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  1. Glad to see the "love", its not like i was expecting any new record you know I mean i am just a troll after all NEVER! And i mean EVER expect any credit for any sort of contribution or whatever, in fact i don;'t even really know why am i still around here anymore.. i'm kinda tired of trolling myself... but its the only thing efficient enough around here... being nice is not an option. Try to be good, and everybody will abuse you one way or another... not sure but in order to reach my new low, i will still need a few years of surviving. Hopefully i won't get banned till then But every time i get such a compliment, i'm grateful, so thank you for considering me a new low, its a good thing for me
  2. since when trolls needed a point to talk about something? You need to understand that we are the dreamers, like you are the concept. At least being a dreamer as a troll will fully justify it, unlike being one as a normal person lol. So... let me dream, and enjoy the fruits of this game while it lasts Besides... i never said it had to be a nice thing, so its gonna be a lovely thing, indeed this time, cuz we all know pollitically correctness will save any situation in this world But that's on your own. Would also like to end this dispute with a nice advice... suggesting this game: A Plague Tale, the best game that has been released in the last decade! i'm sory, i didn't really want to be against tos, but that's just some shitty AA game that nobody cares about anyway. Please ban me, you would only do me a favor lol.
  3. Gladly: Your patootie love for this game is being detained, and you get a one day "credit card" for shutting the f..k up. plus the rest of this game experience as a questionable member of apb community. Merged. I know you gonna jump to conclusions,. but don't rush it yet. We all know that if the troll has handicap, we must abuse it... according to standards..
  4. lol WTF dude?! I been a major patootie licking for a decade now, so stfu! But that's being the point lol Jeez its like you having major trouble understanding the reason u chose to make it harder than it is, instead of just opting out of it. I mean trolls have to have their own supporters, that are without even they knowing it :))) I prefer simple things...
  5. its ok folks. Whatever makes your round feel like heaven. Will be waching from background how this will develop, and call on you by the time you are mostly all gone. Enjoy idiocy while it lasts! I will the most at the right time.
  6. its game over longer before it was supposed to be... simple. I let them win, one their own, as there is no way in hell to report shit in here, you must take the opposite of it, as the best chance you will ever get as a law respecting idiot Tis game itself is trying to end its reputation by doing what most mmos are doing... lol not even going to talk about it, you be your own idiocracy.
  7. at this point i don';t think there is a win or lose competition about this game, i really believe its all about what's left of it lol... (RIOT) NO? Good, because i saved my ignorance for less than playing like a fucking mongoloid, just to please the goldies. I will NEVER play this game under YOUR power, you are all randomly made of hacks and fucking lies... if EVER you dare to speak out... it will never be anything ever again than it already used to a few years ago... if the game survives that long you ignorant c...s. Then again i'm here to enjoy our misery, so go figure. Wonder tho, was EVER a reason to stary fucking suffering from it? Sufference is but a good teaching, i never experienced a sufference, that didn't hasd a good teaching to it... then again, lol, go figure yourselves, cuz all i realized, its that whenever its about a programmed issue, it will never be morally right, or even wrong for that matter.
  8. Thank you lol... although i must say... this is kinda op for a compensation. You are a very good man Mr. Matt... perhaps too good for ppl like us... Hopefully not too god for this business... i know ppl that failed for being too good. Wish you all the good luck i have left in my evil heart.
  9. APb has never been so fu..ing crippled before!! You ppl are doing a very bad job, and soon we will end up at such small population... that your survival will be a question of days. Thought to invest more in my favorite game, but considering it constantly keeps being at alll time peak low, there is no way in hell i will ever invest a penny. What is happening right now, its beyond ridiculous... as a recovering business, you just can't afford this much damage... gl tho... i will love this game till it will die, but never support it as it digs its own grave beyond any kind of support.
  10. Riot is and will mostly be a garbage mode, as previous garbage that favored only hackers and gold scum the asylum and Bailan.
  11. Yeah I bet none of you cares, but It, always have to deal with it every f......g time I log in for some minor cr.p that I have to do in this acc.
  12. Vnight

    APB Bug Report #5

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