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  1. Ive haven't played the event yet so have not got the pants. But through the pics they are looking simple enough that designers can do thing and noobs like me can wear them as it is.
  2. Is it really that important to have everything? I joined Apb on 2013. I guess I should also do some Kickass research and find out every fucking item that got rewarded from all the events prior to 2013 that are not available anymore and cry and beg to give me some.
  3. Yo Wtf! It was "till 3rd November" on the main post man!! It wasn't 6th November! She must have editted that part I'v out. Snipped triple post. - Azukii
  4. It's 12 days not even 2 weeks. And I think G1 events were at least 3 weeks of duration.
  5. Yes. G1's events used to last longer and it was a good feeling to have something new to do in this game for at least a month.
  7. stop tagging mattscot on every stupid thing. He might just go senile and leave apb someday. THAT GUY WILL DIE CUZ OF YOUR SINS!
  8. Thing is I don't really remember how grindy Apb ranking was as I have like 2.7k hours in this game and I don't exactly remember at which point did i reach max rank but can remember one thing for sure that I had a lot of fun in this game so nothing seemed like "grinding" to me. It was always fun and I never ever had any problem ranking up and mind you I never bought premium. Im a hardcore f2p player. So in a nutshell you can say I don't find ranking in this game grindy. There are tons of players with multiple max rank players and there's not much to do in this game for which you would need multiple max ranks players which suggests that this game is anything but grindy. The only problem I see is that some very useful mods are only unlockable at r195 for which I already told you what should be done. So im resting my case here and one last thing is I seriously doubt LO is paying attention to suggestion forums so were just wasting time here discussing things that forget implemented a but would even be paid any attention to by LO. They seems to have their hands full with others big things. You can check my forums on general discussion that I made about this.
  9. We have a suggestion forum for game and the forums. Does these suggestions even get checked by the LO staff? LO seems to be a small team so I guess they are only working on the three big things that we all are waiting for, namely the, - Server merge (a world server) - Phasing - Engine upgrade So they might not be paying attention to other small things which is wrong but also seems reasonable as the LO staff is small and we need big things to stir the playerbase of Apb. But do they even like at least note down the suggestions or bookmark the threads they find worth working on later? Or does all the threads get completely ignored? Im inclining to believe they are getting ignored so from now on im gonna stop recommending and discussing suggestion untill I (we?) get a word from the staff.
  10. Your first point about account wide month make sense. If there's any downside to it. I would like to know. Your point about ranking, dont you think it would be better to just make the mods unlockable at lower ranks? A lot of important mods are unlocked at 195. Just make a few of them unlockable at like 100 then 150 and so on.
  11. Yes, reduce the tax but only if more money sinks are created.
  12. Server merge is most likely the next month through which you will get your both accounts in one s server then just transfer the guns through marketplace or something.
  13. -Server merge -Phasing -Engine upgrade These things will save Apb. Have faith. Hold on a little longer.
  14. They know it but wont do it cuz its a small thing and small things dont need improvement. Its ok to ignore the small things.
  15. i did some research and have drawn to the conclusion that this game failed not cuz the game sucked or cuz of the gameplay problems like you mention but cuz the of the mindless management of the starter company RTW. They acted like those poor people who once somehow gets so much money but dont know what to do with it and ends up wasting it. This reddit thread sums it up perfectly. "just sayin there are way more important things to do." Just because there are more important things to do does not mean we should ignore the little thing. As someone great has once said "Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves." Merged. Thats exactly what im saying. i just didnt described it in detail on my first post. By target practice or training I DO mean using some lowkey AI npc as opponent and doing smallish missions against them. The AI does not have to be very intelligent at all, it can just follow a few commands like run around and hide or run straight for objective or just shoot randomly at the new player you know? simple stuff.
  16. To be honest, I don't quite know how this game failed. So I can't answer your question right now. But I will do some research and will surely get back at you on this. I'll go to the very depth.
  17. Ikr. The tutorials in this game are very limited and they somehow don't appear worth doing and don't force the players to complete them and as they don't complete the tutorials, everything to them looks clusterfuck. Not gonna lie, I myself did not completed my tutorials until I reached 2.5k hours in this game and also I only competed them cuz AT THAT POINT I realised that they give 25 JT reward each... Im gonna repeat myself and say training, target practice or a little more appealing tutorials will not make you good at this game but it will also not make you say that the game is a clusterfuck or "hey I don't understand anything". As for the mentor thing, I've seen mmo using this. They recommend mentors to new players and appendices to old players but it does not seems implementable in a shooter like Apb. This needs more research and ideas. Merged. @TimmyTheNerd I finally read your post. You sound like a classmate I had in grade 4. He told the teacher he don't want to learn maths cuz he don't want to become a mathematician. You get what im trying to say? Like a hunting book won't make you a hunter, you will have to go to the Jungle and experience it yourself but the book will surely give you a glimpse on hunting, like the equipments you need etc. As for mentor system, can you give me examples from other games where this is such a system cuz it seems very unlikely that such a system would be implementable.
  18. Bro im not going to read that wall of text for a thing as small as a freaking small training/target practice tutorials in Apb. You saying they did not helped you? Well guess what, they did HELPED me Maybe shooters are not your thing? anyway im not going to debate more for such a small implement/improvement for the game. i know training/practicing are not going to make a big difference but to me they seem better than directly throwing new players to action district. case closed for me.
  19. i'l get some guns cuz i dont buy guns with g1c.
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