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  1. I had a dream a few years ago, i dreamed that apb had boats and helicopters over water...
  2. I tried so badly to reduce loading time the whole decade, and all i got was an update that will "FIX" it for me every time, so fuck modding the game files, it sucks as it is, but it sucks even more when u get used so much through years that every time they reset it, it feels like some new shit even if it smells the same. Its like this game isn't about to "improve your experience" with each update, but to fuck u up every time.
  3. First of all, there is no point to participate in any event since forever by now, because the card cheaters are top on each and every one of it more or less.
  4. Most likely because sharing ANY info with you trolls was a bad idea from the start, and previous owners know why. Let's hope next release will get a good guess for its quality DDOS time investors.
  5. Do you think engine will get released any time soon without too many bugs to even bother? Or perhaps we will enjoy more lockdowns and freemiums till 2023?.
  6. So what im supposed to learn from this topic basically? You gonna make this game better or improve the social compound in order to develop future standards? Cuz basically you made the same shit that's been made since forever by everybody else so far for a topic... difference being trolls making it higher than usual topics. I mean i been making repeated crap myself, but give some actual basics for a change, at least i tried... oh nvm. I believe that in order to gain ppopulation you need to be new and hope you are going to be popul;ar by the time u launch, this game will never be hype, and hype is the new standards, if ure not hype, ure dead from the start,. Lol i think that in order to make a hit, LO will need to make it all new, it doesn;t mater that its a good formula, it needs to be absolute new...
  7. Well for one thing if i wouldn't reply it would mean treachery at its pure nature.... so yeah... ure right... which today its still treachery sadly... and by far reasonable. And that's all on their behalf, on my behalf i wish you a happy new year, at least better than this one. They might say that who spends their end year in apb is a loser, but i can't see it with all the shit going on.
  8. Let me add some to it, i wish you all exactly what you have applied this year to us all for the next year, cuz i can;t imagine anything better for the next one, as things don't just end with a symbolic shoot. I love this community for one reason only, and that's because its composed of trolls only, never seen any reasonable soul in here... which is the point. Thank you for existing and making my existence a fun place to be in. Couldn't do it without you. Have a lovely 2021. .... i almost shed a tear... can't believe it... u guys make me so happy...
  9. there is ONLY one world in which we can all agree on, and this will never be it. There is no amount of love you can offer something or someone that can be pleasing enough, experience can teach you so much that you have no idea, being a fucking nob can only tell you how fucking stupid you are, and if you want to make something out of it for the next years, or settle with it. So don't blame me for not being sacrcastic enough about it. primal instinct what will u make of it... but most important, who the fuck are u if u have no point of experience refference through time, just a idiot that got a fucking grip of a smartphone doesn't make u anything, well that's future reference actually, but true enough sadly... Love your kids, but not like that.
  10. Its not bout gpu, its about not fixing their oldest shit................................ not to mention actually breaking the ones they already have compatible broken through years of "improving" server bullshoot. They basically update shit and never test it, let it be as it is, then we enjoy the results ALWAYS, as for the reality of it, they might as well just not give a fuck, and still enjoy the priviledges of the mass income from the Inappropriate language removed. - Azukii. Also the hackers, which can only be "{russians", in this case. Who the hell would waste their intellectual on such a game lol... by far away of any basic concept, yet fucking broken beyond repair as it seems ultimately. Its and implosion in order to make sense, and you know none of you ever figured out that implosion concept anyway, so quit playing smartasses. Go back to matrix and get educated :))) I mean go ask leon de caprio. Come now mods, i haven't broke the rules on this one, plox don't bewitch me... i been very troubled lately, as religion was all about against me, as usual. Plox let me enjoy hopefully my last year of existence THANK you NOT(borat said its ok). (please note i never said the J word. Truth is today i had for a moment the impression i was banned, the feeling was overwhelming, so basically i am and will forever be a troll... but it felt like the ultimate reason to end my existence... because i love this game so much that i have no idea i never did never will... point is, i really love it... beside trolling, i fucking love this game and i never EVER loved a game this much in my entire existence, but it has become compromised because of the tricks corporations are obviously using in order to abuse their addicts, cuz this game its all about addiction, otherwise i would had moved on long time ago. Reality check is what i like to call it what you like to call experience... difference is that reality check is actually real time joy, while anything else is just thtr so called basic education that many enjoy as a fiction trand.... like i did... where you learn that its required, but not actually true... at best you become a popular troll of a today trend NOT, which is quite unusual(USUAL) among the apb community, but still a balancing tissue so to call it, as in the end was an old expired trend that nobody ever keept asa memorable thing.
  11. Sure, but it said that this game was not compatible with Mongolia land or something like that, so... you know i was not able to attempt the optimal solution you are implying.... please appeal to scientist level qualified solution.
  12. Oh so u dopes understand when you gonna ban someone random TOS word, but you don;t understand when a topic deletion request is being applied!!! That's my men!! Don';t worry, its not like ure going to make me feel bad about any of it you know, lol, dunno wtf do you think you are going to solve by keeping a trolling topic up. I guess this goes to show how much you actually support trolls in this game. Thank you sincerely, and hope you have a good 2021 time, altho i have this heavy feeling i will get banned in 2021... for some ridiculous reason... i mean isn't the basic of a troll moral standard perception??!! I'm one of the worst damn trolls i ever seen myself, and i'm proud of it! Im just buffled about my survival rate.... its absolute surreal by far... please give me at least a warning when im about to depart... please at least that, so i get one chance at keeping my acc.... thank you none the less for the endurance you managed to cope with so far... its by far acceptable.
  13. Never understood wtf is the deal with those, as they just distract you from a mission and sometimes end up inside buildings that we can't reach, yet they never bothered to remove those... but ok let's remover everything else that bother a bunch of you know who. Waypoints, something that never made sense, yet them clowns never bothered to complain about it much. I mean wtf is the role of those fucking things?! Wth do they actually help you with or give you about? WTF is the waypoint purpose?!? IF 10 years isn't enough for it to make any sense, wtf do you keep it on then for???!!! Lmao it never was a symbolic meaning to APB, but they remove themes and all other actually symbolic mechanics, because colored clowns needs for it to be so. Go figure... this is just ridiculous, but keep on with your sarcasm, as its the only important things going on atm. Goes to show that time is just priceless no matter how much, too bad this game doesn't need it, but gets stuffed with it no matter what. Clowns, its all this game has... always had, waiting for a real company to take over... NOT. I mean i'm just eager to witness the last statement this company has to say, this or whatever account i will make after they get sick of me and finally decide to ban me.. I must say, i never seen a troll survive this much... BUT you know... when a game is dying, you can only expect zombies to hang around.
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