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  1. More or less, I agree with most of the things said here - except for a couple of points. I have to disagree. A better option is to fix the existing threat system; redistribute the existing ranks among players. Some will fall down to silver, some will climb the ranks from bronze, some will feel upset about their threat level changing - this is inevitable, but necessary. We've been there a couple of times and it's never been a good idea - at least not if the proposed vehicles were to be player-owned vehicles (as in, replacements for the existing cars like the Calabria etc.). Maybe (and this is a big maybe) they could be experimented with as deployables, though I'm unsure about how they would operate then. Each player should only be allowed to have a car as their player-owned vehicle, as motorbikes or skateboards or anything of that sort would make them be a disadvantage to the team. Compare a motorcycle's cargo capacity of 0 to that of a car, which can go as high as 25, and you have a clear answer as to what will be the most used and the most efficient option available. I, uh... I get that you said these ideas might be a bit crazy, but this is a tiny bit too much. I personally appreciate fellow enthusiasts of mapmaking, but APB simply would not benefit from such things. APB does not operate on a lobby system - we connect to pre-established instances instead of creating our own instances whenever we want. Similarly, letting players host their own sessions with their own rules and mechanics would open a gateway for money/standing grinding. This is a bit of a blanket statement. What exactly do you think remains unbalanced in APB? Your thread would benefit from pointing to exact things you think would need changing. --- Other than the things I mentioned above, I'd say that we do need some new things to happen after the Engine Upgrade becomes fully released - and some of these things are mentioned in this thread.
  2. MartinPL

    Add level boosters / contact skipper to Armas

    Every Tier 1 contact requires total standing of 7,500 to max out. Every Tier 4 contact - 180,375 to max out. Every Leader - 288,750 to max out. Every Specialist - 716,300 to max out. Pray tell, how do you imagine this would work? As in, how would you execute the part with boosting/skipping? Are there any limits to who can be skipped? How many skips can be bought/used per character/account? Would the price vary depending on which contact is meant to be skipped? Doesn't this essentially remove half of the game (R195 -> R255) if someone pays to skip their Specialists? Hard pass from me. I get that APB's monetization is largely "pay for convenience", but taking it to such an extent feels like a bad idea.
  3. MartinPL

