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  1. The servers are currently ongoing through some more downgrade maintenance. They are sorry for the inconvenience, but they are doing their best. The servers should be up in a while with more stuttering and lags for your inconvenience.
  2. Mountie Nunavut was dropped after the first tries, because its absolute garbage recoil compared to most secondaries. I bought it mostly for the esthetic and that bullshoot "upgrade" buff, which was instant regret after. Never again... fucking waste of money, its like they want to push ppl away from buying more stuff from their store by putting the worst items on top "most popular" store list, which by the way... it never changes at all. They want to sell products but they promote fake algorithm.jpg
  3. Its hard to quit the only thing left that entertains you... as most games are usually a copy of each other mainstream crap formula. This is the only game i am still on so far, all others i already got banned after years of trolling... point is to just quit by force, and not by choice.
  4. First time i test this expensive 3 slots garbage, before i waste my jackoff tickets(already wasted my $/ on it), and besides that... wtf do you even put in those slots anyway, why would u give it 3 slots if there is absolutely nothing good to put in?(apb logic) i would assume its an handicap for it being so devastating apparently... not devastating at all if your 3 rockets simply vanishes every time you shoot at something. I was hoping for an update from the legendary one, but its actually a downgrade.. its more devastating to find this shit out.!! And to think most of you even complain about it.
  5. FUCK RIOT!!! Its a waste of time, this game isn't made by the "popular concepts" now days but by a unique style gameplay that descend from GTA, with riot LO wanted to try out the popular concept today, its a waste of time and resources, it will never fly, not even as low as the half finished asylum.
  6. Community of hypocrite trolls, that pretend to be gentlemen on forums, but ingame are all kinds of fine scum.
  7. you are all a bunch of firecrackers anyway...
  8. you seem to miss the point, but you are half right. Besides i'm not sure why would any company listen to anyone... our individual opinions were never meant to be picked out of the pile, its all ppl opinions that gather in a whole that might make a difference. It was never meant to mean any critical consideration. A company its responsible for its own decisions that only gets affected perhaps, by everybody, but definitively it never had anything to do with individual opinions. We can only contribute to the feedback, but never have any subjective relevance about it.
  9. This company needs to get used to small things in apb as it seems, Big updates that nobody from this small population asked for, we been waiting for engine update way too long, and here's what we get instead. Enjoy.
  10. Yeah well wish you all gl with it, i'm going to look forward for the engine upgrade as consolation, alto that screams worst delays and so much more issues... I kinda think we need to adjust with a new level of low by now. "Hate" to be the hater, but i wish LO gl, even if i'm a silly person pig. This release was a very bad prevented experience for me and i'm sure many others, and i doubt it will ever be any better for most, because its not the first time, been there done all of that crap, so i know where this is going. Anyway no grudge and wish you all gl, hopefully this will be used as a small feedback. Wonder what will be the price on the new counterfeit wep in auction... can only imagine those idiotic prices for something you won't perform any better than its original copy... yet the prices are skyrocketing in comparison. Marketing... such an efficient gimmick for fools.
  11. Dunno how much does it cost to ask a normal person that has been through a decade of this game about what's ok to be invested in? I mean wtf its cheaper to ask random ppl than to ask hired idiots that are qualified in knowing the modern tastes.... Turns out for this game this shit ain't gonna work, and with it, its death its short to come eventually... APB was never a modern game(other than at launch), and because of it, it always had to suffer, but one day in the future somebody is going to remake a copy of it and will be very successfull, but that only because modern generation will be sick of that crappy repetitive games concepts that are constantly released today... that going back to something it was skipped back then will be a good deal, cuz ppl are always over themselves with expectations, and most companies release more than expectation, creating a new style of addiction... but mark my words, past will be future one day about this matter. Some ppl already showed disgust about this game mode that was less frequented especially by noobs. Kinda wonder where did LO got its statistics.... or did that not came with the package at all, or they don't rely on statistics at all.
  12. They should had invested in more missions... i remember when i came back when the new level cap was on, so i was seeing it as someking of an average update than any mmo would make, sticked to it even if it was a challenge, but was fun to reach new levels, with this new system, wtf new levels should i think im gonna reach, somekind of magical fucking controversed paranoia that i will tell myself that its ok cuz its new staff and new morals?, Fuck that, this new mode is pure marketing attempt, which is already a sad excuse, then to try to actually promote it too? WIth what?!? what's the core of this new fucking mode? Runing around for minutes, and then finding your deatrh, beacause you aren't skilled enough? Ok im a noob, but to run for miunutes wasting in vain for that answer? fuck it, missions are at least more inprevisible, while this mode its more or less way too previsible, too fucking obvious, i mean evewn the dumbest player knows that walking on ground, its like walking duck to be killed and enjoyed, srry, but im not here to please the fucking pros, already done that for too many years, im expecting them to give us lower rank something too, not just the pro cunts. Im not going to say thatn oobs need all the comodity, but so far, noobs haven't got any of it so excuse me for being obvious. But this game needs saomething everybody cvan enjoy, not just cheaters and fucking skilled dickheads.
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