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  1. Next move they will rename criminals to alternative-law-abiding-citizens just not to hurt any snowflake's feelings. For the bad meanies there would be a checkbox in advanced game optins though. Just because you aren't fixed yet.
  2. 70k for apb car sounds like great deal.
  3. Some people just like to blow. Can't see problem with that.
  4. I don't even know what's more ridiculous: funding rioters or this.
  5. Gro

    Dirt bikes.

    You either lean or drive. Driver can't do it.
  6. Gro

    Dirt bikes.

    Not possible due to how the game was designed. Bikes were discussed many times before. In short: you either control a player or a vehicle, When a player is in the vehicle, there is no player actually, just the vehicle. It's the same why you can't be shot trough windows.
  7. Can't guess, sorry. Any tips maybe?
  8. Posted screens of ladytiggs saying the baaaaaad n-word ingame, got my post deleted. The irony of this thread: you're not allowed to post toxic stuff in the thread about most toxic stuff you've seen.
  9. Typical leftie way of thinking: if we ignore it, maybe it will go away. You won't reduce negativity if you take away dislikes, you'll make it go extreme, morons. You will now gotta do with tons of "toxic" messages like this one and silence all the bad bullying baddies manually. But that's something to be expected of a company supporting far-left extremists. Feel free to delete my opinion, like you always do.
  10. Nerf shit out of anything and buff OCA? My sides...
  11. Can you make it tradable so we can sell customized stuff to each other?
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