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  1. Not really. The only happenings were Tiggs getting out of her vacation to push another extra armas sale. I was always an opponent to weapon rebalance, and they have taken it too far, but there are great things LO implemented, which would never happen under G1: Hand to hand trade system; Getting the game rid of a shame of having lootboxes; Putting armas stuff to the joker store, giving the store purpose and bringing down the paywall. These three were great achievements of LO. Sadly, it won't save the game if one can't play it due to rererebalancing stuff and letting cheaters play.
  2. I would have posted my rarest if it weren't mods cleaning out the non-speakable-words-said-by-the-tiggs. So here is my second to rarest:
  3. You've got it all wrong, my mate: waterfront is depicted under baylan shipping name and financial is the beacon, see?
  4. I remember being in there at Patriot, but can't remember why or how.
  5. Someone explain me why in the world would anyone play non-autoaim 2010 tps on consoles.
  6. Next move they will rename criminals to alternative-law-abiding-citizens just not to hurt any snowflake's feelings. For the bad meanies there would be a checkbox in advanced game optins though. Just because you aren't fixed yet.
  7. Some people just like to blow. Can't see problem with that.
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