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  1. Oh, alright. I mean, you could have just said "I have never actually used LTL in my entire life" in your opening post to save us the trouble, but still, better late than never! Less Than Lethal weaponry is straight up less versatile than its lethal equivalents. LTL requires a specific playstyle that puts the user at constant risk - a stun needs to be secured by physically approaching the stunned criminal and interacting with them, otherwise the target will just get right back up (with a slight resistance to stun damage to boot). Kills are easy to get - arrests are a challenge. If you genuinely believe LTL is broken and/or overpowered — sorry, but I have reasons to believe you have never actually even tried using it before.
  2. Devil's advocate: it really wouldn't be that hard to create an in-game excuse for faction infighting. Criminals vs Criminals could be simple fights between rival gangs; Enforcers vs Enforcers could be one group perceiving the other as a rogue element within the CSA-registered units. Still gonna be a hard "no" on giving Crims LTL though.
  3. I beg to differ. The N-TEC 5 by itself is a very good alternative to the STAR 556. It's a classic tradeoff of accuracy for damage. If you can keep the N-TEC 5 under control, you will be rewarded with a formidable gun. It is meant to be a good gun in the right hands. That is not a design flaw. What is a design flaw, though, is how stretched its versatility becomes with the right mod setup. And if you look closely, Improved Rifling quite literally is the problem here. Improved Rifling's downside is that it "increases maximum reticle bloom" — so the maximum possible crosshair size when firing in full-auto. When we slap IR3 on the N-TEC 5, the catch here is that you will almost never be using the gun in full-auto anyway when you're trying to tackle targets at range. It's not meant to be used in full-auto on the regular. This is also something that's lampshaded in N-TEC 5's flavor text: "[...] detractors often point out the requirement to fire in short bursts to maintain accuracy." IR's downside does not exist for the N-TEC because, realistically speaking, you will never be using the N-TEC 5 in such a fashion that the downside will ever come into play anyway. It is meant to be tapfired at ranges — and when it is, it can almost reliably pierce into marksman rifle ranges, giving the Obeya CR762 a run for its money. This mod — if not the existence of red mods in general — has become the elephant in the room when it comes to APB's balancing. A lot of the players have become too complacent about IR being a reliable range boost to their weaponry at a negligible downside. Think about it for a second in accordance to the weapon types in APB. Reticle bloom is a non-issue for the shotguns, since they're naturally inaccurate. Sub-machine guns never bloom out to the point where they become noticeably inaccurate within their range. Both of those CQC options are allowed to cause wounds beyond their intended ranges when modded with IR. N-HVR isn't meant to be fired on the move, and at a stand-still the reticle manages to reset its bloom between shots. OBIR returns to initial accuracy between bursts. None of these options will ever even be put in a scenario where the "increased maximum reticle bloom" downside starts working... and the weapon type it's "meant" to be used with (that being assault rifles) has its versatility increased to an absurd level because it lets you puncture wounds at range by doing what you'd be doing to land shots at range accurately in the first place. Combine all of the above with the fact that Improved Rifling 3, the biggest possible range increase, is locked behind a lower limit of player rank, and role progression or a five digit price tag, It's almost guaranteed not to be used by new players; as a result, it practically exclusively benefits those who are already acquainted with the game mechanics. Something has to be done about IR. Its downside is nowhere near enough to offset the benefits of increased effective range. It either needs a rework or outright removal from the game (which could probably be said about most other red mods).
  4. MartinPL


    As far as I'm aware, yes. I've tested it with the Goth Kilt, but I don't have a reason to suspect the regular Kilt would behave differently. From what I can see, most F2P options — Jeans, Skinny Jeans, Chinos, Combats, Warm-up Pants, Suit Trousers — can be worn under the Kilt. Some bottoms will not work with it, though, and will override the Kilt. From checking my own wardrobe options, I can tell you that Baggy Jeans, Baggy Shorts, Cargo Capri Pants, Basketball Shorts and Harem Pants do not work. There might be more of these items, but I don't have access to them personally.
