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  1. In all honesty, this dev post from Matt Scott is a tough pill to swallow. I've had some people ask me (often in a confrontational manner) why I'm being optimistic/positive about Little Orbit when "all they've been doing so far was just ruining the game". It's because the only current alternative seems to be that exact type of unproductive babble. We need to face this as a community: we fucked up. There's no point in pretending that LO is entirely responsible for what happens to APB, or that the game is going to magically save itself through no effort of our own. We fucked up by letting things reach this point where a new company which could potentially breathe new life into APB is scared of the community behind the game. Think of Tiggs what you will — hell, I personally believe she had made multiple severe mistakes in her plight as Community Manager — but threats to her life and safety are absolutely inexcusable. Threats to anyone's life and safety, especially over a goddamned video game, are something that never should even cross anyone's mind. This sort of childish behavior is partly what got us into this mess in the first place. This is the reputation those individuals have given to our community. How are we supposed to convince anyone to join the game when its social landscape — one of its most important components, considering how this is an MMO — is a toxic wasteland where people get insulted, demeaned or threatened on the regular? It's very easy to pretend that your actions don't have consequences; that "it's all just words on the screen"; that the victims of this sort of harassment "are too soft for the internet"; or that "it's just the way this game is", which is a laughably evil point of view. The real problems begin when suddenly you don't see those people in the game anymore. Maybe they decided that they are not going to bother with a game with such a toxic community. Maybe they wanted to find new friends to play video games with, but all they got was taunts and insults and being told to "git gud". Maybe they wanted to play a video game and forget about their problems but instead they got told words that ended up making them feel even worse. Either way you end up being directly responsible for someone not being in APB anymore. No amount of excuses will bring us from low population numbers — only waking up and owning up to how we behave will. If this post reaches even one person and makes them change their ways, I'll be happy. I don't want people to start behaving like Pollyannas because that would be 1) unrealistic, 2) unproductive, 3) obnoxious — I just wish some of us could grow up a bit. Hell, some people probably have literally grown up playing APB. It's high time they've started acting their age instead of trying to be the 12 year old bullies ruling the playground. On a different note: thanks, Matt (sorry, couldn't resist :^) ) and other folks at LO. Really, thank you. For everything you've been doing for the game so far. Even for the bad decisions, since you've shown that you're willing to learn from mistakes and you've withdrawn or changed said decisions. The amount of developer-playerbase interaction we've been getting for the last two years has been simply incredible. Off the top of my head I can't think of a different company whose CEO is so active in interacting with the community. It saddens me a bit that, as it turns out, it was partially born as a cautionary measure to protect other LO employees from attacks, but ultimately — personally speaking — I respect the amount of interaction we ended up getting from a higher-up in the company. It definitely feels like the company genuinely wants to hear feedback from the playerbase. It's a bit reassuring that our opinions are actually seen and heard by those in charge, instead of pre-buyout G1's approach of never listening to anything, never saying anything and never giving a damn about what the community thinks. Hell, the GMs are actually participating in the life of the community, the moderators are trying to keep the forums civil and organized... things are actually happening. Even if the game is not in tiptop shape yet, I believe we're slowly getting there. We're in this thing together. LO can keep working on the actual game, we can start working on making the game an enjoyable place to be. Not just for the elitists and cliques of "cool kids" — but for everyone. If we can start actually being a bit nicer to each other, that could be a good start for us, the players. Cheesy movie-like pep speech over, but please do actually consider my words, kind traveller :^)
  2. Honestly... not a bad idea. It would definitely be interesting if certain vehicle-oriented missions provided both teams with coordinates to "secret stashes" or "weapon caches" containing rocket launchers. Of course they would have to be spawned somewhere between the car and the drop-off to allow the defending team to actually grab it and be able to use it — kind of like a side objective running side-by-side with the mission objective; you have to attack by getting the car to the drop-off, but you can defend somewhere else to deny the other team a utility.
  3. It's "Broken Chords" by WobsTasy.
  4. So you literally have no underlying motive beyond "trying to push things". Sheesh. At least the other people I've seen trying to justify using Nazi symbols in APB were more creative with their excuses. Personally speaking, I'm afraid I don't exactly want to be friends with people who get their kicks out of using fascist symbols. Whoo boy, where do we even start with this one? It kind of feels like you're trying to muddle the discourse by serving this hodgepodge of symbols, some of which are literal Nazi symbols (Iron Eagle, Iron Cross; worth mentioning, the German criminal code forbids the distribution and public use of symbols such as these) and some of which are false flag memes (the OK hand sign, which is an innocent expression that some morons on the Internet tried to bait the media into deeming a hate symbol). Putting them on the same level feels dishonest. We live in stupid times in which an innocent web comic character can get turned into a hate symbol. Observe the context and the person using the symbol — humans have the ability to contextualize the things they say and do. If it's your friend reacting to something on Twitch with , they're probably just reacting to a scary situation on the stream they're watching. If it's some Internet rando posting Pepe in clown makeup and also spouting some bullcrap about other races and politics, they're probably using the symbol with an agenda. It's all about context. Pepe has that ambiguity behind him, so if you really want to distinguish the intent, you need to contextualize the use of the symbol. Some symbols don't have that ambiguity. Let's be honest: nobody in APB is ever going to hold history lessons and create Nazi uniforms for "educational purposes". If someone's using Nazi symbols on their character or their car or anywhere, they a) are Nazi trash, b) are kids who don't comprehend the meaning of those symbols yet, c) are edgy cretins who are doing it deliberately just to get some kicks out of it... and in all cases this is not acceptable and should be reported. Simple as that.
