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  1. You are right But i want my downvotes back
  2. Right... if only anyone could access that as easy as it would sound with general discussion section. For some reason it isn't easy to browse particular updated sections, as this forum statistics hud isn't exactly that "noob friendly" configured, as i used to be interested in those estranged places before, but with all those months outdated going on... it feels like you can forget about all of them. Anyway, thank you for the info, i appreciate it. Still the problem is i have no word in the topic, so the general discussion stands higher about it than that monitored and secluded thread. There is no point to read a reason for something you don't agree on, and can't even call uppon it, cuz the topic gets locked, so yeah i much rather talk about it than just get a reason and a lockdown, even if its final, i still prefer to discuss it before having it finalized. Either way im not going to check those places for particular topics. (i'm used to the general discussion mechanics), but thanx for bothering urself about it.
  3. And WHO EVER checks a dead section of this place?! You want to inform and explain to the little left of this dump, you place it where flies gather most, those sections nobody ever checks but ppl with particular issues.
  4. Come on LO... don't youpube/facecuk this place too.... Plix in the plox... don't remove downvotes Reminds me of that game We happy few. How am i supposed to troll now?... Oh man... i feel so sad... Anyway... just wondering why this decision...
  5. UUUUUUmmmm.... helooooo!!!??? Its me the top troll of this place!!! Lol give me some damn props, since you are never good for anything anyway... respect your elders at least! Show some "respect" lmao! Anyway besides the jokes, i'm usually the most toxic scumbag around, i can't or couldn't find anyone more toxic than me on forums since 10 years, at least not before i got banned ingame, because i told someone some slurrs, you know... record time etc, so i'm just gonna introduce myself and stay here like a duck on its warm eggs, cuz it just feels too comfortable, and this one you can't take from me u bandits!! Cuz i know i'm the top troll here, no matter what anyone has to say, took a decade to aim this, i won''t let it slip, that's fer sure!!!
  6. Oh great... more nerfing. And to see most of you even agree with it, disgusting. This way you can all see what this place has evolved into. Secluded mindsets, ready to pop out whenever there is something to abuse over whatever is left of this game. Cheering this terminal condition under the impression that every step its actually good as long as it sound like an update. At this point we will have to cope with this preeminent sect of ppl that consider harm as a productive improvement overall. No wonder you can't find this game articles ANYWHERE, not even low radar top games of any kind, not before,and not EVER i believe. Yet the strange thing is that this game does have addictive properties, so it does have allot of potential, problem is the influence of its reputation and development. The translation for this kind of "updates" should sound something like this: "disarm all the noobs of their metas, and let us yellows enjoy it all." I must say... i haven't seen any good upgrade other than that jt store improvement since LO took over. Either way, you have officially nerfed all the weapons i enjoyed using before, "thaaaaaanx!" LO, less weapons to play, less interest to endorse the rules. Gonna have to enjoy afk more often than before now... it helps with the justification of staying bronze ^^ cuz u see, being bronze avoids you of that stupid district joining extra text, which depletes my mouse allot, silver is so yesterday, and im loving it. I'm only joining this game to play dailies twice a week, as for winning or losing, i couldn't care less, after all... it is our health in play here, if you reality check into it. I would like to honor mention the Mobile cover, you have drove that into the ground right after a few months i just got used to it, thank you LO couldn't appreciate more. you bunch are all over it when i less expected it, keep up the good job I kinda have this feeling that after engine upgrade they will gain some overconfidence and start hunting down bronze 255 lmao. Good for me, im tired by now, and all i want its some peace and fucking relaxation, this game its all about stress, and addiction.
  7. But i do understand friendship, i been depending on it all my life, problem is making new friends isn;'t easy with the stereotypes, perhaps you are a virgin at it i wouldn't know, but in my experience, you don't hang out with useless friends EVER. And this community has mostly useless ones.
  8. How do you even make friends here? Isn't all this community mental one way or another? Its beyond me how can you manage to keep in contact with other ppl, in fact i kinda suspect that its because you all have the same issues more or less (duh!) I personally enjoy this game more without friends, because i don't have to deal with the annoyance of having to criticize or be criticized because of allot of gameplay mistakes. You see, ppl usually hate on you if ure not skilled enough, so basically i kinda understand why yellows pile up, cuz they chose each other carefully, and lick each other because they pilestorm noobs all the time, so they hardly ever fail to hate on each other. Isn't this a lovely community now... exploiting social privileges while spoiling the whole game for their own selfishness, then the staff temporary ban solo ppl that DARE to express their anger, makes sense. The whole community (with staff included) is against noobs or less skilled ppl, that's why you end up having your own small game with its small player base.
  9. i highly doubt there will ever be another xbuck or dorkstation version about this game in the future, they barely hold on as it is, who the heck would ever make it larger with extreme survival issues as it is, besides... playing shooters with a gamepad and also having to listen to all those insane ghetto trolls on mic, iis one of the worst things i ever seen/heard in a shooter game.
  10. feeling like trolling the afk system and making your lives miserable in my presence, whenever there is a yellow around of course.
  11. sounds like the typical invisible "useless-grade."
  12. You nerfed the shit out of this game, no wonder we're having new low population records, u are only compatible with your rank of management, that you used to produce, this is something way out of your reach as a game that has a long lethal history of imminent death... It is sad to see your self destroying solutions as its something normal. But its fun as fuck to see the dank flowers bloom. We are not your friends, never was or will be, we are your worst enemies, yet here you are listening to us... good luck with that lmao!!! Yellows don't even know how evil they are by definition, so they exploit that in their favor, silvers can talk all they like, nobody ever listens to them cuz of the lower skill on paper, so go figure. In the end, yellows win, silvers leave, and that's pretty much the loop ure stuck in. cuz without silvers, there is no chance for bronze to ever understand this game at all. Besides not sure if you ppl noticed, but its never about the pro's to bring new ppl in, but the average players, and this game ran out of average a long time ago, by now we fake anything we want to see in it, and the staff make it happen lmao, so its yellow in cooperation with the devs... great job smartasses, see how that ends for us all. If only would affect your egos, but it also affects our experience sadly. By the way... constructive criticism is an overrated way of expressing yourselves, everybody uses just that. What happened to the diversity part? Or perhaps should we all be generic clones of each other for the sake of what exactly?
  13. Did they nerf the volcano too?! Cuz it sure as hell seems so... no wonder we are going down with a booster. "Mission impossible" was actually a @nerf fest@ This game is dying with a passion, and it sure is fun waching it drown on itself. LO is pretty much interfering with everybody gameplay styles, mine included, which can't bring positive results of course. But in my opinion, as long as they keep listening to "teh community" it will just contribute to the endless loop that we have been through all this time. This game needs a modern rework with actual experienced jury, in order to even get close to any chance to save it, because experiments time was over a very long time ago.
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