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  1. On 8/3/2019 at 6:57 AM, VickyFox said:

    Not going to put words in staff's mouth but it could be that  some topics raised are being discussed in the office and LO are not ready for announcement.


    Fair enough.


    Thanks @Flaws for the input, my questions are not related to Gameplay tips or instructions.


    My questions are related to new features that have been released, crash logs, and general support.

    Both of which would require an "official" response , which sometimes can be answered here on the forum by Matt, or .....


    As far as discord, I would have to be on at the same time Matt Scott was on to ask any of those questions.

    And I'm really not on discord much.


    I appreciate the interest in what questions I have.

    I have posted them in the forum under different subforums in the past, unanswered.


    These question are not something that can be answered by assumptions and what not, but an actual communicate from LO.

    Submitting a ticket would insure an answer from the company.




    Mods, you can close this thread.




  2. Was kind of curious where/how players should get answers concerning gameplay, content or any support questions.


    I have seen quite a few questions answered by Matt Scott here on the forums  (Thanks Matt)

    and an equal number of questions falling by the way side..

    Hell, some questions resulting into an 8+ page thread of nothing.


    I myself have had zero luck getting any of my forum questions answered...   and it was not for a lack of trying .


    Many posters that have been successful in increasing their post count, have happily provided their useless input.

    We thank you ... well, not all of us thank you.


    Is submitting a support ticket to get an answer to an in game question the "best way to go" ?


    I have a few questions...

    Some, I have posted on the forum.


    No official response.. sad to say.

    Support tickets may be the only recourse.

    2 week turn around is looking pretty damn good.


    I will share all results.


    Looking forward to some useless responses....



  3. 10 hours ago, AquaSensei said:

    Carsurfer, 4x4 and having a certain weapon isnt an "Exploit" Its called common sense. Lets say the basics, you dont bring a sub machine gun to a hvr fight, same thing here, don't bring a non modded character or car to a briefcase fight. Don't have the proper guns, mods, you will lose, thats just how it is dude. Sorry you felt this was a "Exploit" but it isnt, a "Exploit" is like hiding a briefcase under the map with a shield or abusing a broken weapon or doing something that isnt suppose to happen. Running with car surfer and osmaw is legit. Not considered an "Exploit" Im done here. ❤️

    I hope @MattScott is listening.


    "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight"


    "dont bring a sub machine gun to a hvr fight"


    The need to change weapons mid field/mission ....

    Driving your vehicle like a maniac to the nearest "Weapons Depot", Joker Box, Mail Box,

    to swap out to an appropriate weapon with 1:32 left on the clock.


    Be careful how you BORK the updates concerning the Ammo Box consumable.


  4. 13 minutes ago, SquirrelFace said:

    I left click when my crosshair turns red. I also left click when I get that 🚫 icon on my screen because 50% of the time it means I will land the shot.


    Guess that makes me a triggerbot user.

    I won't argue with logic.



    How does a macro invoke a MouseLeftClick down command ?


    Anyways, you have provided some valuable feedback.

    Thank you.




    I am wrestling with two issues at the moment.


    1.  There appears to be two topics discussed in this thread.
      It gets confusing.
    2. Does/Can EAC detect either Autoit or AHK macros ?   (yes, even in memory)
      If yes, that would be a better solution than disabling red crosshairs.


    Someone already mentioned that changing gameplay dynamics to combat cheaters is not usually the best option.

    I tend to agree.


    Have Triggerbots made a re-insurgence into our "extremely" small community ?

    Unfortunately yes.


    Oh well, looking forward to 2015...







  5. 45 minutes ago, UnawarePolarBear said:

    This now makes 8 threads in 3 days about hacking.


    Am I just delusional, or do people really think that there's this much hacking? I'm so confused.

    The other posts that you are referring to, are claims that they had witnessed many cheaters in game.


    You would have to read the OP's post to understand that he had stumbled upon information (forums I guess)

    where they were openly discussing the APB cheats they used and their experiences.



    Some of the information that these groups were sharing were video montages of hunting down players

    to demonstrate the effectiveness of their cheats.


    The OP had not claimed that he saw any cheaters in game.

  6. I'm not a 100% sure, but I think if you go afk or purposely do not participate while in missions, and you lose,

    your threat level goes down.


    So @BoomLion, you may want to just quit out of game if you don't want to be in mission against certain players.



  7. 27 minutes ago, BrandonBranderson said:

    I think what he's mainly trying to say is that he visited a cheat forum out of curiosity and was shocked at how many of these shit bags currently exist in the game, and how rotten their attitude is towards everything including other players..  That's what I got from it anyway.

    That's what I got out of reading the OP's post.


    I suppose we could try and derail the OP's topic into something completely different

    that is not relative to the subculture of APB cheaters that openly share their experiences.



