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  1. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=62&subcatID=258&productId=1214 https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=62&subcatID=258&productId=1884 https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=62&subcatID=258&productId=1885 All of these pages mention the removed "50% faster orange mod cooldowns" perk of Premium. Might be a good idea to remove that since nowadays everyone has these "faster" cooldowns by default.
  2. These are Baggy Jeans, which are currently only available from the Armas Marketplace. There are a few ways to obtain them: by purchasing the Street RX Outfit pack for 476 G1C (or 381 G1C with the Premium discount). This will give you the Baggy Jeans for the character you log into Armas with. (Pack contents will vary depending on the gender of your character.) by purchasing the Urban RX Bundle for 3,084 G1C (or 2,467 G1C with the Premium discount). Click this --> Enforcer Urban RX Bundle <-- to see the store page for Enforcer characters. Click this --> Criminal Urban RX Bundle <-- to see the store page for Criminal characters. This will give you the same clothing items as the previous option, but will also include a 4-slot Charge Mikro with cosmetic kits, and the ISSR-B "Wisp" sniper rifle, permanent for the character you buy the bundle for. (Pack contents will vary depending on the gender and the faction of your character.) by purchasing the Key to the World bundle for 15,999 G1C (or 12,799 G1C with the Premium discount). While this is hands down the most expensive option on the table, this bundle will give you exclusive 3D Glasses, three guns, two cars with cosmetic kits, two clothing packs (Street RX Outfit included), all Country Flag weapon skins and the Gold weapon skin — all of it account-bound; you will always have these items on every single character on your account, including the characters you haven't even created yet. If you only have one character and you only want the pants, I'd say the first option is the cheapest and the best.
  3. You could look at raw stats and get no causal information out of it... or you could ask people - actual real human beings - directly and find out what they like and sometimes why they like those things. Tends to be a bit more illustrative... and it gives a better idea of what people might like. I reckon it would help with adding future content, since LO will have things to work off of. Plus, it's fun to talk about things you like about the game for a change. APB's community tends to be really negative, so talking about positive stuff feels... refreshing? in a weird way. === Can't believe I hadn't added this earlier, but... Desert Scarf. Not the mask variant. I can never come up with any intricate designs to put on it (since all the folds make symbols look odd to me) but Goddamn does it look very good even when it's only recoloured. I've got a male character whose outfits include one with a black Baseball Cap, a gray Desert Scarf and a white Ringer T (which is still one of the best clothing items in the game, fite me) and I have to say I really dig the look. There's also plenty of fun designs you can put on Over-the-knee Socks — though we could really use legwear of other lengths and of more types than the ones we currently have in the game. So yeah, OTK Socks all the way. Might be worth it to also mention that I like Tactical Trousers. They're like Combats but even better. Cargo Capri Shorts are also pretty decent-looking options for bottomwear — the only real complaint I have about them are the weird sunglasses tucked into their waistband or pocket or whatever it was.
  4. I'll admit, I'm definitely guilty of using High-Top Shoes in most of my outfits. They look heckin' good, what can I say. Skate High-Tops look pretty alright too, but I've always found it kinda weird how their model actually makes your character's feet shorter; other shoes don't do that. My outfits across both genders in the game more often than not include the Ringer T, though recently I've been using long-sleeved tops on my female characters - so the good ol' Long-sleeved Shirt, Hockey Jersey, or the Turtleneck. The only thing I dislike about the Turtleneck is that wooly texture/shadowmap/whatever you're supposed to call that. The Turtleneck Minidress doesn't have that, but you'd probably sooner catch my characters dead than wearing that overly short mess of a clothing item. (Seriously, the "Nouvelle Chinoise" preset clothing set for female Enforcers suffers greatly because it's pretty much just the Turtleneck Minidress and Flower Stockings, and having the stocking tops (garters?) be plainly visible on an outfit is really tacky.) Since we're at the topic of clothing — I'm actually not a fan of too many Armas items, personally speaking. The notable exceptions are the aforementioned High-Top Shoes and the Hockey Jersey — mostly because they're a bit more versatile. It really feels like a lot of the clothing items on Armas flat out don't work with anything else. The Long-sleeved Shirt from the base game is great and fun to use because you can wear it under a Ringer T, tuck it into your pants or skirt, and because it's mostly skintight you can even fake the skin colour on it and have your own "custom" sleeve length... but the Nylon Flight Jacket from some pack on Armas? I've never seen anyone wear it with anything else or customize it visibly. I'd love to see more "plain" and customizable clothing in the future. Flashy and intricate things with lots of parts are cool and all, but they don't work too well as canvas for customizing.
