all the time.
  16. Million dollar example. Even though im one of those who don't watch gaming streams or even live sports.
  17. ... I was actually trying to ask indirectly why remote detonator is disabled from event district.
  18. i mean you disabled remote detonator so why not anti vehicle and explosive guns too? Or you can just disable the damage done by explosions like damage caused by car explosions or any other explosion. Or you know what? Remove vehicles from event district once and for all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. shini really deserves some praise. That guy is good. His one newer apb video got like like 720k views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O14AkC2R2_Y
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