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  1. When are you going to be banned from the forums. EDIT: Actually do the mods and all of us a favor, delete your forum account.
  2. Fur

    Range nerf for .45AP / RFP-9

    I agree RFP needs a range nerf, however the .45 is a perfectly balanced pistol that requires quite a lot of skill to use in order to get the full use of it. RFP is actually broken, .45 is just good in the hands of people who have mastered it. There's a reason 50% of people use FBW, 45% use RFP, 4% use automatic weapons, and like 1% use .45 lol
  3. Sorry but no real important PR is going to be generated by having a breast cancer awareness gun in the game. A lot of companies do this every year, that are much bigger than LO and APB, and get 0 attention from it. This game barely gets attention for its insane customization, its going to get nothing from a gun. Also, different skillsets doesnt mean much when we barely have art devs and im sure theyre busy helping with the engine upgrade as its not just code devs but also UI elements and making other art assets work with 3.5
  4. yes id love for LO to waste time and resources on something that doesnt help the game. as much as I am sorry for your loss, and would love to support breast cancer efforts, this game is on its last leg. Spending time doing something that doesn't help the game in anyway would hinder things that would, and bring us closer to the game shutting down. It might not take much to make a quick skin or two, but if you want them to be similar to the valentines guns thats A LOT of work, and I think that time is better spent going towards something the company actually needs to work on (Engine Upgrade, things that make profit, etc etc) This would be a great idea if the games current state wasn't god fucking awful, but right now, this is a terrible idea. EDIT: And I do hope your mother recovers, all the best wishes!
  5. I also love free post counts
  6. Fur


    CJ on Marksman guns LUUUUUULLLLLLL
  7. first ir, now cj wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stop changing mods
  8. Fur

    EU vs US

    Rather have 130ms to Citadel where I only have ping lag compared to getting 90ms on Jericho, when I should get 50ms, and then having routing issues ontop of that, then ddos issues, then the servers also being shit. EU players have it reeeaaaaallll nice
  9. No mention of fixing easily the most busted thing in the whole patch, IR3. Hopefully you guys realize how bad the Ir3 changes are once shotguns stop being the main focus, a whole class of guns are screwed over because of Ir3 and ntec isnt even fixed anyway. Please revert that god awful change.
  10. Fur

    Fix Hitreg ?

    this mans using scrollwheel listen close boys
  11. Fur


    Only thing wrong with Carbine is that IR3 no longer works on it, making it not as good vs ntec and other rifleman guns meaning that the only thing it's '''great''' against is Pointman. Which all pointman guns are practically broke to fuck right now. That means the Carbine is practically useless. Infact, it's that way with almost all Marksman guns. Obeya can't beat HVR as well because no IR3, loses to ir3 ntec. Garbage. OBIR is ok I guess but why use OBIR when you can just have a Fang and then a broken patootie shotgun. OSCAR is same situation as Carbine except it's a little better because it can hit a little further easier. Normally Carbine > OSCAR but Carbine takes a bigger hit from this ir3 nerf IR3 change was a good way to ruin a whole class of guns in one fell swoop and not affect the one gun they wanted to nerf XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  12. You're not being autistic, that's for sure. You're looking at the patch as a whole like people should. I just wish people would actually take a second and look at the complete effects of a patch. Looking at one gun, seeing it got changed, and going 'yes ! this is awesome' no matter if it gets buffed or nerfed anyway is awful. There's a lot more to what happened to the game than the Ntec. A lot of guns got changed, and certain guns being changed effects other guns as well. OBIR and Obeya being nerfed means HVR is that much more usefull because it has less competition. Looking at things like these is important because it really helps get a full understand of why things are good or bad. Hence why I said what I said. A lot of the initial replies from people to your original post was just that, awful.
  13. All MM guns besides Oscar are busted cuz IR3 changes. Idk about you but a whole class of guns being fucked over and the one gun they were trying to nerf being the exact same as before is pretty bad.
  14. That's the issue though, if it's not final why did they push it to the live server with LESS than a WEEK of testing. If it's not final don't make it final. Pushing it to live IS final, and if it's this shit then what in the world are they doing at LO.
  15. Can you not? lol I'm pretty sure the reason this happened was because of games like CoD:WW2 and Wolfenstein, games that are historical and would need to use the symbol for context and effect. Not so you can dress and pretend to be a Nazi.