  5. Specs (hope I got these right, I'm just copying what my PC says): CPU: i5-6500 @ 3.20 GHz GPU: Radeon RX 480 Graphics RAM: 8 GB Mostly played on Medium or Low quality settings. Kudos for making them actually look pretty alright. (Aside from that one time when I switched to Minimal and had literally no shadows anywhere as if the game was a Source engine map put into mat_fullbright 1. Is that intended?) My experience with the beta was... interesting. I've spent first 15 minutes of it trying to get around a pesky bug that I don't know where it came from. In old APB I occasionally have that thing where I get massive drops in FPS for 1 second every ~8 seconds if in that session I've switched characters or resolutions too often - but in the beta that kept happening from the get go, even without changing the resolution. I don't know what I did to fix it, but after switching quality settings it eventually worked and I could play without FPS drops. Once I got into actual gameplay, I got struck by the usual downfalls of APB's UI - 120 FPS when standing at the edge of the map looking at the ocean, ~55 FPS when looking back at the Asylum itself and all the nicknames moving around. In combat my FPS would dip below 60, but never below 30. I could barely kill people in a populated instance for some reason, so I switched to a less-populated one just to mess around and look at the map - and my framerate improved. Social was miserable though - if I recall correctly, I was at 45 FPS with dips to 30 due to all the players moving around and generally messing around with their characters and such. No real complaints from me though. I understand that this is a beta, so the original product will hopefully iron these kinks out. Speaking of kinks in the design, here's a few problems I've noticed: - Switching quality settings too many times within one session yielded rainbow grass. - Also this weird lighting on the building for some reason? - I don't have a picture of this, but ceramic tiles in the big room with a staircase, east of the Chapel, were reflecting an odd shade of blue. - Similarly, no picture, but the east side container in front of the Asylum had its walls be transparent when I changed quality settings too many times. At this point I'm not even sure if this is an error of the game or of my PC's components dying (since I've heard that a dying GPU can produce wonky results). - I think I've seen this stuff on pictures of Hiroshima after the nuclear bombs dropped, where people's shadows got burned into surrounding buildings. Seriously, how is Pagan even casting this "shadow"? - Sloped surfaces, like the dirt hills on the east edge of Asylum, weren't slopes. My camera and my movement were jittery when moving up these slopes. So yeah, that's what I've been able to find. Sorry I couldn't find more stuff. Looking forward to future developments though!
