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  1. I understand why they would go for a crawl release - to prevent people from instantly solving the whole puzzle and all of its parts right away. Still, I feel your pain here, but I don't think it's too bad (as in, it's not the lamest thing ever). After all, this is a series of puzzles, no matter how simple they might be. We aren't given the solution right away or such - for example, nobody told us to use 32584 in Armas, or that Armas would even be involved here. (Truth be told, I've always wanted to participate in an ARG kinda like this, but I've always been late to the party. And hey, this ARG is related to a fictional world that I already know and love!)
  2. It's... actually scarily apt. I've looked the same thing up on SpanishDict. Ain't that a prophetic name for a city.
  3. The lore itself is not concise about the exact term used to describe people of San Paro. You will see "San Paroites" in one place, "San Parites" in another, and "San Parians" even somewhere else. Think of that what you want - I personally like that touch of San Paro's culture not being uniformized in all aspects, not even the linguistic one. I mean, the city's in a terrible state due to the crime epidemic, I think the vocabulary is the least of their worries
  4. As I've said in the post before that one, the most recent news article on the Redhill Institute site mentions a statement from a Redhill employee, C. Pritcher.
  5. Pardon the multiposting. I only just noticed something on the login subpage. A random jumble of letters outright told me that either the username or the password is wrong. Inputting 'cpritcher' told me that only the password (in this case, "32584") is incorrect. I guess we can safely assume that 'cpritcher' is a functioning username. I've been personally using 'admin' since it's the placeholder/catch-all login for most systems (at least according to what I've learned while playing Hacknet :V ) but that doesn't work, and we know that 'MattScott' leads to an easter egg subpage. Now we need to find a password.
  6. A new article has been published on the site... about Redhill (or is it still the oddly capitalized RedHill?) celebrating Dentist Day, of all things. This is either a red herring or something that could work like Chekhov's gun. Y'know, the whole idea of not mentioning things unless they are used in the plot later. We do have a new name out of it, though - the mysterious C. Pritcher. Perhaps we could try using "cpritcher" as a login? After we find a password, that is. ( ._. )
  7. I believe that the old fashioned internet forums (such as this one!) are better when it comes to discussions. Discord is, at its core, an instant messaging service. Different channels allow for separation of discussions, but are largely disorganized. Any topic introduced in a channel will eventually get moved way out of sight, as more messages come in and shift everything upwards. On the other hand, forums allow for tidy and organized discussions, as everyone can make a thread dedicated to their ideas and opinions, and others can leave their response in one focus point. Additionally, creating an official Discord server would require LO to dedicate more workload to moderating yet another place of community congregation - and they're already moderating these forums and the game itself. It's gonna be a "let's not" from me on this one
  8. I personally believe this is not a question you should be asking. You should not flock to whatever is "the most OP" - you won't improve by choosing your arsenal based on the severity of the balancing issues it has. Instead, try out different weapons and make up your own mind. You can follow the example of other people - for starters, a lot of players use the N-TEC due to its insane versatility - it was born and bred to be a viable choice in most situations. Making yourself depend on a weapon because it's overpowered equals using a crutch. And you will feel how much of a crutch it was when it gets nerfed. Fight Club is... hardly what APB is about. It's essentially a killbox. A place which you enter to get yourself a mindless shooting session. I understand that you may like it, but from me personally, I advise playing in regular mission districts. FC is fast-paced and easy to die in, which in my opinion does not give you enough time or opportunities to learn the weapons. Plus, you'll help the community at large by filling up spots and thus making sure that other players also find missions more easily! Recoil control and aiming are acquired skills. In my opinion, you should challenge yourself by using weapons you might not be good at. If you never use them and instead pick whatever is overpowered at the moment, you will never get better with them - because you literally will not have used them enough to know how to use them. Almost nothing on the Armas Marketplace is "pay-to-win". You will not get a straight up advantage over others by using Armas gear simply because Armas sells reskins and sidegrades. They are guns which have their own unique traits and characteristics; expecting them to just play the game for you is a bit silly. Please don't take this post as an attack - I'm trying to provide you with advice that will help you in the long run. It's always tempting to just pick the easiest option, but if we do that, we never improve. If you want an answer that's more to-the-point, I could recommend the N-TEC 5 for reasons mentioned earlier in the post (i.e. high versatility, high potential for weapon modding), the OCA-EW 626 (in my opinion it allows for more leeway in CQC than the JG-840), and even the starter weapon, the STAR 556 (slightly less versatile than the N-TEC 5, but more reliable). Keep in mind that I'm not an expert player - if someone has a better idea about this, feel free to correct me!
