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  1. speak of what's breathing since forever by now, not about what's long exzpired you maggots, as you usually tend to ask "are you al;right dude?" No im not alright DUDE, im surrounded by you, and that is so not alright, as whenever im going to discuss this shit, you are going to pop up when the least expected... go figure smartass, you tend to speak about it allot. of course, that's not excluided, mental illness, alway the best excuse lmao :))), so go figure smartasses. mentall ilnewss you say, well check out the new eurape, if you need a reference about it, and then come hare and post about it, just a a mentalk training, i mean im sure you never knew eurape as a fucking mental illness, yet you prolly keept thinking the same, or proceeded doing its choirsa or whatever lol. But hewy, im a dumb fucktard, that speaks all kind of insanity, let your sanity take over, im sure you will make things better, i trully hope so tho, cuz in the end, in order to make anything right noways you need a very deep knowledge,(which means lots of cocks being sucked, if you know what i mean lol.
  2. yeah... figures..., most of you cucks, never knew what hit you, as fucking usual. So go fuck yourselves, excuse the expression. Was long done!
  3. do you cunts ever read about your own evolution? EVER at all, by promiting speachless nonsense as making the best sense, yet it never had any sense at all?
  4. speaking moronic mindset, nothing new, but how about spewaking a leveled concept, u primate?!
  5. Noty eveNot gonna quote, but who's new to this game, better just drop it. I started this cuz of half of the vending machine was spawning my car, as for the rest, gl enjoying your financial status being raped, considering how hard it is to make money in this game, generally.
  6. lol, unable to quote once again... Well... they said that engine upgrade will come regardless of the efforts, cuz of the special team being focused on it, which means by 2019 we will have our first primitive engine upgrade, but aftyer that, guess what.... I like to believe that the ultimate engine upgrade won't be in 2020, but will be a few month close to it... Basically expect one engine upgrade every year :))) Its as fair as it gets, from my perspective... And even on the first engine upgrade which is 3.5, we will get so much bugs, that at least 4 months we will suffer from it! Then of course will come the lenient fixes, that will take two months, to 2020, which by then it will be fucking ridiculous, cuz we will expect the next step, which will take another fucking year from its fist update... truth is, in the end, you ppl that own this game, will only have us to keep you alive, so regardless who we are, or how much we hate you, its all you got, that';s why you don't ban shit, no matter how much tp cheating and fucking aim cheating going on. I mean i will forever support this game, but at a limit, that's fer sure
  7. well i tried to quote your post, but lol, lixil said this site forums work perfect, yet it forks like complete shit sometimes... but whatever, i will just use non quote. You say that i didn't use a specific server, but then again... should the server matter at all? As all should have the same thing on, as development develops itself. Its not about where, but about how it gets to be developed regardless where. Its irrelevant where the up[grade took place, because its meant for all servers in the end. From my personal perspective,: You have been around long anough, and beyond it, but lmao... keep in mind they will keep reducing their servers, and you will eventually end up on one, so qhit asking yourself if it was on yours, cuz clearly the lowest garbage places won't suceed by far at all, when the time comes, (which will come regardless one day) you will clearly know more than you were supposed to. Cuz by then, jeryco will be gone.
  8. Most veterans that don't go trolling, are particular passive offensive members of the same community. But why do you get stresses when you actually see trolls popping up in this community? Can't you see the obvious pattern, or should i explain to you hours of logic about it? I was never proud of being a troll, but i had to take it regardless, cuz otherwise, you will need to simply comply with whatever bullshoot they tend to offer you, and i used to do that very deep, the deeper toy respect them, the more negative they end up as latest news. There is no way in hell this game will get enough pattootie licking, other than respect, but from a trolling circumstance. I won't troll this game just for fun, but i will troll it, to get some answers. which of course most of you can't see the point, but that's exactly the point! The less idiots around the better. The start by pinpointing all you need to know for a very long time, and then it all goes back to the typical previous issue, cuz its always like that, how are you going to survive if all the ppl are against you, or most of them, even the developer community? We simply split into different communities as the game develops, and since the developers don't care about public oppinion, they will always have something to suffer about, and as a consequence, will never be on the community side, other than their own, regard. Funny thing is, developing community never had anything with the playerbase, so badically, they do they job, and you do your trolling, in other words, none of it will ever correlate, at all. Which is sad, cuz that means the game will go its own dead path, and the only oners that will stick to it, will either have to be veterans, or simple morons.] As for newbies, go figure, since you are such smartasses.
