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  1. uhh its temporary. The districts will go back to their normal state after some time if im not wrong.
  2. Apb is only for thick skinned people. All of us had to get rekt by golds to become worthy.
  3. ikr. It looks like history is going to repeat itself and it will become the next apb if it ever gets released.
  4. Imagine if they decided to abandon Apb cuz fixing it up might somehow end up in their loss lol.
  5. Apb failed cuz of the bad management of funds and fkd up launching strategies, and not because the game itself was bad or people didn't liked the gameplay. There's is a reddit post which explains it further. As for competitor, the closest thing is GTA v and if you don't mind fps shooters, you would love planetside 2. That's what im playing right now. There's also this new game coming out called star citizen which my friend told me is going to be like SciFi version of Apb. Replace human players with battle ships and districts to galaxies.
  6. whats with all of you people with so called "Life" telling other people to do something else than apb in their lives? Do you realize you yourself are on a freaking forum for just a "game"? Were all the same here, so stop insulting others just cuz they want to know why they are unable to play THEIR game. You people with your "life" ARE the toxic ones here.
  7. cant you just give us an estimate of the time it will take for jericho to be on?
  8. The sticky thread seems to have been crashed due to many people browsing it. It stopped loading for me and even though im getting notifications of quotes, im unable to see new posts anymore. Anyway Matt said xbox and ps4 servers are on and now they are working on pc server restoration. So i wanna know how will it take to restore pc servers? 2 more days?
  9. the main sticky thread seems to be stuck. its taking forever to show new posts and notifications.
  10. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERVERS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - edit, pc servers are not. fuvk it.
  11. Wow they still down? Tomorrow is my day off and I was thinking of going no life nerd mode. They better come back on otherwise Im getting going full on angry Russian kid.
  12. After getting rekt by soloing with joker showstopper i finally got the hang of it. All i needed to do was not jump while shooting it. Kills easier than nfas ogre, super fast and smooth and only for 3000 joker tickets. So all the newbies wondering what to get for the little joker tickets they have saved, Get Joker store showstopper.
  13. i bought a volcano for 2.5 million and sold it for 3.5 mil further. The player i sold the volcano to turned out to be the friend of the guy i bought the volcano from, lets call him rick. Now rick is accusing me of scamming. Im i a scammer? i dont think im gonna change what im doing cuz i dont think im scamming. Im just using the age old tactic of buying cheaper and selling higher but still wanted to know what you peeps think about it.
  14. Now thats something a idiot would say. There is nothing idiotic it. one learns from mistakes.
  15. Counts both in-game money and real money. For example i bought a new glory for 6.5 mil 1.5 months ago by trading, had to sell it for 4.5 mil yesterday cuz nobody willing to pay for more...felt bad what can i do. What about you? I mean alot of people with tons of legend guns gets banned and lose everything but still decides to stick to game via new characters etc. So whats your story?
  16. Well because of my limited English skills i guess i failed to make the point clear. Im not saying its exactly a reskin of any gun but it just sucks compared to other guns. This gun is the perfect example of a placebo effect. It makes you think your using some super cool "shotgun" which shoots at good range but its just a bad ranged gun with subpar capabilities. Sad most people are never going to understand it.
  17. Im talking about the legendary thunder showstopper, not the joker version which is awesome and practically whole different gun. Thunder is a "shotgun" which ACTUALLY is very difficult to use in close range and shines in medium range. Now let it sink. A shotgun which sucks at close range and is good at medium range. If you dont believe me, just solo with a thunder for 2-3 hours (supposing that you dont ragequit before that cuz the sucks in my humble opinion) and then try to use a stock act 44, why stock act 44? cuz its regarded as a very bad long range gun in general apb player opinion and you'll see that even act 44 does better than thunder at medium range. Now we have a shotgun which sucks at close range and is subpar at medium range. Conclusion : Dont get this gun for close range, get the joker version instead which is a miles better. Dont get this gun for medium range, get act44 or rfp instead. Lastly try not to pay 5 million or trade your ursus to get this gun. Not worth it This thread dont apply to weapon hoarders cuz they will do ANYTHING to make you buy it and make profit.
  18. Do you have guy like play Apb on max volume or something? Are themes really that annoying to you? I play Apb on low volume so I can't relate.
  19. Bullshark is trash compared to all the primary guns (except anubis maybe). Fight me. FFA R&D is alright.
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