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  1. 1 hour ago, LilWonka said:

    If it wasn't a problem they would not be changing anti cheat for a 3rd time, Matt himself even just said in the update it's a problem so I do not what you are talking about. Cheaters chase away  lots of people and that means lost revenue. It's an easy court case to win.

        Just google cheat makers sued. Tons of wins for game Developers.

    What the hell are you saying man.. ?


    We have been told countless times that there really isn't a cheater problem and we all just need to "git gud"


    I'm so confused.


  2. Using a macro to auto fire a semi weapon seems to be a bit lame.


    Thankfully any rumors concerning macros to detect colors for a potential triggerbots

    or mouse correction to reduce recoil is a myth.


    I feel a bit more comfortable about people using macros.

  3. Well, the word on the street is, and has been for many years,

    is that there were very few, if any cheaters since PunkBuster, FairFight , BattleEye had been implemented.


    So not sure why we're going with a different ant-cheat.

    Some of the other ones were pretty effective in keeping this game clean.

    Well, maybe one of em.


    That's what they say anyways.




  4. I read the OP's initial post with great interest and mild concern.


    @NotTheEnforcer made a great point that "Google" may not always be our friend.


    I ran the OP's post through multiple translation websites, with no success.


    I was almost ready to give up all hope, until I found a "Universal Translator" on a Star Trek Fan web site.

    The resulting output was most disturbing.


    Not something that can be shared in any public venue.


    @Vnight, my first initial thoughts were that an increase in dosage of your current medication might be the right approach.

    But after re-reading the translation a few more times, I honestly don't have any guided measures that you could follow.


    Understandably, I too have been told to "git gud", on more than one occasion, and yes ... I try .. I really do try ..

    Some may even call me a TRYHARD, but the list is very short.


    So my heart is out to you brother ,.,,, I feel your pain.

    You are not alone... and your voice will not be silenced in the dark of night.





  5. 12 minutes ago, Fortune Runner said:

    Little Orbit inherited the servers from G1. And DDoS does not matter what server  it is regardless. Cheap or expensive like nation's security. They can be DDos'ed just as much.

    My understanding is that LO just switched hosting services.


    Admittedly, I am not familiar with hosting services for online games, but I am familiar with hosting services for business ERP applications.

    And with business hosting, you have different level of services offered, at a price.


    But as @neophobia mentioned, some gaming companies go to great lengths for added protection.

    Unfortunately , this is not always possible considering budgetary constraints.


    It is what it is.


  6. 1 minute ago, neophobia said:

    itt: people who have no idea about ddoses talking about ddoses


    and also apparently no idea about apbs previous ddos situation

    Yeah, some people may not be aware.


    What amazes me, is the amount of effort to disrupt a game with a lower than usual population, and more than 7 years old.

    Hmmph .. ?


  7. I may be wrong, but typically, it is the hosting company that provides the DDOS protection, high availability,  fail over and whatnot.

    This all depends on what services LO has purchased as part of the hosting services.


    So, LO would need to let the hosting service know, that they need to up their game a bit with DDOS protection if possible.


    Lag and discconnects can make for some frustrating times.

  8. 11 hours ago, Fortune Runner said:

    A decent and unbiased answer.

    When I have been in social I see some now and then but not to that extent.

    The other person who replied could only insult with bias when not even understanding what I asked. (The irony of his reading comment is astounding in this case)

    A most humble and sincere thank you.

    Much appreciated.

    I may have exaggerated a bit, but it can get a bit "spammy" at times.


    A lot of people choose not to get into administrative mode by taking screen shots, reporting and what not.

    My guess is that they would rather spend their time doing other things.

    That's just my guess.



    Not sure if anyone noticed a young Clint Eastwood in that Rawhide clip.


  9. 59 minutes ago, Fortune Runner said:

    Like I said....why were they not doing missions and ignoring them instead. well aware of what district they were in at the time.

    I don't go into Social very often, but when I do, it is usually for short periods of time.


    Not like some of these designers or music artists.

    I can't even imagine how much time they spend in Social, busy improving their craft, ...  for hours.

    (I envy them.... I have not one artistic bone in my body)

    back on topic.


    Sometimes the SPAM in social can get overwhelming.

    "So much yelling"   - /Y

    I once had a few discussions in district chat with a few fellow Socialites.


    The conversation was flowing.


    And then,  SPAM !!

    Like waves, one after the other.

    It was relentless.


    Our conversation quickly took a swift turn.


    Scrolling' Scrolling' Scrolling' ... Rawhide





    I swore to myself, that I would devote the next 30mins, and add these shleps to the /ignore list.

    And I did.


    And then ....., new names popped up.


    I started to type faster ...







    Anyways, yeah, it can be a challenge.



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  10. 47 minutes ago, xDoomGuardx said:

    The answer concerning the solution of technical problems is a great pity that the moderators have the incentive not capable of properly articulate and convey to the audience.

    I believe that if Matt Scott wanted the moderators to communicate the technical issues related to the servers, than it would have been Matt Scott drafting the verbiage with which the moderators would have disseminated to the player base.


    I also believe that because of the severity of these recent technical issues, that Matt Scott thought it would be best for "that" message to come from him directly.


    Although my beliefs could be wrong.




  11. Not sure what Server everyone's having problems with , but here over on Jericho....


    5th of May : 00:10  (EST)



    Login Server:

    Failed to login to Login Server

    5th attempt .. success



    World Server:

    Took about 1.5 minutes to connect


    District Select:

    1 Minute to connect


    In District:

    In district for approx 1 min ...   crashed to Desktop.

    I did not select, "Send Report"


    I Cancelled...

