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  1. Just had a perfect aimer today, which i haven;t had for a very long time with easy anti-crap. I mean... if so many can notice the difference, i dunno what could ever prove them that this clown eye "anti-cheat' solution is pure garbage.... its like they intentionally do it.
  2. You can all CENSURED your crowns where it makes you kings of your thrones hahahaha
  3. The community tools making all kind of excuses as usual.
  4. Hahaha you all got trolled! +1 for LO . Asylum is for mindless bots and social for useless tools... pretty much nothing to play the beta for.
  5. If ONLY this was an update, but its clear as day that its an downgrade, so bug off, incompetent at best.
  6. Celebrating what?! 10 years of yellow abuse? While bronze been on oppression mode since the start?? So when are you gonna celebrate? Any bronze thing besides the supreme dying community side all the time??? Does all the companies that buy this game have a fetish for them yellows? Everything REALLY must be spinning around them?? Will we ever have an event for anything under yellow? Or is this game only made for yellows... which makes all the point.
  7. I mean its not like you haven't already downgraded us with ClownEye sponsorship, the next ridiculous job might as well be sponsored by CENSORED!
  8. How do u ppl always manage to get doxed all the time i can't figure, so far i seen so many being affected by all kind of problems after updates, and sometimes expected them myself, but never get(other than that stupid memory insuficience) the problems i always read in here. At this point i can only think that u ppl use older hardware or amd hardware, which has proven countless times with problems because of support leakage... Saying that because i used to have lots of AMD hardware myself, and i always had all kind of problems with it. Almost forgot... i still have my mouse software on, and it contains macro for apb, which i'm not using, but which i'm expecting to be a problem... and that's because if i turn off my mouse software, i have my keyboard rainbowing on me, and blinding the shit out of me when i play anything. In other words... i never underestimate the issues of APB, but surprisingly as paranoid as i am, i never get them.
  9. probably some cuck as usual, they just be put there but are useless :))
  10. Not sure what you mean by that, but i have around 300 MB/sec speed where i live, and i always get stable connections, as its fiber optic city service, not some country side expired investing modem crap. 5g is still a future thing, atm most of the providers that offer that service its a beta version that will not offer actual 5G. You will know when u get 5G cuz brain cancer rate will also bloom after a few years, but who will care as long as the media won't report it.
  11. lol... can't understand the ppl that rushes to buy fresh new hardware on the market, when the old one works just fine, especially if u play this game more than others. The price is a freaking trap for this new GPU's series, and for what... 30 extra fps, and some new light tech?? Waste of not just money, but also nerves, as its being proven, not just here. I'm sure this is not the only game that suffers from major bugs with this new hardware. U sound like those old stereotypes where they are struggling to obtain decent fps with extreme low hardware, yet you are actually having top tier systems, lol the irony.
  12. That gun has the ultimate SMG look, but is the ultimate trash weapon, i always wanted to use it, but never found even the slightest efficience with it. Wonder when are they actually going to improve this game as any MMO company does, cuz so far it seems that its just stalling forever on most important projects they pop out. And i heavily doubt that after engine upgrade they gonna start making some considerable updates, other than jocker store and minor adjustements as usual for some reason.
  13. I would like to see an automatic secondary similar to banano(there u go smartass), cuz so far all there is for us that don't like to "park the dolphin" its that garbage gun mountie, which is one magazine death most of the times, and its pretty useless on its long range. I must say that those baloney stats ingame are not accurate at all on most weapons, its just fictional that needs an adjustment,
  14. Just disable chat, its the best thing i have ever done for myself in the long run, since i joined it, the toxicity going on ingame its just pure annoyance, and with time it will feel worse than otherwise.
  15. Events for exclusive yellows, that's what all this crap is about, which makes it useless for most players.
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