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  1. Fur

    Rework the OSCAR

    I kind of skipped most of this thread. But OSCAR is only slightly better than Carbine cuz no RNG, otherwise theyre both amazing, and both balanced as fuck. The OSCAR rewards skill, just like the .45. Both are difficult to master, and require insane aim, along with good movement. I see no reason to nerf the OSCAR. It's not even meta really. Top tier play never sees it. It was almost never used in 4v4s back in the day, and still, id rather have a Carbine over an OSCAR when vsing good players.
  2. Suggestions from you that have been posted here are awful. Nothing more to say about that Someone proved you wrong with your review idea, and ive watched a lot of youtube reviews and pretty much all of them are people who just don't understand the game, don't care, or have no suggestions. Nothing more to say about that. And FYI, people who are vets are most likely going to know the problems that are most important, and what gameplay changes really need to be made. Try again later
  3. I mean, it kinda is. Even w shit setups its still easy to thrash randoms Then you just become a 'trolling pleasant fellow' Once you get way way to good, you pretty much never come down from it, even after months/years break
  4. I was wondering why this forum post had so many replies, since it's a really dumb post. Skipped to the last page. Wow.
  5. The community has been this way since 2013, you should know this considering you've been here 'before 2013' If you read any of the other forum posts here you'd know what to expect. What you posted wasn't funny anyway.
  6. Fur

    Theme Creators

    Prayers, VintMint, LIF, pscrooge, Lusty
  7. The only thing I'm wondering is what happened to your original forum acc. Banned for too many dumb posts?
  8. 51-9 is very easily achievable by top players wielding an OCA
  9. There is only one blatant I know of that regularly plays, and no one else that I can think of that is constantly cheating that isnt brand new to the game (or on a low rank) I think ive seen 4 cheaters since BE, 3 of which were literally braindead idiots who somehow got a bot of some sort (a shit one) working under BE. And then one who is still constantly cheating in FC/missions who im surprised hasnt just been manually banned by now.
  10. Fr the fact that this one person EVERYONE knows hasnt been banned is INCREDIBLE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD just ban them. Like, how do you not get this info its all over the place.
  11. Fur


  12. Fur

    Retail box codes...

    They have been working for as long as theyve been out afaik, I dont think the codes ever expire. Goodluck finding one though. Altho I have seen an RTW retail copy of APB at Walmart so you could get lucky there. Altho those copies I found are not retail for APB:R but more rather the one that doesnt exist anymore lol.
  13. Part of me gets why someone would not wanna play a match. I think the most annoying thing is when players do it constantly against the same op, because they dont wanna play and ALSO wanna make the opponents wait. I know of a few groups of people who do that against me and my friends constantly, of course, we just alt tab or do other things while we wait, but. It's like, why, just play, you might get better and not have to afk so much anymore
  14. Fur

    APB 2

    rewind? time to dislike