  5. Who are those "many others" that you speak of? Who appointed you to be their spokesperson anyway? If you are unable to tell what sort of symbols would be forbidden just from reading sentences like "no nazi symbolism", I'd bargain you're under the recommended age restriction for this game. There are some things that you really should know are not okay to create. This sort of stuff is (or should have been) taught to you in school. If you've paid any attention whatsoever in your history classes, you should know about the things perpetrated by Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler's rule. It's absolutely baffling to me why you would need someone to explain to you why swastikas are not okay to have on your APB character. The part about "other cultural swastikas" is a pointless argument. Yes, the swastika was originally a religious symbol, which was appropriated by Nazi Germany. The magnitude of these crimes against humanity was such that almost universally, all over the world, the swastika lost its original meaning, and in the international culture it's predominantly associated with the Nazis. Practically no one in the general public will defend you if you put a swastika on your clothes and try to say that it's "not the nazi swastika, but some other swastika of some other religion". This is not how we understand that symbol anymore. (Bonus points if you also accuse those punishing you of "religious discrimination" because at that point you're making it painfully obvious that you're just trying to start shit and be edgy.) Your best guidance is your common sense, really. If it's a hate symbol, it's a no-go. If it's full-blown porn, it's a no-go. If it discriminates other people, it's a no-go. Believe it or not, this is an online multiplayer game, with real people on the other side of the screen. It's not about how you interpret it — it's about how everyone who sees it will interpret it.
  6. Honestly, a very respectable decision in the face of the virus. Hopefully we all manage to persevere through this whole ordeal. Sure, the Engine Upgrade is important, but what's more important are human lives that may be at risk due to the pandemic. Kudos to Matt Scott for making the call and caring about the well-being of LO employees. The "free premium to alleviate the boredom" thing is honestly one of the last things I expected to happen, but it is a move that is appreciated nonetheless. To all of you reading this — both regular forum users and LO employees — remember to take all necessary precautions, keep yourself healthy and stay safe!
  7. Or — and bear with me on this one — I wasn't a big fan of RIOT nor was I friends with anyone involved in its development. I simply refuse to jump to absolutes and think of RIOT as a "total and utter failure on every conceivable front" like I've seen many people do.
  8. Not really going to debate this part since it's, well, your personal opinion and there's nothing wrong with having one, but I don't get the part about the characters. Wasn't Holland pretty much the only named character we've got out of it all? I guess there was also the whistleblower from the ARG, but the website seems to be down so I can't check how much character development we got out of that one. Assuming you mean the reskins in Joker Distribution — fair point, actually. Still, I don't see anything wrong in having RHD as a manufacturer of (for example) more unconventional weaponry, considering that we already have some weapons that don't seem to have an apparent manufacturer — namely, all weapons from the Pack of Revelations.
  9. Well, there's my nomination for the award of Today's Most Terrible Take. For better or worse, the RIOT gamemode was a part of the game for a brief moment in time. It failed for several reasons, there's no denying that. But underneath the failed gamemode there is development of the world we play in. Do you remember that we've had an ARG that made players search for clues and look for answers as to who RedHill are? Do you realize that we still have Lawrence Holland residing in Social? Have you ever even noticed billboards around town changing as the ARG developed? Please don't pretend that you give a rat's patootie about APB's lore. If anything, from a world-building standpoint RIOT was a breath of fresh air after literal years of absolutely nothing going on. Bringing up "lore immersion" is a silly position to take, considering how 1) very few people care about this game's lore, characters and world-building; 2) it's hard to believably and properly expand upon a world written by people who probably aren't even with the company anymore; 3) the lore has already been "ruined" by the addition of Specialists. If you think that the events surrounding the RedHill Institute of Technology do not fit APB and that they "ruin the sanctity of lore" (choice of words up to personal preference), why are you not speaking up about how none of the Specialists are acknowledged by anyone who existed before them? Chung-hee is friends with Orlenz' and Chiza, Criminal missions reference the death of Jenna Casey, Michael Simeone namedrops Byron Bloodrose as the one who protects the Roses from CSA cyber-espionage — but DDog, Ernst, Aletta, Mischa, Birth and Gumball? They exist in their own bubble. They reference one another or the contacts who came before them, but they're practically never mentioned by any contacts who aren't a part of their group. How is the existence of the RedHill Institute of Technology a unique problem? APB hasn't had any sort of real lore development for literal years now. San Paro itself remains suspended in 2010s, both in terms of its aesthetics/atmosphere and its world (as in characters and the events surrounding them). Practically all the Specialists do not exist in any mentions by their preceding contacts. For all its faults, RIOT actually gave us an interesting plot thread and a potential third force who would want to exploit the two sides of the San Paro conflict. Expecting Little Orbit to just hush up and never bring up or reference what they've created is just an incredibly silly approach. Plus, as it is a research institute, it gives LO a perfect excuse to have more experimental weaponry that would not fit any other weapon manufacturer. Case in point: this very legendary, the LS1 "Corsair". STABBA Non-lethal is a company which has an outright policy of not manufacturing lethal weaponry. Having RedHill be responsible for developing a lethal version lets LO satisfy those people who have expressed interest in seeing an NL9-like slug shotgun. As a community, we could really use a bit less negative thinking and a lot less of dealing in absolutes.
