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  1. Vnight

    N-tec Anarchy

    I just recently been introduced to ATAC, because i was looking for something different to buy(i'm used to SMG's/Volcano/EXshotguns.), so don't assume things that you can't possibly know. I tend to test things for days before i buy them, and if testing isn't available... i never buy, no matter what or where, unless a pack with a very good deal!
  2. Vnight

    N-tec Anarchy

    Yeah well its not about what "vnight" uses, but what most of you abUSE. And your GREAT idea, equals exactly my first post, unless you are not familiar with this word called hypocrite. You need to understand that in order to conceive something you need to actually explain your opposition. Cuz sarcasm can be found everywhere in this internet world, the hard part its actually explaining anything beyond sarcasm that could potentially make any sense for the cause.
  3. Vnight

    N-tec Anarchy

    visions are one thing, facts are another.
  4. Vnight

    N-tec Anarchy

    if being older than since this game launched means to you dementia, then you are a very good competitor You are a very persistent poster through years(almost a decade now) but you seem quite the relaxed ignorant, which might insinuate that you have no idea what you post sometimes, yet you do for the sake of it. I also bet you don't get many haters in your posts, which is what proves that you are a modern troll :))) Spare me the emoji crap, i always hated this garbage, yet here i am suffering from it. Blame the forums for the emoji, i never checked the code for it, it just pumped to my typical writes as sarcasm expression, which are usually smiles lol.
  5. I know... i know, most ppl uses n-tec and if anyone dares to speak against it, will be boycotted, but let me dare (as i'm a troll certified) to speak about it. Do you ppl feel good playing with op weapons? Well i sure do as well, problem is... shotguns got fixed and volcanos aren't any better(unless skilled), yet when using an n-tec, which on my experience its actually better than any sniper or mid range, i mean i have a bunch of snipers, and they all fail against n-tec close range, mid range, even max range sometimes... as user always get to cover. Care to explain other than to criticize as usual?(oh and spare me the git gud solution, i'm older than your grandma here? You n-tec main wielding selfish bastards!! Then again better not explain anything, as you are obviously a very tight community of ppl that wields it and if dare LO to EVER nerf it, it will mean the end of this game. Which actually explains everything. I used n-tec, and all i could find out was that i was better in every way than usual, so basically... if you want to use a close/middle/far range wep, n-tec has it all(slight worst close range of course!) From all my tests about it i found out that ATAC its actually the closest deal to it, but still not an actual meta to abuse it enough. I will never use n-crap, even if i will be forced by law. But hey!! Let's all enjoy Kumbaya by playing n-tec! Who ever dared to suggest that n-tec was ever nerfed, its an addicted to op game play none the less... bring on the dislikes, i SO love it!(if only this site didn't restrict dislikes as a reputation, but sadly... i'm forced to play a low score on the positive side, when i'm seeking the opposite in general But thank you all for the feedback, and hope in the future this garbage wep, gets a nerf, cuz as many other things in this game, its pure ridiculous. Also i want to say that this game doesn't need to embrace the veterans so much, it needs to embrace mostly the newcomers, it will never prevail through only pleasing the veteran point of view, because veterans tend to have this natural autism about being right(same goes to me) so i'm just saying. Develop a new tactic for newcomers to enjoy, and perhaps this game might have a chance in the future. Because i remember the first time i got here, it was hard as hell, yet that was the reason why i stick to it, but most ppl will always prefer to be served... sadly, this is the generation we live in, and not many will fetch the old times tactic anymore. Oh... and yeah, i intentionally made this post as a text of wall
  6. I never had such freeze, but since the update for the Halloween event, this happened for the first time in my apb experience, As for details i don't think there are any available, i was just doing any normal mission on waterfront, then out of the blue half of my system froze, not being able tro bring up task manager cuz of apb window, so i was forced to do a hard reset on my pc. While it is true that i was streaming, i never experienced such behavior from the game streaming or not. And also with every update you guys make, FPS and loading times go down drastically(using 144 mhz monitor) i can tell in my decade experience. Also i would like to mention that on my laptop, i'm unable to upgrade apb since event started, nor use the repair option for it, whenever i start it, it just freezes completely showing as it would attempt to upgrade, but the bar stays still and nothing happens, so basically i'm forced to copy the upgraded apb from pc to laptop in order to make it work... but i wonder how are those ppl that only has laptop and no pc do it at this point.
  7. Vnight

    Halloween event?

