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  1. read the T.O.S ,when it comes down to it you own nothing ,everything belongs to the company
  2. the only reason refer a friend was implemented and allowed to be abused (in fact encouraged ) in the first place was to falsely represent the player base No.'s and to assure the playstation and xbox contract ,re releasing it would be detrimental to the company at this stage ,but yeah it was purdy good for us at the time
  3. do you have enough free space on your hard drive that can cause out of memory warnings
  4. for any one having stuttering issues this is something that could help, it was for DX12 games but i'm sure that other DX versions should work the same, i've done it to most of my games that are installed and it seems to work fine type "exploit protection" in your search bar go to program settings in the app click add program to customize choose exact file path browse for APBprogram double click it , when the box pops up scroll down to control flow guard (GFG) click override system settings turn switch to off and apply repeat the process for the APB Launcher repeat for any other games you have that have stutter hopefully it helps you out reference:
  5. the 3400g should be fine with APB , the game has fairly low graphic demands and the cpu should get you at least 90 - 100 fps i'd be surprised if it didn't quite frankly
  6. to make things easier to balance i'm gonna suggest removing the improved rifling mod from the game and giving any weapon that had it premoded an open slot instead 0_o I mean i don't think many people would complain if you make this game more your own you don't have to work around bad mechanics that a previously failed company's implemented , jm2c
  7. ok if that didn't work I would try to remove that corrupt file (C:\Windows\SysWOW64\amdihk32.dll) and reset my pc to fresh install everything you will have to reinstall a few things but it should be worth it just go to 'settings /update & security / recovery / reset this pc ' choose to keep my files
  8. hey mate ,uninstall all AMD drivers and install the latest ones that should fix the problem or you could try a system restore
  9. you can't achieve it , you needed to be a Closed Beta Tester to get it
  10. that's what it shows you when doing a ping test ,however in game it's worse than that at the moment
  11. yes it's been happening to others from Australia as well , i use to get between 200 - 230ms to the U.S and 350ms to Europe now it is 400 - 500ms to the U.S and Europe is the same 350ms , quite unplayable actually doing a ping test to Dallas Texas shows the normal 220ms but in game it's 400 - 500ms so i'd say there is some ISP routing issues going on
  12. well seeing as your an Aussie , log in check out the new 450 - 500 ms ping and live the nightmare or don't and enjoy the dreams
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