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  1. Nerf shit out of anything and buff OCA? My sides...
  2. Can you make it tradable so we can sell customized stuff to each other?
  3. Don't think that would solve anything. It feels like cpu issue in the game. Maybe has something to do with eac, didn't have it year ago with eac though.
  4. Can confirm. Having really heavy stutters every 5 mins, sometimes even getting disconnected because of it, and all i do is playing social. Never had anything like that in 10 years of this game.
  5. Can you please fix this https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/14301-cant-sell-stuff-to-vendors-since-last-patch/ thank you
  6. What are you? Communist? Hail Free Market!
  7. Well, shit: new players don't know many things, not just tutorial or how to throw nades. It's only means they have to learn it, not that we gotta make the game the way they can play it without learning how to. It's a tps shooter, not rocket science, you gotta be like 12 or older to get how things work here. If you aren't intelligent enough to learn basics of a game, go back to your homework, might work out in the end.
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