  5. "Today I would like to demonstrate how incompetent some of the players have been and how poorly they have behaved towards Little Orbit since their takeover." I can agree that the first IR change was not the best idea — however, what everyone seems to be forgetting is that this was Little Orbit's first time tackling such a game. They don't exactly have a track record of handling MMOs with a fragile meta. They've learned from their mistake and since then they've been more proactive about discussing changes with the community. Improved Rifling isn't fine and I wish the community could stop lying to themselves. The benefits of using this mod wildly outweigh the downsides — which themselves can be mitigated in various ways. I mean, hell, have you noticed that almost every single gun in the game behaves in a vastly different manner when modded with IR3 — or any red mod, for that matter? N-TEC 5 becomes a fucking harvester thanks to it. It almost gives marksman rifles a run for their money. N-TEC 5 is meant to be versatile, yes, but N-TEC 5 with IR3 pushes versatility to an absurd point where you can tackle most ranges in the game. The entire downside of increased reticle bloom is offset by just tapfiring — something you are bound to be doing if you want to land shots reliably at range. Just to get this out of the way: who died and made you an authority on declaring things fun or not? Moving on... Yes, a company without a triple A budget is bound to release buggy things, especially given the fact that they've been working on the spaghetti code that is APB in its current state. Some things are bound to slip past QA. This is a problem unique to LO how? As for RIOT: eh. I didn't hate it. I certainly didn't love it either, but I'd be damned if I said it wasn't an interesting idea to try out. (And I still believe they should've focused on Engine Upgrade first.) The crux of the issue here is that you seem to think that legendary guns are meant to be upgrades instead of variants. A legendary variant of a gun is meant to have a gimmick to it. It's not meant to be a straight upgrade across the board. You take those guns with the knowledge that they will not behave like their regular counterparts. I'd say that the problem here lies not with LO, but with you. What other form of compensation do you expect? You literally don't lose any premium time because they give days of premium back to you as compensation. Plus, trial weapons are 3 hours long, if I remember correctly. Perhaps you mean leases? It's either the NA servers as a temporary solution, or no fucking game at all. Pick your poison. You do realize all of this is the result of a problem they did not expect to occur, right? You are aware that the EU servers are stuck in customs, hence why LO could not put Citadel anywhere but on NA until the servers pass customs checks? Yes, because the last calendar year totally did not happen. The last year of LO running APB was not a thing, they've only taken over APB just now and they've fucked up the servers, precisely. In fact, it is a widely known truth that Matt Scott himself personally took a sledgehammer to EU servers just to mess with us! I'm sure of it! /s, in case it wasn't clear enough. I paid nothing to read your wall of text and I still want my fucking money back.
  6. I wouldn't worry that much about providing your background. Anyone who wants to dismiss someone else's opinion without reading it based on their "skill level" in a game with ruined skill level calculation probably isn't worth listening to in the first place. I absolutely agree with the part where you bring up an example of a typical exchange between you and a typical Gold player. I've always found it peculiar how most Golds in APB excused playing in Silver instances with "no one plays in Gold instances", not realizing the circular reasoning. Hell, I myself am guilty of playing mostly in Silver instances just to get a quicker match. Unfortunately, it's a problem that perpetuates itself. Nobody wants to have to wait for a match, so the typical Golds take on the Silver bracket... instead of actually creating a Gold bracket, letting it exist by just filling it up with their presence. Unfortunately, I don't think we can do much with such a small playerbase at the moment. IIRC an attempt was made to incentivise gameplay in Gold instances by having them give out a higher total of mission-related Joker Tickets, but that doesn't seem to have done much. I can empathise. Back in the days of Open Beta Testing (or whenever it was that we still had visible threat levels and they went from Bronze to Gold, each having 10 sub-levels), I was at the point of constantly fluctuating between Silver 10 and Gold 1. I would win a couple of matches, get ranked up to Gold, get stomped by Golds, go back to the Silver instance, win a couple of matches there... so on and so forth. (Emphasis mine.) This is something that gets mishandled very often. Normally you want to design a working system that addresses typical concerns with the average user in mind — not with the outlier in mind. Bad actors will always exist, but if/when they exploit a system or a mechanic, one should fix the loophole instead of scrapping the entire system/mechanic altogether. Dethreating is a cancer on the game's matchmaking system. Players who go out of their way to skew the system to their advantage for easy matches against lower-skilled opposition should be punished for doing so. Dethreaters affect the entire game in their selfish pursuits — I'd risk going as far as to say that they are the main reason why over the years the Gold threat went from "the most effective players" to "anywhere above slightly average".
  7. 47 responses on record - here are the stats so far!
  8. Good point. I've switched the quiz's settings, so now it shows you the correct answers after completing it. You might be able to notice that the short answer questions have several options on them - that's mostly just to account for people placing dots in their answers.
  9. My initial idea was to encourage people to start looking for the correct answers themselves after they've done the quiz — but I understand that some people might not know where to start (or outright not want to go through the effort. Can't blame 'em, I'm also a lazy person ) If more people want the quiz to give out correct answers after the fact, I can change the quiz's settings to make it do that.
  10. One of my friends said that I should make a quiz about APB's lore since I apparently know so much trivia about it. So I did! I also thought that I might as well share it with more people, so here it is. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScdcbmtXmQPW-9ygyAYWw3-msZITLwC9rSmTs_GdxSTK1W89Q/viewform?usp=sf_link Maximum possible score is 34 points. The quiz is pretty much only so long because I couldn't come up with any more questions. There is no reward for the quiz - it's just something I made for fun. Feel free to give feedback and brag about your scores in this thread! Oh, and try not to cheat - you'll only be cheating yourself out of the fun If I made any mistakes, please feel free to point them out and I'll try to either swap out the incorrect question, remove it or fix it. I wasn't sure which section to put this thread in, so if mods have a better idea for that, a thread move would be much appreciated!