    Loose talk about Joker Tickets

    That is precisely the problem I had encountered when I thought about the score-to-tickets thing - the uncertainty about how "valuable" score can be, or really is. The issue only gets complicated further when you compare this to Daily Activities, which involve a single task for an increment of 5 tickets. Capping the amount of tickets that can be "squeezed" out of the system every day wouldn't be such a bad idea either. A cap of 100 JT sounds fairly reasonable, as it means a weekly cap of 700 JT. Compare it to Fight Club's total possible rewards and you have a fairly similar payout. You could even fiddle around with the concept and perhaps set different caps for districts; perhaps this could entice people to play in the less populated Waterfront. Kind of like a "District Heat" or something like that - for example, playing exclusively in Financial lets you reach a cap of 100 JT per day, but additional 20 JT over the limit can be earned by playing in Waterfront. While admittedly a band-aid solution for Waterfront's issues (which need to be tackled at some point), it could help people level up the contacts in the persistently-unpopulated district. As I've hinted in the original post, I'm not a fan of Fight Club, so I support anything that incentivizes gameplay in mission districts.
  4. I'd like to preface the post by saying that I don't want to push these suggestions - first and foremost, these are ideas that I'd like to put forward and hear some feedback, since, after all, discussing is what the forums are for. Perhaps I'm not seeing some issues and such. And obviously - this should go without saying - in no way do I consider this an urgent issue. It's one of those things that can wait with possible implementation/action for after the Engine Upgrade is out. --- Joker Tickets are kind of in a weird spot at the moment. They serve as a secondary currency (and as one of the three currencies in APB, the other two being APB$ and G1C, although the latter isn't exactly "in" the game), but they don't really see too much use. I can't remember the last time I saw someone use JT-tagged weapons or the timed leases of R195 items. The medium-sized resupply box sees even less use in my experience. This results in a situation where people get this currency but never really spend it on anything. 1) Review the item selection available through Joker Distribution. The way I see it, there's not enough unique gear available through the distribution point in Breakwater Marina. While the option to lease Armas-only gear to experiment with the guns before buying them is a nice idea, I feel like the investment is just not worth it. Very often the guns differ in their performance depending on the mod setup - which requires the player to invest ~1000 JT and a couple of thousand APB$ for the slotted version of a gun and also actually have the mods they want to test. Granted, the mods will stay when the lease expires, but it's still a test run that requires you to grind tickets for several days in advance. Orange mods suffer even further because of it, as they are still stuck behind the cooldown difference (premium cooldowns are 50% shorter) and aren't always useful. Arguably, the cosmetic items aren't in such a bad spot - especially the customizable ones (High-Heeled Pumps and the roof billboard for Dolton Broadwing, although for some reason it's Crim-only). I like that model of distribution, though it almost makes me think why they're not just included in their respective stores/kiosks. 2) Review the role of the currency itself. APB$ lets you purchase typical items - weaponry, vehicles, clothing, modifications. G1C lets you purchase exclusive items of various kinds, which are mostly cosmetic. How do Joker Tickets factor into this situation? What sets JTs apart from the other two? What makes them unique? What justifies their inclusion if we could just stick to two currencies? It lets you buy... a lot of things and yet nothing that would fit anywhere else. Weapon skins, player creation spotlight items, character titles, vehicle kits, etc. This very lack of specialization could be used to the currency's advantage. Once again, the ability to buy leases of items normally only available on Armas is a good idea - but very often it comes with the dilemma of whether we are comfortable with spending a hefty sum of tickets only attainable through grinding for literal days, on an item which we don't even know if we will be able to make good use of. The relative difficulty in obtaining decent amounts of JTs segues into idea #3... 3) Allow for alternative methods of acquiring Joker Tickets. I've had this idea of letting players obtain the tickets in a new way - connecting the mission scores with JT acquisition. This will allow players to acquire considerable amounts of JT without having to spend hours on playing the cluttered mess that is Fight Club. I would like to propose two options of handling this idea: Option A is to make every full 1000 points in a mission equal 1 Joker Ticket - this incentivizes good performance and teamwork, as negative behaviour in a mission takes away a player's score. Negative amounts of points would not drain JT from a player, to prevent griefers from forcing teamkills and further "punishing" players who actually put effort into the game. Option B is to make every 1000 points in a mission count towards a JT reward - the difference from Option A is that this model would count much like a contact standing meter. In other words, under Model A, a player who gets (for example) 4905 points will get 4 Joker Tickets, the 905 leftover points not serving a purpose. Under Model B, the 905 leftover points will carry over, meaning that another Joker Ticket will be given to the player after 95 points are obtained in the next mission. Of course, the 1000-score-for-1-JT part is just a rough estimate of what I think would be a fair amount. Perhaps there are people who think the exchange rate should be different - either higher or lower. --- I look forward to any feedback. I'd love to hear other people's opinions on the subject of Joker Tickets; I personally believe that the Tickets are in need of a couple of revisions, but I'm open to having my opinion change.
  5. MartinPL

    Account wide as standard

    Personally, I would love everything (or most items) on Armas to be accountbound, but I understand (or just get the feeling) that it may not be profitable, since there's no incentive for players to spend money again that way. Still better than x-day leases though ('cause c'mon, I'm not going to spend so much cash on something that will expire in x days regardless of whether I'm actually in the game or not) - in the case of weapons, they should all be sold as characterbound and accountbound. I think that a nice alternative could be, for example, a 50% discount on characterbound items already owned by the account. Buying things for 3 characters would, in a way, turn into a "pay for 2, get 3" kind of deal.
  6. MartinPL

    San Paro casual. (trends 2018)

    gamers rise up To the defense of all those people, there's like only a handful of good hairstyles for female characters. The rest... that's just how fashion works. People see a style of clothing that they like (for one reason or another) and they'll also want to wear it themselves.
  7. MartinPL

    tear gas and incendiary

    I don't think we should really care about realism in a game where there's no momentum when leaving a moving car, kevlar is a perfectly normal thing to have implants of, and halfbricks can be hand-thrown for over 100 metres. 30 seconds of completely disabling an area from safe passage is way too harsh for anyone who would be forced to pass through the fire/gas just to get to the objective. Don't forget resupply units allowing for just popping tear gas/incendiary grenades over and over. Thanks for yet another insult instead of argumentation, by the way. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  8. MartinPL

