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  1. i'm fairly sure that's pretty well what they intend to do , but the game has to at least be in a reasonably stable and playable state before they can release it or people just wouldn't be bothered with it as most just want to play the game not bug fix it
  2. the biggest problem I see with explosive weapons is the high ranked players taking them to bronze districts other than that it's whatever they're definitely annoying though
  3. wind the game back to 2011 and start again
  4. trying to be clever by making it a black ***** isn't going to cut it sport common sense goes a long way
  5. could you and kyouki post your results would be interesting to see your findings as well
  6. as far as I know there has never been a 7 day trial it was more like 30 minutes iirc
  7. let me clarify my statement , when the feature was in the game I used it quite a bit with any player I thought I would lose against or couldn't be bothered playing for whatever reason depending on my mood at the time and when it was removed I wasn't exactly happy about it ,but in all seriousness the only real way to make things better is to fix the match making ,not real sure what to do about dethreaters or AFK 'ers but I don't think it's a huge problem as anoiying as it is ,as there only seems to be a small amount of people who do it from what i've seen
  8. when the game was first released it would tell you who you were going up against and give you the option to take the fight or not with a yes / no option pre-match guess it didn't work for obvious reasons , some players rarely got a match because of it
  9. make it so you can't open a door or insta pop into a vehicle next to an object and the problem is half fixed
  10. a vpn will probably make it worse but you could try wtfast gpn i've had luck with it in the past and it is approved https://www.wtfast.com/en/ you just got to set it up properly
  11. thanks Matt ®™ , I watched some of shini's stream but couldn't stay awake for the Q&A as it was at 4 am performance wise it looks pretty good though ,good stuff
  12. yeah i also didn't get to watch it as it was 4 am for me , I thought i'd check it out this morning but alas it wasn't saved so i have no clue what was discussed ,hopefully it will be up soon
  13. from what i've seen the actual rating is approximately 8+ but that's as far as I got in your document
  14. read the T.O.S ,when it comes down to it you own nothing ,everything belongs to the company
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