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  1. Fur

    I Miss Colby

    im in this list i dont want to be associated with colby thanks joker easily best server THE DRAMA
  2. It's almost like none of the people who cry about Ntec don't know how to use Carbine, Oscar, or Obeya. Oh wait, you guys don't! Ha! Silly me.
  3. Ive only SEEN 3 cheaters since BattleEye, and I know of 3 people who have a cheat thats working, one of which ive seen ingame. Thats a total of 5 people. FIVE. Real epidemic boys
  4. You already know the answer to this. You somehow managed to get around it once, but it's not going to happen again. Save yourself the time, because the answer is most certainly no.
  5. From what ive seen GMs type they barely know much about the game so I dont see how they could have helped more when it came to the epidemic than the tooltips could. Also, bugs hardly get anywhere when they are told to a GM. Its not like GMs have insane direct connections to the devs. It'd be better for the GMs to tell the players to put the bug reports on the forums where they belong anyway as thats the way it quickly gets to devs/staff (as it always has) like Mitne said, poking fun at people, yet its true "MR GM I HAVE QUASTION ABOUT GUN, THIS GUN KILL AT 80M?" "GM CAN I REPORT A CHEATER TO U" "GM WHERE ARE YOU IM TRY TO FIND U XD" I have only seen quality GM interaction in social, and even then, the GM can barely keep up and its kind of hard to follow anyway.
  6. Fur

    Latency Issues

    It's a routing issue Zelly uses a vpn to get around this iirc Ive noticed east coast players get owned by routing as well, as when two players are a similar distance from the server, one being west and the other being east (or north east/central north) the west player has better ping than the east player
  7. Oh jeez, hopefully the scales is not one of the symbols affected, otherwise im going to have a loooong night fixing my dragon outfit. Good catch tho, glad it's getting fixed regardless of if I need to put more work in or not haha
  8. I personally believe that GMs/tGMs shouldnt talk in chat in action districts, but in social it would be fine. I think there should be a little spot where you can see what GM's are online, and label what dist they are in, so you can 'ping' them if you have an issue about something. Then they can PM you directly. I see a lot of people just trolling the GM's who obviously have no clue half of whats going on, and often times their response time is SO SLOW that chat just get's bogged with stupid stuff, and people stop playing the actual game just to type. Having GM's not type in district chat in action districts would be really nice. I get that there is a good amount of interaction that should occur, but when it hampers an already dying game and makes it harder than it already is to play, it's not good.
  9. Fur

    Lag is ridiculous.

    It's most likely still just DDoS that doesn't get mitigated correctly. It's very timed (nearly the same time every night). It's also quite instant in when it comes in and eventually stops. Also seems to be around the time no one would really be in the office in EU, so, there's that too. It's also only Jericho (Citadel runs quite amazing actually)
  10. The only good primitive in the whole new set is the scales, which you get from the event. So personally, I couldnt find anything to complain about. I was actually hype to get that as its very useful
  11. 250jt seems fine for a day if you have the skins already. It takes an hour or less to do the assignment so thats reasonable imo. Of course RIP anyone who chose the JT thinking you'd get them all anyway.
  12. Fur

    This event to you

    It's not /amazing/ but considering its COMPLETELY NEW, made by the BRAND NEW OWNERS, and made in most likely 3 MONTHS, it's not bad. It's new, it's refreshing, and it'll be fun for the short period it's here. It would be awful if it was a forever type game mode, but considering it'll only be around for a short time, it's great. Constructive criticism is good, whining like a fuzzy bunny is not. This event is not on the same level as the god awful shotgun/IR changes (thank god theyre reverting those even though they broke it again, pls bring back old IR). It's not something to get up in arms about, it's not game breaking, you don't have to play it. Also that socks guy complains about everything from what ive seen, and has said theyd quit 10000 times. Serial complainer.
  13. Im a fan of the scale decal Matt, good work on that one. Will be really useful
  14. Criminals arguably have better attacks but okay
  15. OOF First off, text edits are grey area, technically not allowed, but also not NOT allowed. They couldn't care less currently and won't do anything about it as far as I know. There are a plethora of reasons to have text edits. The main one is seeing what the last stage is so you can abandon shitty missions (VIP 2 mans, which are garbage). It also can help people who dont care to learn all the mission names, or have bad memory (I for one, have bad memory. I can't remember my parents phone numbers, I can't remember most peoples birthdays, and I the amount of last names I can remember can be counted with my fingers) When it comes to the abandon mission stuff: As Lucidy stated, me and him (plus some others) DESPISE VIP because of how long the end stage is, and how most of our OP AKF's during VIP and we have to wait 10 minutes. Not fun. 2v2 VIP is also not fun in the fact that one side is practically gimped, because not only do you have less 'lives' but the enemy can always see that one person they need to kill. In a 2v2 this is god awful and why I will always abandon 2v2 VIP. Also, some of the missions are completely unbalanced in general. I'm not going to play a shit mission just because you told me to, or the game tells me to. If the mission is awful (FAI, CDLC) I 100% will close the game if I have to. Remove abandon mission? Okay, Ill just quit the game then, and then have to relaunch it. I could care less, it takes less time to reload the game than it does to play those terrible missions, and at least by reloading the game I will want to keep playing. Fuck that shit. I came to have fun, not to play terrible missions that are designed so poorly. No one gets an advantage if I abandon mission on a shitty mission, I don't, nor does the other team. The other missions are not 'better' because one side gets an advantage, they're better because overall they are more fun, more balanced, and not garbage, like you.