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  2. I bought pr1 with credit card, now i regret it, cuz pr2 is already a crappy wep, not sure why they put it on the market in the first place as pr 2 has 2 slots and ts already garbage, but one slot is ridiculous to use actual money on it. Its like enjoy being fooled by purchasing crap for real money, and nowdays, you can get it for free if you log in every day and do the dailies, in one month or less you get it for free. It sucks for free, and it also sucks for money, doesn't matter essentially pr1 or pr2, they both suck badly, you are better off with the damn Volcano, which is dirt cheap and much more efficient.
  3. So how do you downvote this nonsense? There seem to be no way to actually tell the truth about it! This is a perfect example where yellows basically upvote each other regardless of the actual truth.
  4. Hahahaha!!! This is what i been waiting for, LO joining the troll team and utterly destroying itself to oblivion, don't worry guys yellows know best, it reminds me of something that reflects reality now days lmao, humanity is literally downgrading itself every day But yeah, yellows are obviously being where they don't belong, chasing us off the grid, its fine by me, as i never really cared other than seeing this game die, but for the tryhards, that's another story i guess Jericuko is a dumpster that ruined all the best left of this game, enjoy the result guys, i'm sure LO couldn't give a rat's patootie anyway, as they got "THE PLAN" which is prolly some (by now expired) engine nonsense. At least segregation keept this game under a passive stable state, while waiting for the upgrade,... not anymore! Its down the hill from this point.
  5. They are nowhere to be found officially, but all over the place since LO gave them free pass to hunt us down... so enjoy idiocracy. They just removed me from a similar thread, they are all over on us.,... we will never win, all we can do is give up.
  6. Get a less expensive RTX, and you won't have any problems, i read that the most expensive ones, have the most problems, so i got a laptop that is better than my desktop, but also is a RTX, which i don't need, but works fine with apb, i never had any issues 144+ 165 hz (120, 140+ fps both systems no problemo, no crash no nothing, very rare i used to, but not anymore., as for my desktop, its just perfect with my old gpu. When apb will upgrade and actually go RTX, i won't care about an expensive upgrade, but for now any RTX upgrade is risky, cuz every model has its issues, and not all will work the same, the fool is you for buying the most expensive thinking it will be the best for what you enjoy on your pc the most lol, you failed. They just removed me again.... so tis is limited information lol....
  7. Good! LO is on the roll with the troll team once again, enjoy!!!
  8. Getting a gf in here, then getting doxed by her... online and offline... :((( She really wants me DEAD.
  9. You give them the MONEY!!! To start from scrap! Its already a miracle they invested in us... by trying to improve a dead code, the worst expensive dumpster around.
  10. I can't dislike this, i can only chose bullshoot fake likes, making everyone reputation simply fake. Its always pointless. This has NEVER changed anything, EVER!!! And you keep doing it taking down the server even for 6 hours sometimes... I guess you are not happy with ppl wanting to play, you would rather not care as any successful company DOESnt! Problem is you are not a successful company and you are critically bleeding members every day... No personal intention to offend you, cuz i love this game allot, and i will never give it up unlike most, even if i'm a silly(altered definition) person, so far i can only say thank you for keeping it alive. As for the rest of you replying with fix this and that, what's your problem? Is it hard to be a yellow?! Does it itch so bad that you can't play higher handicap against you on bronze servers?! Lmao, you are pathetic!!! You are playing bronze servers by now, fully!!! And yet again you request terms to be bounded in your exploiting favor?!... they tend to say that leftovers can only be the worst experience, so here you are most of you. What is perfectly fine according to you on the other hand is that Its always fun ganging up as 3 organized yellows vs 2 bronze and one silver, no matter the availability of the server population... ridiculous system, ridiculous members, you ppl are literally digging apb grave every day, then dare to make obnoxious requests to please your expired experience in here. Aren't you selfish now?1 Go figure. GL with that.
  11. Vnight

    Petition: Fight Club

    Yeah for real players, cuz for exploiters killing everyone in one round, they just need like 3 rounds to complete that 50 JT, or even two, so what exactly are u insinuating here? As for the full 200, i have no idea, i never had the nerves to finish it as no matter how skilled or weapon u use, you always get the top silly person take you out multiple times, ruining the whole point of playing that place at all anymore. Gave those places up two years ago, when i realized its absolutely pointless without somekind of "speshul program". Being a dead game makes sense... it will only get the shit out of it exploited till the end, there is nobody that really cares about its fate. The few left are only here to enjoy the beautiful fireworks at the end and the addictive mediocre gameplay, but nothing else... as most of us resigned long time ago. ... By the way... where the fuck is my beautiful Troll tag?! Did they just downgraded forums too?! We all have "Members" as tag...! Figures lol! Come now LO.... don't do this, u already took out voting system, now this?!! I feel like an answering machine now :(((
  12. Its a good handicap, why would you remove a positive mechanic? The game is already becoming monotonous, don't need more downgrades.
  13. Vnight

    Petition: Fight Club

    How about disable completely fightclub? Its a JT paradise for exploiters.
  14. Isn;'t this fun? We can all edit the game files however we please, meanwhile noobs are in all kind of standards... aren't you tired of exploiting? Game is dying for fuk sake. Today is colored objective, tomorrow colored through wall players.
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