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  1. That's exactly the catch with criminals: they bullshoot edgy kids from the beginning, and when you realise there is no great cause but big pocket, there is no way back. They are not supposed to be revolutionaries, they just recruit idionts and lowlifes with this (just like real life revolutionaries). Enforcers, on the other hand, are presented as: a private militia with licence to kill, and a rich kids private militia with license to kill. And seeing who they are killing, they're actually starting to look like good guys. It's no secret from the very beginning, that praetorians were hired by the mayor because of failure of local law enforcement. And they arent pretending to be anything other than private army for hire. Same goes to the tigers, who are funding themselves just because they did have the funds in the first place.
  2. Don't cheat in symbol designer next time.
  3. Then the buyer got scammed big time.
  4. >hurr durr nazi bad This community never changes.
  5. Matt said they'll start working on financial after the social is done, so the status is work in progress.
  6. Ammobox in car and no green clouds whatsoever. Feels like 2011 again.
  7. How about Matt buys Wildstar instead? Played it for two weeks in 2014 and it was fun. The engine is ok, old devs just couldn't handle regular content updates.
  8. Commander. Cuz it looks real slick.
  9. Haven't q1 of 2014 happened yet? I understand great priority of the upgrade but this is really something that should be easy to fix. Bet that have something to do with joker store updates.
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