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  1. Hitboxes wouldn't necessarily need to be altered if the whole car was made "transparent" for bullets. The only section of a car that has a chance of stopping a bullet, is the engine. Bullets travel through doors and such with ease, check out Demolition Ranch if you don't believe it. APB could be like this:
  2. The Alig is not a heavy machine gun though. It is based on M240 B general purpose / medium machine gun that fires 7.62x51 Nato.
  3. Another ridiculous detail about cars in APB is the top speed. According to APB Database, the absolute maximum speed of a Bishada Rapier is 23 m/s. That translates to a whopping 82.8 km/h. I know there are game engine and server related restrictions which cause this, but it's still amusing to me. I remember reaching 400 km/h in Need For Speed Underground 2, a game released in 2004. Cars in earlier NFS titles weren't much slower either, to my understanding.
  4. How about a light anti-tank weapon (such as an M72 LAW) as a secondary? -Single shot per ammo refill. -Enough damage to take out a car in one hit. -Equip time of some 2 to 3 seconds. On a real one you first pull out the pin holding the cap, unfold the pipe, adjust the sight and turn safety off before firing. A very common weapon around the world, and could provide an new, interesting anti-vehicle alternative to the game.
  5. I think he did mention that. If I remember correctly, he said they want to give inactive players enough time to save their characters.
  6. That would actually be an interesting addition. A mean looking, sporty light pick-up truck. El Camino was a neat vehicle in Driver San Francisco, and it could sure fit San Paro also.
  7. I'll thow in some suggestions of varying quality. - Allowing players to hide their threat level. This could encourage some casual (bad) players (like me) to play missions without the fear of going silver. - Light anti-tank weapon consumable / secondary. One shot per ammo refill but capability to destroy a car with one hit. A flexible and realistic alternative to a launcher that occupies a primary weapon slot. - A 6x6 armored personnel carrier. A city like San Paro would require using one if regular cars weren't as bullet proof. - A fire truck with a water hose, so you could stun players by shooting water at them. Maybe place a water cannon on top of some truck or apc also. - I would like to see weapons do more damage, as player characters are insane bullet sponges at the moment. This would make macros less useful, and also allow a sneaky player to take out multiple enemies. Enough bad ideas for one day.
  8. It's not impossible, as even I have 2500 hours of regret.
  9. The following rant can be negated by stating that APB is not a solo game. That would be a most valid argument if that was the case, but I'm not focusing on it now. I know how you feel. I kept jumping back and forth between gold and silver for some 30 consecutive missions before I finally decided to stop playing the game. I was gold since 2016, as I used to join nothing but open conflict, fight club or social. Success for me was totally random in this game. Every now and then I would go on a five kill streak in abington with a regular oca, and sometimes not be able to kill a single hostile in close quarters, no matter how I tried. The bullets would just pass everywhere around him. This was especially annoying when I managed to sneak up to them on a mission, with my decent knowledge of the map, but die anyways due to not scoring enough hits. You could say this is due to panic or something, but keeping the sights right on the center of mass, well within the effective range of the weapon, should do the trick. My ping was good and fps almost smooth 60. A funny thing was how I was almost always granted gold threat after just tagging along a really good team. Even though doing more kills and objectives alone in a lost match turned me silver. This is of course due to the winning team receiving a well earned score multiplier, but still. It felt unfair to have your constantly visible social status switch without having much to say about it. The general inconsistency lead to feeling devastated at times. Not knowing if you're a decent player or complete garbage. What I could blame for randomness faced by solo players are (in addition to my own drawbacks) slow times to kill (preventing a single player from taking out more than one enemies face to face) and fast health regeneration (making taking out a camper (*cough* an entrenched defender) often impossible without a teammate). How could this be fixed? A) Hide threat, or allow a player to hide his. This way one wouldn't need to be embarrassed for failing a mission or two. Queing for a mission wouldn't feel as awful if you know you won't get ridiculed if you lost. B) Make guns more deadly, and therefore allow a sneaky lone wolf to be more effective. This would sure make macros less useful too, as the focus would move from damage farming to getting the first shot off. Sure this would be too radical to most.
  10. A vehicle like this could be an interesting addition to the game. Sisu XA-180 "Pasi" is a 6x6 armored personnel carrier, designed in the 1980's. It is used not only by UN peace keeping units and a few militaries, but also the Finnish police as an extreme SWAT vehicle. It is protected against small arms fire but remains vulnerable to most explosives. Therefore it would be the strongest player-owned vehicle, but by no means indestructible. The mass of this vehicle is 13500 kg, meaning it is considered as a truck, and would be way heavier than any current car. It would still be a lot lighter than the Kolva truck, which is definitely heavier than a two-axle truck could really be. It's powered by a 240 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine and can reach the speed of 105 km/h. Check this video, it has been set to start at an appropriate time. Although an email from the in-game contact Ernst "Mule" Templeton mentions how there would not be enough space for an APC in the city, it would not be much less manouverable than say, a Pioneer. It would only make sense to have some armor in such a hostile environment as San Paro. It could easily seat a driver and three passengers. The passenger sitting in the front could shoot through the commander's roof hatch, and there could be two more roof hatches closer to the back of the vehicle. There are doors in the front for the driver and the "commander", but the two other players would climb through the rear doors. Unless a unique APC model was made.
  11. The biggest problem with Charge Cisco is the center of mass. It is way too far behind at the moment. One would expect the large engine to move mass towards the front and make it grip well in turns, but instead all of the weight sit in the trunk for some reason. This makes the car very floaty to drive at the moment.
  12. The idea could be taken to a next level by adding vehicles with a fixed machine gun on top. Maybe even a light armored personal carrier, like Sisu XA-180.
  13. The cars behave in insane ways indeed. It mostly has to do with how friction is calculated and whatever external forces are at work. Not to mention that a car like Bishada Rapier can go only 82,8 km/h at max (23 m/s * 3,6). A car could go above 400 km/h in NFS: Underground 2, an arcade racing game from 2004. But a funny idea I got is that if an EMP grenade is added, there could also be a slower old car that is resistant to it. For example, a diesel powered UAZ-469 with a mechanical fuel pump, and a manual crank for ignition. It needs no electricity you see. Of course mods like radar tower would still go out.
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