  9. I think logging in as Matt Scott is just an easter egg instead of an actual part of the ARG. I doubt that a real person would be put in this narrative as an in-universe character. Especially when we consider that the /big-smile subpage only appears if an attempt is made to log in with the username "MattScott"; other usernames just respond with "Incorrect username or password." in red text.
  10. ...why am I now expecting anti-vaxxers to become the plot point as to why the virus will spread in the city? please let that be the case, it'd be just as amusing as that "anti-vax scenario" expansion for Plague Inc.
  11. Gumball offers Criminals the same thing. Then he mentions he doesn't actually have a sister. Then he "offhandedly" mentions that he has a dog.
  12. I agree - there is a slight problem with introducing new characters. In my opinion it's mostly because the hierarchy had been escalating with every single contact so far. Enforcers move through recruiters, officers, managers, executives, commanders, ending at the highest-ranking agents; Criminals move through low ranking patsies, fixers, gang lieutenants, mafia bosses, ending at those-behind-the-scene. If my memory serves me right, Lynette is "merely" part of Orlenz's pack (Orlenz', Chiza, Darryl) and Lucas is Michael Simeone's right-hand-man and bodyguard. Not exactly fitting or compelling backstories.
  13. I understand the reasoning behind that idea, but I don't think these characters should ever be put into gameplay. Luke Waskawi is supposed to be the man behind the scenes, basically controlling San Paro's entire criminal underworld while being safe and hidden himself. Mayor Jane Derren herself isn't exactly in control of anything - she only enacted the City Security Act, allowing borderline vigilante groups like the Prentiss Tigers to flourish and enabling Praetorian Corporation to expand their influence into San Paro. Arguably, Aletta Cadagan is already the person with the most power in the city. She has military experience in warzones all around the world, is referred to with fear by other characters (Kaspar Danko himself regrets bringing her to San Paro), and is apparently sitting on enough military ordnance and authorization that she can casually mention plans to "[drop] a million dollars worth of artillery fire onto New Cross and [call] it an accidental misfire from an offshore destroyer", all just to end San Paro's crime problem once and for all. What I mean is, you can't really escalate the hierarchy any further - and the people whom you could consider "at the top" (Waskawi and Derren) aren't supposed to put themselves out there anyway.
  14. That was always one of the (in my opinion) bigger themes in APB's lore. "Enforcers versus Criminals" is a big simplification of what is actually several corporate fronts playing the violence and turmoil caused by Luke Waskawi's killing of Mayor John Derren to their advantage. Praetorian Corporation is a Private Military Contractor - even though their goal is to eliminate crime in San Paro, it certainly won't hurt them if their mission takes a bit too long. The Effigy magazine plays the population of San Paro with the headlines they publish, graciously funded/influenced by corporate money. I'd say the Joker Corporation is the biggest beneficiary of the crisis in San Paro. They source ammunition to both sides of the conflict (Joker Ammunition vending machines), sell their original weaponry (Joker Gunworks brand, giving us things such as the CR-5 and the SR15 Carbine) - and if we assume that Joker Distribution front in Social is part of the lore, they also serve as a distributor for other companies, middlemanning in the sale of guns and cars (for example, Charge and Nulander). Now that RedHill is joining the fray as a corporation... we could see some stuff happen. More than just the Riot Mode, hopefully.
  15. HoooLY crap, man. I don't know what this is about, but I'm really liking this teaser. Wonder if this means more lore development, or just a new in-universe manufacturer to integrate new content more seamlessly. Either way, me likey.
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