  6. After a whole bunch of brainstorming, creative writing, trying to come up with a design that's not too flashy and not too bland at the same time... eh, it's worth a shot. I wouldn't exactly call myself a visual artist, and it probably shows. Introducing: Sayaka Hayford Biography: (Warning - it's pretty damn long.) === Some things that I wanted to share or say "by the way": For the character I'm submitting, I chose a name that's different from the actual name of the character (lshiyama - the I at the start is a lowercase L). The name "Sayaka" is a nod to Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, an anime that I haven't even watched outside of clips that a friend of mine sent me (seriously, I suck at watching shows, animated or not. I don't watch anything :V ), but it also has a character with the same name whose life also largely revolves around money. I initially wanted to wing it with the character — as in, create an outfit and an appearance and maybe then write around that. My plan didn't work out, so I switched the order of operation and I started with the biography — which helped me with making tweaks to my existing character (since hey, she was already pretty much "there" if we're talking about the way I would imagine the character would look like). The biography was written as if the character was an actual contact in the Joker Store. I tried to make the character's description fit into APB stylistically and "organically", imitating the game's existing writing style as best as I could. (If the character doesn't actually score anything in the contest, then oh well, I guess it'll just be a piece of fan fiction :V ) The "original" colour scheme I wanted to go with didn't really include any Joker colours; the shirt was monochrome and the trousers had an olive hue. The kneepads with faction logos copied from Ophelia, however tacky or overused they may be at this point, serve as a visual gag/representation of how the character has sold (and, if chosen to be a Joker Employee, will sell) items to both factions in San Paro. I tried to make the character stand out a bit, but not so much as to draw all the attention. The key idea was that this is a salesperson for a successful company in the city; they need a visually appealing uniform to stand out just enough in a crowd filled with... "eccentric" people ('cause let's face it, there are some "visually loud" characters and outfits out there) ...but not stand out too much. While designing the outfit I also tried to stay away from overusing the Joker logo. Speedball has the excuse of being a sportsman, so naturally he would have a visually popping outfit filled with colours and logos of his sponsors everywhere — Hayford is basically a local community dealer gone corporate. Not exactly a poster girl for advertisements, eh? Best of luck to all the participants!
  7. So I'm thinking of participating, and the way I went about the creative process was to write a biography for my character first, and then try to create a character that would match the description of someone who had these life experiences. My assumption is that if someone provides a bio, it would be used in the game itself. (Unless I'm mistaken, that is.) If that's the case, then, uh... I may have ended up writing a biography that's 1254 words long. Is there a word/character limit on the descriptions? Should I get to cutting down some text or something? I'm pretty sure the text I've written exceeds the longest bios in the game (which, if memory serves me right, would belong to the Specialists).
  8. If you remember that those songs used to be in APB's default music library, you are entitled to a veteran's discount.
  9. No real objections here from me. The progression really slows down after a certain point, but the difference in time spent levelling up each tier is massive. Tier 1 contacts can be done in one day, Tier 2 can take several days, Tier 3 turns into weeks and so on... There are several ways to earn money in this game besides through playing missions. Fight Club is an almost mindless gamemode designed almost specifically for that; you walk forward and shoot people (and sometimes do objectives) to earn cash and Joker Tickets which you can turn into permanent gear by spending them in the Joker Distribution point in the Social District. If you're more of a creative type, you can sell your things to other players on the Marketplace or through direct trading. Back when we didn't have a trading system, I would sell T-shirts to other players for 25k APB$ each. With the 20% tax on the Marketplace, it only took 5 sales for me to turn a profit of about 100k APB$. I would just like to point out that this is not what "pay to win" means. P2W is an advantage which is unique to a paying player, but realistically unavailable to a non-paying player. The last such thing in the game was the difference in orange mod cooldowns — players with Premium had their mod cooldowns reduced by 50%. Once Little Orbit took over the game, the cooldowns have been unified across the board, so now everyone can use their mods equally often. Gear availability is only partially limited to contact progression. Contacts mostly get you preset variants, which come with already installed mods, some of which may not even be things that you would want to use on a given gun. You can unlock slotted variants of weapons independent of rank progress, by levelling up Roles. You basically have to kill people with a weapon category to get open-slotted versions of weapons in that category. If you're interested in skipping the role grind, you can always buy 3-slotted versions of guns on Armas. It's not paying to win, it's paying to skip the grind. With some cosmetic exceptions, you can obtain most gameplay content — weapons, mods, vehicles — with in-game currencies. The obvious outlier would be the 4x4 Vegas, since its Joker Store price tag is pretty steep, and the car itself is currently considered a cornerstone of the meta.