    (have no knowledge as to whether these reports help)




  12. 22 minutes ago, sTr8-jAcKeT said:

    Everything I have to say to this has already been stated in the previous post. People don't like a challenge anymore even if it seems impossible. Isn't that what all these anime geeks love about superheroes who have overcome the impossible and the time and years and effort and all this it took to get to that point?

    Hmm, I can't speak much for the "anime geeks", but I can say, as I'm sure all of us can attest to at on time or another as a "New Player",

    that they just want to learn the game.


    Challenges ... ? yes

    Insurmountable Challenges ....   ehh,,, not so much.

    Let me learn the basics of the game first so I can somewhat compete..


    That's what I hear from new players.

    22 minutes ago, sTr8-jAcKeT said:

    Just because a vocal minority gets on the forums & posts their opinions or complaints, does not mean they speak for the vast majority.

    We have not yet established "Who" is the vocal minority or the vast majority.

    But we can all guess.




    Just as an Example of Jericho population

    7:30pm EST   4/22/2019







    Granted this is a Monday, but I have not seen much of a change last Friday or Sat.

    It is what it is.


    Can LO implement a "quick fix" (alternating different districts) as a short term measure ?

    .. or

    They may very well be knee deep in pushing the RIOT content out, and segueing from that path adds risk to their current objective.


    We just need to be patient , and wait and see.





  13. 9 minutes ago, sTr8-jAcKeT said:

    People put too much emphasis in thinking other players are drastically this much better or worse, this is psychologically damaging & dampening to the spirit of playing games. It subconsciously keeps people from playing to their full potential infusing comparative mentalities to one's own abilities; much like the flaw with social media.

    I agree somewhat, but even without a threat system, a player's "load out" does give some indication as to their level of experience & expertise.

    Most newbies are starting out with the STAR or NTEC, rallied up against opponents with ............   (add whatever weapon, legendary, whatnot}


    Will these STAR bearing newbies get their patootie kicked ?



    How many times might this happen before a newbie says ... "Ok, that was kind of fun, but ... "

    and then never to return again.


    I would rather add game mechanics to retain new players, than an attempt at changing the mindset & attitude of new players to ....  conform.


    Just my opinion.



  14. Pertaining to the OP's suggestion to alternate live districts , every other day,

    not a bad idea.


    I mean, we do have the following Districts available, not including threat specific districts.


    - Financial

    - Waterfront

    - Fight Club-Abington Towers

    - Fight Club-Baylan Shipping Storage

    - Dynamic Event-Financial

    - Dynamic Event-Waterfront


    That's 6 districts that the current NA player base can not populate.

    And that is not including threat specific disctricts.


    If LO were to alternate FIN and Waterfront, I'm guessing the Silver Districts would be the way to go.

    Least ways , Bronze, Silver & Gold could join that district.


    If a player has his/her mind set on FIN, but only Waterfront was on that day, they might see a pop increase

    in the FC districts, which would be nice also.

    (Fight Club has also been struggling with population in the last few weeks)


    5 hours ago, IROCkiller said:

    Honestly a better solution would be allowing a Waterfront contact to be pledged to in Financial, if that's even possible


    5 hours ago, Emcitement said:

    Then Waterfront would never actually be open again because players prefer Financial.. which is fine, its a better map but it'll get pretty repetitive to not have the little variety that currently exists.


    I would rather not diminish any district, by adding those contacts to the other district.


    4 hours ago, Lato said:

    uninstall until the engine is up, sbam..your solution

    As much as all of us would like to believe that the engine upgrade will be the "Magic Bullet" that draws a huge population increase.

    it won't.   


    But it is a major stepping stone for future content.




  15. 16 hours ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    Also I am just going to state this again so when I am right I can tell everyone "I told you so."

    Engine update will be the death of APB.


    I am curious why you believe that the upgrade to UE 3.5 would be the death of APB (PC version) ?


    I know that RTW created a bunch of custom code to compensate for the lack of features .. etc with UE 3


    Do you believe that with UE 3.5 we will lose some of these features ?


    I have read here, that w/ UE 3.5, that the Vegas 4x4 will no longer be able to pop wheelies,

    I'm assuming that this is the case on the console version.


    Not sure what other features are missing on the console version.


    Just curious to hear your thought with some details.

  16. I did did not participate, didn't really see the momentum "build up" until later yesterday.

    Hopped onto Discord, and saw a flurry of activity in the "Redhill" channel. and immediately came back to the forum for updates.


    Hats off to the LO team for the amount of effort and brainstorming to come up this whole "conundrum".

    I liked how they "leaked out to the public" by swapping billboards in mission districts.

    Nicely done.   👍


    And advertising a website on the district Billboards.

    And the amount of content & detail provided on the Redhill website was beyond impressive.


    I drive around district once in while, never really pay attention to the billboards.




    Hats off to the players that initially reported these billboard sightings.

    This is officially when "The Game is afoot"


    Hats off to @Ketog for the chronological updates.

    Was a great read, and brought me, and I'm sure a whole lotta of other players that had not yet jumped on the "wagon", up to date.


    Hats off to @Eyepop, for taking the time & effort, and sharing a "Brute Force" password cracker script.

    Whoa,,   haha, I'm thinking the LO Team was like;

    "WUT ??"





    They weren't expecting the amount of resourcefulness and "GODDAMM" determination to crack the password.

    It was funny.


    I hope@Eyepop, is rewarded accordingly.



    Hats off to @SK4LP, with their visual acuity, I gotta admit , I was lost ...


    Hats off to everyone that was involved, either Discord or the Forum, and collaboratively solving this puzzle.

    It definitely gets you thinking about the new content.    Redhill....






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