  9. You mean ppl that take PRIDE in being trolls have been there and done that so many times, that are simply sick of it! Which you wouldn't have a clue about. Not all trolls are actually impressions, as you all tend to think, some are simply sick of your typical repetitive nonsense, that was proven endless times before, and constantly gets proven no matter history or future standards. Basically Trolls are born mostly because you ppl never learn shit, and tend to keep shit standing still asa modern society, justifying the shit out of anything otherwise!!!
  10. guys i instantly reported it as soon as i experienced it, its not like i took my time to think about it, then again wtf is there to think about it, when its just there? What new world reporting do you expect of me? LoL WTF do you want me to say? That its awesome new feat that we can all enjoy?! Keep in mind you primates, that you are viewing thing issue from your own perspective, being forever veterans, and by far from the perspective of a newbie.
  11. Its right near the covered garages in the middle!(can't even have a good description, because they never made a pin point map description option. Its actually upper map, not exactly middle, you know where most ppl will hang out, near it at least...) That vending machine will spawn my car instead of giving me the ammo menu as it should! Do you ever test what you "fix?" Or your just break them, and wait for us idiots to post about it. I did noticed that only half of it(left side) will spawn my car, but how fair can that be? As i will take around 200+ to spawn my car every time. Minorities, who cares about them, right? Problems is, they were never there before, they just started popping up recently.
  12. so much sarcasm... does that mean we got it all under control as numbers?? Aren';t ypu the funniest assholes going on... but can you actually solve a problem more efficiently than introducing us to your particular talented forever sarcasm quality? No contribution to the community, yet the best fucking votes almost every time(me in particular), proves how focused you primates are about primitive bullshoot, and how much chance this game has in a general configuration votes... lmaok way too funny to even EVER be considered, so enjoy faggots. it will be on your own family none the less that you will be laughing indirectly on. While i will prolly be typcally NOT banned on some nonsense thart has nothing to do about it, but will have everytthing to do with it. NOT... but just in case? By now i'm worried enough.. ppl like me are one of the most common issue, which is why they knopw better, so yeah, won't be taken down anytime soon, but as soon as possible, it will happen :))) so go no yourselves into fantasy, cuz thats all you are food for maggots! It is most likely the last shoot about it, ijn a very long term, so enjoy it while it lasts lol. KfuckingEK, enjoy your fried potatos all you want, but never EVEr call us for fighting a lost cause, government has betrayes us long before our birth, there is absolutely nothing to protecct, never will ever be, government is part of the invaders, we are simply collateral idiots, so save urselves, and mind your own business... cuz in reality, its only a matter of wen. While you see it as nonsense. Wat wouldn't we do about our business, right?!
  13. Ok so i been reading a few replies, but i can't believe how many "patriots are going on..." did you patriots ever thought about it as an outsider position to consider, or are you going to push this standard agenda blindly since the first time you came here?! Did you forget about the where game vibes are coming from? Or do i need to remind you that we al suffered at the same time with the same shitty corporation standards, Now you simply split up on me cuz you feel like you have a better modern story about it? Jeezus, if only you had anythinbg better i would read the shit out of it, and actually agree if you ever had anything plausible enough about it TODAY!!!, but so far, it feels like the typical conditioning protestants standard we all tend to express sooner or later. It was imposed by some cunts, that have an clear agenda,... lol just saying... at this point i'm stopping, there... is no way in hell it will ever make sense at all, goodbye, and enjoy your weekend. Will be back soon. Hate you too blablabla... are you really fall for that primitive jiberish? Good cuz i'm ready for it.