  10. The subject of available answers and their wording is one that I've tried to think about, but I couldn't come up with any better ones. I personally see the answers as a scale between underperforming and outperforming other options in a weapon's category. If you want a more detailed interpretation of the answers and what I had in mind while choosing them, they are as follows: [Unusable] Straight downgrade — The weapon is noticeably set back by some factor(s) due to which it's significantly outperformed by most alternatives within its category. [Suboptimal] Good but could be buffed — On its own, the weapon is not bad, though it might lose in some situations compared to weapons that would normally serve the same purpose. [Balanced] Fine as it is — The weapon has no greater issues that set it back or put it above other weapons. The legendary mod overall works as a sidegrade, not an upgrade or a downgrade. [Excellent] Good but could be nerfed — The weapon is more or less fine as it is, though it might have some individual aspects that could potentially and/or not urgently need reining in. [Broken] Has no downsides — The weapon outperforms most alternatives within its category. Taking it over its non-legendary counterpart or its alternatives is a straight upgrade. Arguably we could have gone with a 4-point scale, ditching the fourth option and having it go "Straight Downgrade" to "Underpowered" to "Balanced" to "Straight Upgrade" — but that would leave us with a scale that has 3 "negative" options and 1 positive. I've asked people in the unofficial APB Discord and there weren't any objections to these answers. I'm sure the next survey could be improved in some ways, one of which would be the answers made available to people who engage in the survey.
  11. We've had a survey like this a good while ago... but a lot of time has passed since. In that time, we've had three additions to the legendary weapon pool, some changes and fixes here and there — might be worth it to assemble our opinions on the current state of the legendary weapons! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEnlWK6BGs4WdgT3F5xozNPbWc0SELvR9eEUKawOsSs6FLZw/viewform?usp=sf_link One obvious change to the survey is the removal of the "No opinion" option since it didn't really indicate anything. For reference, the results of the old survey can be found here.
  12. Unless one is viewbotting, that is. The usual telltale sign is high viewership numbers and non-existant chat engagement. Think 100 viewers and not a single person saying anything in chat. Raw numbers can easily be faked. Just saying.
  13. Firstly, If you have to nitpick for a specific definition of a word to make your point, it probably isn't too sound of a point. Secondly, it's a description of what? Dictionary definitions explain the word's meaning, not how offensive it is. I asked you several times to explain what about the word made it worse than — for example — jokes about sodomy (Gumball's lines), implications of incest (the word "motherfvcker") or dehumanization (the word "b!tch"). I asked about the pragmatics of this word being worse than its alternatives. You were unable to provide me with such explanation for several posts in a row. Thirdly: no, you didn't answer it. Had you answered the question, I would not have written those previous posts. Hell, I wouldn't have written this post. I've rephrased and dumbed down the question several times in order to make it easier for you to understand it and answer it — I cannot possibly simplify it any further and yet you still cannot provide me with an answer. You missed your chance, bud. I'm out. Write this one down as a "win" in your little notebook or something if it makes you feel better. I don't have the energy to keep hoping that you'll answer simple questions anymore.
  14. I don't think you understand the question posed to you. Either that or you are knowingly dancing around the act of answering it for reasons I am not aware of. I cannot simplify this any further, so please do actually answer me this time around. This is the last time I'm asking for an explanation and I'm not going to participate in this any further if I don't get a concise answer from you this time around. What exactly makes the use of that specific word so much worse than the use of any other curse word?
  15. As @Solamente pointed out, anyone labelling themselves with that word probably doesn't have a single issue with it. Your point is...? I don't understand where you're getting the impression that I'm doing this for internet points. It's either you projecting onto others (again) or you repeating falsehoods (again) hoping that they will eventually become real when repeated enough times. All of these questions are related to the big question that you refuse to answer. I thought that I posed it in a simple enough manner, but I suppose I'll have to rephrase it again since you're so insistent on deflecting the argument instead of answering it: out of all possible insults, what makes that single specific word so bad compared to its alternatives?
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