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  1. yep exactly, why would enyone be afraid of being reported by few ppl when you play vs normal players and its still majority. So when you face cheater just stay afk, nothing will happen to you and you will piss that sh**ts. Cookie, can you please stop responding to anything i say cuz everytime you write sth it's ridiculously stupid.
  2. Last days were so good to play, barly non 255 cheaters, coz some were banned some were too scared to join (like that guy yuriko and his cheating budies crying on other thread... so good). Low ranks cheaters... who cares, they do that not for fun but from anger as their known acc's were banned. Just afk them. Like i was afking yuriko and all other cheaters (u can check on his stream how many times he was crying when me and my buddy afked him).
  3. i see yuriko is making new accs xd and making up this bronze bans... i dont belive anyone will catch for that crap anymore.... thing is you are bronze/silver when u dont use cheats. Just accept it and live with it. @Knataz I dont belive they would do that again i think they learned the lesson. I talked with matt about this in privat chat and he admited it was not the best decision. It cost them a lot of legit players to leave while having a lot of cheaters to came back... like this topic maker.
  4. One of most famous cheaters in APB complain about being false bans. He was once banned by FF had his chance yet still cheating. This should have happened way faster. That bullshoot about that many players got falsly banned. They do the same statements everytime one of this well know (most of the time streaming cheaters) get banned so they can confuse public and hope LO will bend to their will (now all his buddies and other cheaters will support this bullcrap trying to convince others that they are legit). I know very well one cheater who got banned recently as well, played for years, noone even know he was cheating. So its not false ban but finnaly they updated it and it can detect private cheats (at least for now).
  5. Still Ap45 with 0 kick while shooting constant perfect timing and in same time mid body tracking... you can see that on some twitch streams (where ofc at least 3 of them were banned for cheating in old good days of FF). And funny is that there are people who defend them saying they can do the same and its just practice... but they cant reproduct it no matter what. Its like some kind of cult... hes my friend so he cant cheat or hes a streamer he cant cheat... . Just look on YT how cheating work and go watch your streamer how he shoot with AP45 and how he allways shoot the same pattern. Also shots towards car... look how some people allways track mid body of the driver not any part of the car. Yet not a legit person can reproduce it everytime yet they still belive some people are legit. And harasing GM towards hackusating players is seriusly a joke. Its like silencing a victim who wants to report in person a crime to policeman about stolen phone but he tells you to use your stolen phone and do a call to report...
  6. one easy fix would solve a lot of problems add 1 avoid slot per district for teamate and enemy. So that would fix facing cheaters (or strong enemies for weaklings) and play with at least one terrible ally. At least many ppl would not have to afk mission when they have group of cheaters against.
  7. Well it strugles to have one district full even in peak times.... it is kinda dead indeed. I know some people who would return if they restore FF and set it as it was. Ban back all people who were FF banned. There were no much mistakes in banes as LO claimed and we all know that. Its was damn good tool. Made a lot of cheaters cry at least. Loved to watch max rank shi***les crying on forums how it was mistake that they got banned. After hire in game mod that can react fast to reports. I guarantee it will bring more people then engine upgrade.
  8. I reported him, even he reported himself from other acc. Its my real life friend dude. We both want to see if report works. I dont care and he dont care for that acc. We want working antycheat. Not gona use any other form of contact. He got cheat from well known forums and its the same as he sets it as you can see on some streams even... that should tell you a lot how bad current antycheat is. to recognize it watch for instant mid body lock for 1st shot and after it goes random movement tracking around hitbox. Same for tracking when it turns in the same moment as players moves left or right. This can be set to have delay thou. Its so damn easy to see if you know what to look for and what human cant do constantly. and you are the last person i would pm as you seems to be most incompetent, most confident (in bad way), most arrogant and you are the one who thinks to know everything and have allways right. Didnt see you helped in any way by your responses beside bringing hate and killing the game with each post. Please dont respond to my posts and dont read them. Thank you.
  9. You are right dude, there are many players who know that but most of us stoped playing (some just dont waste time anymore typing here). Im from big community of old days of glory and after FF unban from LO like most of us left this game. We were that guys who worked for most of the bans there. Now majority on this forum are cheater supporters coz they are friends of them or cheat themself. I once wrote it here, i have a rl friend still cheating here i see it when i go to him (kinda known name). He was banned by FF on few accs (left the game), He was unbanned by LO, came back to game and never been banned after. He plays to troll around and dont give a crap about this game. AND yes we did report him from few accs. As long as i dont see his acc banned i will never belive that LO do sth about cheaters.
  10. Tiggs were not affraid to ban cheaters or well known edgelord names even if they were streamers. She didnt ban everybody. There were reason behind all of it. She was best person to fight cheaters and all kind of supporters of cheating. She hated them. Now its cheat friendly enviroment and you can see the results. Where legits are silenced and cheaters can do whatever they want atm. From what ive seen and heared from previus guys in charge false bans were super rare thing. Ive seen how FF works and its really powerfull and best tool if you know how to use it. Merged. LO failed on PR lvl. They wanted to bring new players by investing resources in stream community (like other companies) BUT they didnt realize that 3 lets say most popular streams (30-40 ppl watching xd, YUUGE!) that are led by cheaters are not bringing new players. Only other cheaters and they friends are watchign that crap. Thats that broken community who defend current system. LO simply didnt make a homework how to bring new players as each month pop is lower...
  11. so when will the server be up? also why the heck you patching stuff during peak hours for this game? In every good company that patch would be during night or at the morning.
  12. i will tell this again.... hes rank 180+during a week. So what you are saying is that most obvious cheaters can run for so long without any punishment. That shows how report is not working. Its massive amount of them right now. Still i see a proof of how its not working as i see in live how my friend is cheating... he has few max rank characters by now. Never beed banned after unban wave. So what you doing is not working. I was the one who was delivering movies in old days wasting hours on catching cheaters and what ive seen was many of them were gettng banned. G1 was actually checking proofs. Yeah they were not perfect but at least WE normal players have seen results. Now we dont see any result at all. Somehow most of the oldest players keep saying you the same, so maybe you could tell few words to someone in charge that actual report system is not working as it should. Look like we care more then developers ;D
  13. @Gateron I will tell you even better stuff what they do and how incompetent they are and how anty cheat is not working. 1. My friend who was banned by FF for cheating, yes he was cheating using private cheat, very complex one. He got unban in unbane wave, so he used the same cheat again, he even stream from time to time, no ban anymore. I did report, i wrote GM's. He still play they dont give a f***. He would never return if they dont unban him. 2. Yesterday. Rank like 180, super obvious cheater, whole district say he cheats, and GM appears in district, and what he do? HE SAYS DONT NAME AND SHAME. We tell him ,dude you have obvious cheater, just check him (guy who snaps, allways pttk, walling as crazy). I did report on same guy when he was like r30! Week ago! ...and they dare to say to you USE REPORT. So they prefer to listen to group of cheaters defending each other how there is no cheats in this game instead of restoring FF and use it as it was. It was only antycheat that these guys were afraid of. Bring back name and shame. It was not toxic. Toxic are people who defend cheaters. Now you are bringing only new cheaters to this game. Legits are leaving. Remeber when you fight cheaters just stay AFK. More people will do that more cheaters will get bored and quit. As we did many times it works well, you could hear their frustration on stream.
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