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  1. I would have posted my rarest if it weren't mods cleaning out the non-speakable-words-said-by-the-tiggs. So here is my second to rarest:
  2. You've got it all wrong, my mate: waterfront is depicted under baylan shipping name and financial is the beacon, see?
  3. I remember being in there at Patriot, but can't remember why or how.
  4. Someone explain me why in the world would anyone play non-autoaim 2010 tps on consoles.
  5. Next move they will rename criminals to alternative-law-abiding-citizens just not to hurt any snowflake's feelings. For the bad meanies there would be a checkbox in advanced game optins though. Just because you aren't fixed yet.
  6. Some people just like to blow. Can't see problem with that.
  7. I don't even know what's more ridiculous: funding rioters or this.
  8. Gro

    Dirt bikes.

    You either lean or drive. Driver can't do it.
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