  10. Little Orbit have gone on record stating that they have no plans to allow for Joker Ticket trading.
  11. Good point. Still, I personally can't criticize them for knowing when to cut losses.
  12. Subjective at best. I see no problem with the current timespan of those final stages, especially considering the overtime mechanic. It's either that or final stages drag on forever. As I've said: Point is, the events weren't immensely successful in terms of attracting players, but they helped Little Orbit from a developer's standpoint, as they were able to make something out of APB's spaghetti code.
  13. They've been kind of busy doing other things besides regular content updates. Because they are prioritising other things at the moment. No bigger complaints towards subpoints #1, #2 and #6, 'cause yes, these are mostly valid concerns... however: ad. #3) "just deleting" the whole system does not address the question of monetary rewards from various bounty levels. Both factions get 2.0x multiplier to rewards at Bounty 5, but different rewards at each level below that. How do we approach that? What do we do with the interface in the top left corner of the screen? ad. #4) You're using the term "RNG" like you don't know what it actually means. Also, exactly what is wrong with 3-point holds and 1-point holds? ad. #5) "Most of [the vehicles] are useless" ...and yet you only have a problem with the 4x4 Vegas outclassing the Bishada and the Jericho. You're forgetting about a lot of cars. Just to name a few: there's Macchina Calabria Cosenza and Balkan Ravan (both cars are practically made out of paper); there's Han Veo (which is very average at best); there's Charge Cisco (which is good at speed and terrible at everything else, such as durability and grip...) and it doesn't stop there. Practically every car besides the 4x4 Vegas has some kind of a problem holding it back from being competitive, the most prominent examples being the amount of HP and their ramming ability — and yet you only want improvements to be done to the Bishada and the Jericho? APB is literally not pay-to-win anymore. You can get permanent weaponry without spending real money. Nothing you can get for money gives you a straight advantage that is not available to non-paying players. What are you talking about here? See, this is a part of a bigger problem that APB has — a massive identity crisis on whether it wants to be a casual game or a competitive game. You could balance the game around the people who play the game every day, have every single mechanic figured out and can solo most fights... and that's going to leave you with changes that pretty much benefit only those players and leave everyone else in the dust. Instead of making it a game that's easy to learn but hard to master, you insist on making it a game that's hard to learn and hard to master. As a sidenote: How about you contribute to discussions? How about you provide some of your feedback? If you're so knowledgeable on gameplay mechanics, show it. Voice your opinion in weapon balancing threads. You've literally made this account this year, this is your only post, and in that post you complain about how Little Orbit doesn't listen to you and players at "your skill level" — to which I have a question: have you ever even given them a chance to hear your opinion? Honestly, at this point you're complaining about LO not being able to read your mind. They have been actively working on fixing those issues with the new server setup. What exactly is the problem here? Human resources management is a thing. Little Orbit can only allocate certain amounts of people to certain tasks. If you want to organize a tournament that's endorsed by Little Orbit, they would need to have at least one representative present there, in the form of a GM or someone with similar permissions. One GM would probably be not enough, two GMs would probably still mean complaints that it's not enough "care" from them — and the more GMs you have, the less GMs there are to tackle player issues not related to the tournament. Also, can we please please pretty please grow out of that silly attitude that RIOT was pointless and a waste of time? It was being worked on concurrently with the Engine Upgrade (meaning it did not slow down the process, presumably due to a different team being allocated to it) and it allowed LO to get a grasp of the game's codebase, how the game logic operates, how to alter the gameplay flow, how to add entirely new assets to the game, and so on... Yes, it wasn't perfect. Yes, it died quickly. You're absolutely allowed to have a negative opinion on it from a gameplay stance — but if you genuinely believe that nothing good came from those events/gamemodes and absolutely nobody benefitted from them in any way, you're just being dishonest.
  14. So this is what that news article on the RedHill Institute of Technology site was teasing. You guys have developed genetically altered bees in order to employ them as community managers later down the line! I have seen through your machinations, Little Orbit! I wish you the best of luck and lots of patience, Sakebee!
  15. Presumably the people of San Paro got upset at the Institute for some reason. Maybe the vandalism is meant to represent San Paro calling out RedHill IOT's plans and giving them bad reputation as a result. Maybe it's meant to represent the criminals of San Paro vandalizing whatever they can for shits and giggles. Maybe it's some author acknowledgement/meta nod towards the negative perception of RIOT by the playerbase. Regardless of what it is, the billboards have been vandalized for a long time now.
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