    tear gas and incendiary

    I was going to say that you could've created the same post without insults, but without the insult it wouldn't contribute any more information anyway, so there's that. I guess we can't have nice things and we always have to be condescending pricks to one another. Even taking the usual mission length in APB into account, 30 seconds is an absurdly long duration. Hell, even in CS:GO (since it was brought up) incendiaries only burn for 7 seconds - and that in itself is enough time for a lot of things to happen. Adding the perspective that there could be multiple grenades in play (if we allowed more than 1 to be carried on a player), they could be resupplied from various sources, and that multiple team members could carry them, it would be entirely possible for the defending team to completely shut down all access points to the objective with just the grenades, since passing through would cause damage... ugh. Also, I can't imagine an incendiary grenade with such fuse time, personally. In my opinion, ideally they'd activate upon impact with a surface, much like in CS:GO.
  9. MartinPL

    tear gas and incendiary

    Well, uh... that's kind of a vague thread, since it doesn't say much other than just the idea. Care to elaborate a bit, OP? Any specific ideas about the alternate grenades? Y'know, something about their behaviour, "fuse" length, cloud duration, damage they would deal, stuff like that.
  10. MartinPL


    As for me... I dunno. I've only actually checked the site now - and I don't think I'm a fan of the current layout. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that there's not a lot going on with the site right now, and there's only one image really available for display. Still, I'd love to help with this little project somehow, if it's possible.
  11. MartinPL


    I'd definitely love to see something like that. Kind of reminds me of those "TF2 starting pages" you'd set as your Steam Browser mainpage so that you'd get an instant hub for all links you'd be needing while playing the game or sitting on trade servers.
  12. MartinPL

    Different types of premium

    Must've taken a note from all those times when we played together and I bitched about how I don't even need the combat benefits from Premium and I'm only interested in the customization aspects ',:) Wholeheartedly supporting this idea. I've never really thought to myself "man, I wish I had premium so I could earn a bit more money in the game" - my only real complaint has always been the super-low symbol layer limits. (Seriously, 3 symbols vs 50 symbols to slap on clothes? That's almost 17 times as much!) Allowing people to save a bit of money by opting into the only aspects of premium they're interested in - people who already have premium don't lose anything, people who don't have premium may be more interested in buying it; that's a net gain for everyone involved if you ask me.
  13. I honestly don't know which option to choose. Yes [...] has (to me) that slight connotation that I'm entitled to getting the skin. Which I'm not - it was an event reward first and foremost. Not a guaranteed thing. I've wanted to get the skin for the sake of completionism, but I don't think I really need it. No [...] isn't the option for me either. Keeping more and more things exclusive is both a good and a bad thing. Good, because it incentivizes people to make an effort to get unique stuff. Bad, because it's still content that'll only be available for the chosen few, while everybody else is pretty much locked out of it. It's kind of tough to entirely submit myself to this label. I don't care. still isn't what I want to say. It is an issue that should be resolved, so that LO can move on to improving the game. Showing a lack of care helps absolutely nobody. For the sake of contributing to the poll, my goes for the first option, because I think that it would be a net gain for the vast majority of the playerbase - however, I genuinely don't mind any of the outcomes (speaking for myself, of course).
  14. Y'know, Katchwi, for someone who advocates for "freedom of debating", you sure aren't interested in actually having an open debate. If you were, you wouldn't outright say to another participant of a discussion (in this case, Matt Scott himself) that you don't care about their stance on the subject. [also, the fact that this silly comic that responds to XKCD manages to repeat the flaws in logic that XKCD pointed out in the first place is an entirely different issue (see: "invited to speak and then told you can't" conveniently ignores the existence of Terms of Service and other forms of contracts; it also pretends that "consequences of speech" such as companies/groups/hosts refusing to be associated with a speaker and denouncing them is somehow censorship)]
  15. I'm kind of on edge on the mobile shield part (mostly because of the horrible issues with hitboxes these things would probably have, especially with the egg and the skull since they're more spherical objects. That being said, the rest honestly doesn't sound too bad. Could definitely add a tiny bit of seasonal flavor to the game. I'd be fine with that happening - but not now. For now, I just hope LO manages to release the Engine Upgrade on PC and address the many concerns about the game.