    Never really understood this garbage events of any nature, its a bunch of cockroaches running around trying to score the same divine goal every year, for the same garbage items... go figure. Every game has it, and every game has the same repetitive nonsense to offer... Its just pathetic in my opinion. The last event i managed to get was the demon wings, which was quite the relaxing thing to do(because its not competition), but competition events, are simply putting salt with lemon juice to the old wound, considering the amount of cheaters we had to deal with all this years. And no, cheaters are still at large, and they will get your prize most likely even this year, as per modern tradition :))) So if a hall of fame will ever be created about this game, it will be all about hackers and the most dirty legally tolerated bastards in this community. But hey, i'm always around to save the day, you know? :)))) Srry the downvotes aren't working tho, i wish to see my quality evaluation(through experience)... which will never be possible sadly, i will have to evaluate quality based on your xcuses and all kind of typical nonsense, that in the late decade, its quite popular and quite promoted indeed Soon logic will be an absolute taboo. But don';t let me break your bubble, enjoy it while it lasts. Truth is, hard working class don't do games, "so its obvious why everybody hates my guts" GL tho in your kids future. I will never bring a kid to this world, not just cuz i'm mentally broken, but mostly cuz civilization its losing big time nowdays, and there is no turnback, considering what it took in our history to reach this point. Also as a final statement i would like to ask you, if you noticed that lately, its all about what the bunch thinks, and not the individual, regardless if its about sense or logic at all, it doesn't matter as long as the "BUNCH" thinks so! Go figure smartasses, so far i seen so many intelligent ppl in here, but they tend to simply adjust to the "community standards" eventually, which were basically rigged long before it ever existed lol. But don't worry, i'm the insane one, so its all ok with your mind sets, just plow through it, and things should solve on themselves. Till the day you will understand the meaning of HISTORICAL WAR AND TEACHINGS!!! aND WHICH BY THEN YOU WILL BE DEAD 50 YEARS BEFORE. Let the current world teach you the difference about fantasy and reality, something you will never understand, but your kids will.
  8. "been there done that" its all i can metaphorically say to you all from years of testing! So basically its all about new engine, but from what i seen from the last "fake DEMOs", its pretty much the same quality, till the unreal 4 lol, which will most likely be happening in 2020. And by then, so many bad things will happen... (wonder what will actually be my demise in the end after all this time... lol) One more year i guess... then its really game over for me. You all hate my guts anyway, so its alright, but i don't hate my guts, i ike this game. So its good for you but bad for me Hey, sometimes i'm useful, cuz i got major expeirence and ability to use my limited weps, but lately i see lots of noobs joining allot, that simply make every round useless. Relying only on newbies with newbies, = more or less certain death. But for some reason ,we mostly end up with perfect goldies as enemies(and rarelly allies), cant really make that the so called d big picture now, can we??? Cuz you see... a big picture has as much defect as advantages, but here, the big picture always had a considerable broken side in my experience, very rare when that isn't the case apparently. in other words... let yourself suffer, for the "greater good"
  9. Visual have always been deceiving, i mean its nothing new, yet i have this feeling many will contest it as if it was never any relevant issue, well i got to my point where besides that you get the 144 good fps and no lag etc, you still get the fucking deceiving visuals and obstacolatings to perform, regardless of fps, i recently got raped so many times by partecipating in a mess of a round, with neutral, friendly and enemy at the same spot, and i had to take a big guess which is which. At a certain point, you just go playing close range, and all you see is somekind of blurrish smart color that simply confuses the hell out of you, and you just die.
  10. Don't worry smartass, this topic will sooner or later pop up eventually later in time and i won't be around to burst your "smart balls." I will most likely be banned of course meanwhile :))) but wayback machine and similar sites will take care of that for you.
  11. There is no such thing as adjusting the game settings and all the fun on your new 144mHZ monitor your could ever enjoy, cuz its simply a apb graphical standard. it needs update, and fast!!! I mean you are basically a fucking sitting duck if under a bridge or dark areas, they can see you right from outside of dark compromised places, but you can't see shit from dark places in particular when they are close to you. I couldn't see my enemy red color from 1 meter... Which pushed me to post this subject. LOL what can be more explicit than experience itself?! Go figure And just for the record, in all this experience almost decade, i tried all kind of settings for light quality, and none ever matched those black holes death traps that we are forced to deal with every time some sunny goldie guy enjoys.
  12. Whenever i am in some dark place just having myself available to the enemy, but cuz i'm in such a dark area, i can't see if he(the sun radiations from hell) is neutral or relevant enemy, so he see me first cuz he has a diverse side of the light stand... what i'm saying mr. LO its to fix the shit that's been an issue since forever, yet not many mentioned cuz they always exploited it to their interests... Basically, wtf is the point to add red color to the enemy if we can't see him under subjective circumstances. Died through a decade so many times just cuz of that, but i noticed nobody ever mentioning it, as if their monitors, has some kind of magical adjustment to it.
  13. speak of what's breathing since forever by now, not about what's long exzpired you maggots, as you usually tend to ask "are you al;right dude?" No im not alright DUDE, im surrounded by you, and that is so not alright, as whenever im going to discuss this shit, you are going to pop up when the least expected... go figure smartass, you tend to speak about it allot. of course, that's not excluided, mental illness, alway the best excuse lmao :))), so go figure smartasses. mentall ilnewss you say, well check out the new eurape, if you need a reference about it, and then come hare and post about it, just a a mentalk training, i mean im sure you never knew eurape as a fucking mental illness, yet you prolly keept thinking the same, or proceeded doing its choirsa or whatever lol. But hewy, im a dumb fucktard, that speaks all kind of insanity, let your sanity take over, im sure you will make things better, i trully hope so tho, cuz in the end, in order to make anything right noways you need a very deep knowledge,(which means lots of cocks being sucked, if you know what i mean lol.
  14. yeah... figures..., most of you cucks, never knew what hit you, as fucking usual. So go fuck yourselves, excuse the expression. Was long done!
  15. do you cunts ever read about your own evolution? EVER at all, by promiting speachless nonsense as making the best sense, yet it never had any sense at all?