  8. 1 hour ago, Fortune Runner said:

    but of legitimate people who said they seen  a suspicious person/cheater , was to my knowledge only one other person on Jericho that I am aware of and that was CookiePuss's thread.

    Although we haven't seen any "empirical evidence" as to CookiePuss's claim, as is usually requested,

    your comments do provide some clarity.

    Thank you.




  9. N-SSW 74 DVAH with a High Mag Scope.

    Makes people cry.



    Umm, avoid close quarter combat.




    For an all verse weapon, Id'e go with a Joker rifle or equivalent.




    I will add the following...

    Your question....


    best gun for asylum fc


    It depends on your preferred style of gameplay & your niche area.


    Abington Towers provides players with a unique challenge.

    • Close Quarter
    • Mid Range
    • Long Range
    • .... and anywhere in between



    What weapon should I chose ?

    It really depends on your play style.


    Myself, I like to play long-to-mid range.

    So I choose those weapons that fills that "bill"


    You... you might like close-quarters-to-mid-range, and so,

    there are weapons available to use in that range.




    Identify your niche

    Test out that pool of weapons that fit your requirements..

    and go to town ........


    They're really is no "GO-TO-WEAPON" ...

    It doesn't exist ..


    We all just work with what we have,

    our skills, and the tools available to us.



  10. And here we all thought @NotZombieBiscuit was gonna "swoop" in and yet again save us from some "silver" dribble,

    and add it to da pile.


    So much for consistency.



    Yeah, it can get a bit confusing.

    Working on an algorithm that we can all work with, so bear with me.


    if non-forum-warrior

       dismiss and add to da pile


      rally support for alleged hacusations


      "git gud"

    end wtf





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  11. 15 minutes ago, SquirrelFace said:

    Jericho. I was able to login about an hour ago. The server population started dropping rapidly, so I decided to swap factions. I couldn't return to the lobby, and after restarting could not login. Same happened with my group members.


    It appears to be up and running again. Maybe they just restarted.

    Thanks for the update.

  12. 17 hours ago, _chain said:

    The ''git gud'' can be interpreted in many ways. Mostly it's just becoming adaptable and finding fun in what you're currently doing what prevents bitching. 


    Or, you know, maybe you have to find something else to do, a breath of fresh air, a change of pace. This case just means the game is simply annoying, just play another one for a few days before coming back. Moving on can be a solid option too, but maybe too straight forward for some people.

    Oh. I'm fine.

    I wasn't angry or anything.


    In fact, I killed him 3 or 4 times in a row afterwards.

    (we were in FC)


    I whispered him after to thank him for the advice.

    He ignored me.


    Sometimes, even when you win, you still lose.


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  13. On 7/3/2019 at 10:38 PM, MattScott said:

    Hi all,


    As of 8am we went live with the new Anti DDoS solution.


    The team has been monitoring all afternoon, and it’s looking good so far. Seeing some nice low latency just in time for the holiday weekend.


    For those US-based Jericho players who have been frustrated, I encourage you to give it a shot.


    This solution uses a combination of systems, many of which had to be installed at the edge network in front of our gateway and servers. It was originally scheduled to go live in April, but our provider kept delaying due to conflicts with some of the other tenants using the same network.


    Hopefully this is a good step in the right direction.




    Very much appreciate the effort.



  14. 40 minutes ago, SpeedyCat said:

    Damn that i cant participate on that event because i had to work.


    Your edit remembers me on the bug that old G1 implemented for accident, it was where the OPGL shooted with Shaw stats. That evening wa insane crazy to play APB i lmao most time playing this day.

    Haha, great clips of the past...

    I remember that glitch.


    Thanks for posting.

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  15. 12 minutes ago, Fortune Runner said:

    does this count as you trolling yourself?

    I don't know the definition of trolling yourself so I'm curious.

    Unfortunately no.....


    I have never been successful in that area, but I do try.

    No sir.


    This has been more of a revelation... as it were.


    Uhmmm,  carry on.

    As you were..

  16. 8 hours ago, CookiePuss said:

    I mean, I don't NOT wanna cuddle. 

    (double negative)


    "I do NOT wanna cuddle."


    Why the hell not ?




    8 hours ago, Westford said:

    (double negative)


    "I do NOT wanna cuddle."


    Why the hell not ?

    Oh wait...


    I get it.

    The double negative was by design.

    Which means ..   Oh !


    Never mind.

  17. 1 hour ago, neophobia said:

    why are you so angry


    its only game, why u have to be mad?

    I don't believe that it is extreme anger, per say.

    But rather frustrations.


    Let's look at the basics of why "any" of us play video games.

    For most, it is for the pure enjoyment and entertainment factor.

    Others, it might be for monetary reasons.


    Let's concentrate on the pleasure seekers.

    When neither enjoyment or a satisfying entertainment experience can be achieved, 

    this leads to extreme frustration.


    It can get tiresome.


    So.... what do we do ?

    We leave.... to do something else.

    Perhaps another game.




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