  11. I've posted these exact ideas before and I'll post them again. Once again: these four points are not meant to be implemented all together. It's just a loose assortment of ideas how to tackle the Bounty system.
  12. Neither HVR variant deals 500 damage. Heavy HVR deals 850, Scout HVR deals 550. Also... you don't really understand what Clotting Agent does, do you? You start regenerating health much sooner, but the regeneration itself takes more time because you regenerate less health points per second. The "overdamage" thing is incomprehensible to me — I don't understand the concept you're describing. Heavy HVR is not "wasting 700 damage in its second shot", it's "forcing the recovery of 700 health points before it's safe to come out of cover again". Another thing: you're overly focused on sniper-based fights. Fire exchanges in APB occur on more ranges than sniper range — meanwhile you want to balance the entirety of the game around sniper range gameplay. And once again, Clotting Agent doesn't have faster regen. It starts much sooner, but is literally slower than regular non-CA regen. Kevlar Implants are not supposed to be a mod that lets you tank shots like an armored personnel carrier. It's supposed to be a tiny sliver of health that may help you in a fight. I have no idea why you insist it should become one.
  13. Just kinda want to chime in that I still haven't received my RIOT weapon skin (and I feared to speak up about it so far :V ).
  14. Disclaimer: I am not a developer nor am I involved with Little Orbit or APB:R in any way. This is not an official stance. As far as I'm aware, there are no repercussions for creating themes longer than the default 5 second limit. They don't really impact gameplay in any way either, since the game only ever plays the first 5 seconds, with only the theme's user being able to hear things beyond the 5 second mark. Long themes improve the experience of their users and don't ruin anyone else's experience... so I think they're pretty safe. The developers are aware of the long theme exploit and have been asked by at least one community member not to fix it — and thankfully they haven't fixed it so far!
  15. You are trying to balance the entirety of the game around the existence of Kevlar Implants and the Heavy HVR. Kevlar Implants has the effect of slightly increasing your health. You are not meant to be able to tank several shots with it. It's supposed to be this tiny little sliver of health that could potentially help in some situations. You pick this mod with the knowledge that it will slow you down and put you at a disadvantage in some speed-related situations. Heavy HVR is a support weapon. You deal immense damage with the initial shot, which will soften the shot enemy enough for your team to pick up the scraps with a health advantage of their own. The downsides are that you are slowed down while carrying the Heavy HVR, and you have to reveal your location when you take a shot - which gives your enemy this ~1s to quickly process that "an enemy is shooting from that direction. find cover immediately or you risk dying". Scout HVR is also a support weapon. It shares the refire rate of the Heavy HVR, but is significantly less hard-hitting in comparison. The Scout HVR lets you regain the speed you lose by using the Heavy HVR, but the downside is that you don't deal as much damage - meaning that in a 1v1 situation your refire will need to be practically immediate if you want to secure the kill, otherwise Clotting Agent users will be able to regenerate lost health much sooner. The very moment you eliminate the Heavy HVR's need to take two shots, you cause a massive problem in the metagame: CQC weapons become obsolete. If a Heavy HVR is anywhere with a height or distance advantage, shotgunners and SMG users cannot close the distance in any way. While they will be exposed for practically the entire time they try to get into a closer position, the Heavy HVR user only needs a single peek to completely stop the CQC player's approach. If the defended objective is out in the open, the defense doesn't require you to be anywhere near the objective. You are equally deadly to a cornerpopping JG user - the difference is that you don't even need to expose yourself or put yourself anywhere near the actual fight. Targets of HVR users have no chance of fighting back. When you're on attack, specific dangers are present at specific ranges. If an enemy is at long range, you will know that they're a sniper and that they're equipped with a weapon hindered by slow refire. None of this actually matters if the Heavy HVR were to kill in one shot. You're dead and you have no chance of fighting back. The gun isn't meant to win you every fight at range - it's supposed to weaken the target and open them up to attacks from closer range. The fight starts and ends when the Heavy HVR user lands their shot - literal 0 TTK. Shifting the meta towards one weapon which immediately stops fights and forcing everyone to use Kevlar Implants in order to have a fighting chance against it is not the way to go. I have no idea why you want Kevlar Implants 3 and Heavy HVR to 1) be buffed, 2) become the new standard. If there is one thing I agree with in this thread, it's that Clotting Agent 3 (and to a smaller degree, Clotting Agent 2) obsoletes all other green mod options in the game. Everything else - dear Lord, no, no, no, we absolutely should not be doing this.
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