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  1. I'd say flash it out anyway. Not like they ever gonna do something about it, rather than bitching. They don't ban cheaters ffs.
  2. Lolwhat? I get why Z should be prohibited - they promote agressive war. What's wrong with Ukraine? It has been attacked and is defending. What the heck do you even mean it's political symbols are prohibited. I've been waving Ukraine coat of arms since 2013.
  3. So one day you could pay real life money to get a limit extender.
  4. It's always nice to have a bit of nostalgia, but let's be real: no thing is going to change. Feel free to jump in and get back to 2015 from time to time though.
  5. I'd say adjust to traditional pc means of playing. You won't last vs keybord and mouse with any controller.
  6. Вряд ли. Забей.
  7. What were you expecting honestly? LO openly donated to blm rioters. Of course they consider it "offensive".
  8. 1. Yes, i got 2013 laptop and it can't handle win10. Yet it handles apb just fine. 2. I don't have to have an "excuse" to use whatever os is suitable to me. 3."Continue supporting" means updating it. Forcing old programs to stop working on it w/o any reason whatsoever is not related in any way with "supporting". Win7 has no support since 2020 or something around that. Wasn't an issue until after corporate f*cks suddenly decided to turn old stuff off in 2024 because f*ck you, thats why. Yes i do, for the reason stated in part 3.
  9. True that. This windows 10 thing is getting more annoying: steam, rockstar launcher and now apb. Not that I am very active at the game recently, but I sure won't "upgrade" when they're trying to force me. I play old sh*t, like apb, yeah. My pc is old as well, just enough to play my favourite old sh*t. It does run win7 fine, but it can't take win10. I am not buying new pc because suddenly every corporate f*cks in 2023 decided I have to. I'd rather just stick to old offline stuff, than submit to this extortion. Your game clearly does not require win10 in any way, as it didn't in past 12 years. If you can't deal with eac, find another anticheat.
  10. That's exactly the catch with criminals: they bullshoot edgy kids from the beginning, and when you realise there is no great cause but big pocket, there is no way back. They are not supposed to be revolutionaries, they just recruit idionts and lowlifes with this (just like real life revolutionaries). Enforcers, on the other hand, are presented as: a private militia with licence to kill, and a rich kids private militia with license to kill. And seeing who they are killing, they're actually starting to look like good guys. It's no secret from the very beginning, that praetorians were hired by the mayor because of failure of local law enforcement. And they arent pretending to be anything other than private army for hire. Same goes to the tigers, who are funding themselves just because they did have the funds in the first place.
  11. Don't cheat in symbol designer next time.
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