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  1. I have a CRT, and yes I still play games on it (INCLUDING APB). I don't know why people think it gives such a huge advantage, it is purely preference and in some cases just to save fps. Have you even actually played stretched res? Have you done any better using stretched res very obviously? If the answer is no to either of these then you should probably delete this thread because you have no idea what you're talking about.
  2. imagine having so little brain cells you post something like this
  3. My original forum acc which is banned was made in 2013, soooo. Also I only check the forums once a week for like, 30 minutes, don't really need to check it religiously to understand how this community has been for 7+ years.
  4. Look, Nekrova players: LO cannot support Nekrova anymore because it is NOT profitable, and HASNT been. Either your server gets shutdown with no transfer and you lose EVERYTHING, or you take what Matt is trying to give you, which is as much as he possibly can that is favorable to not only G1 players (who played on the ORIGINAL servers, and not some 3rd party one which was shady, allowing for huge discounts, OP weapons, and exclusive weapons that you SHOULDNT have), favorable to LO (which is time, money, and man hours spent on the transfer to allow you guys to still play on your accounts), and favorable to YOU (which is that you get to still use your characters). I'm sorry, but I don't see how you guys can be upset that you still get to play the game lol. It's literally either you lose everything or you accept what LO is trying to do to help.
  5. It's griefing, but not that big of a deal. Not worth any time to cry about or report. The biggest issue with shit like this is when a bunch of people are fucking around with it for HOURS, wasting spots in a full district. That's the most annoying part. ~10 people will just be messing with a stupid blockade while people are trying to get in to actually play. Sometimes this stuff goes on for way, way too long and is just a waste of a spot in a district.
  6. The period that I played NA after BE I saw maybe 3 cheaters over a few hundred hours of gameplay Even now finding a cheater is very rare, i've never felt like there were 'too many' cheaters with BE. HOWEVER, with FF only, I felt like there were too many cheaters. I don't know how people keep running into a ton of 'cheaters' though. Really wish I could be in some of your shoes to figure out this situation because, truthfully there are not many.
  7. Imagine wanting tiggs back lmfao thats a yikes from me dog
  8. There's a lot more to look for than just those two options. Sound, shadows, environment, cars, radar, etc etc etc. Using everything possible to your advantage can net you some easy kills on unsuspecting enemies.
  9. What? I don't know any top players that abuse every glitch and exploit. Why would top players even bother with that 99% of the time when they demolish any team they face? Also, because they DO know every glitch and exploit, they would be able to inform LO of ones that are important and need to be fixed SOON. Also, most top players are actually incredibly vocal about shitty tactics and OP weapons. The problem is you never hear anything from them, because they hate the cesspool that is the forums and hate interacting with the community because they're seen as 'toxic tryhards who abuse everything and want OP weapons to stay'. Maybe if you changed your mentality about them, you'd actually start to see true opinions from top players that matter. Almost every top player I know thinks QS HVR was broken as fuck, and still think QS HVR is broken/HVR is broken. Most think that jump scout is not balanced, just fun. They think scout is balanced as is, and is the preferred sniper to use in fair matches. Most would say shotguns are broken currently. Most would say star could use a slight buff, but its decent rn. And most (besides me) would say ntec needs a nerf, or at least that its overused. But they want a slight nerf. Veteran =/= good nor good for balancing. I could find a silver player whos played since RTW, doesn't mean they know how to balance. Players who understand every aspect of the game, and know how to use everything to its best capabilities, AND abuse the game, should be the ones talking to LO. The people who can push everything to the limit. Also, the rework for the underpowered weapons hasn't gone as well as people would think. High skill matches still hardly use the weapons that were changed because they're still not useful enough. The only two guns i've seen used more is Alig and NFAS for some reason. Personally, I think this issue is that there are too many niche guns, and running out of niches to fill means some guns are just not ever going to be useful enough. As sad as that is, some guns will just never be fully used, ever. The mentalities of 'All top players are shitty exploiter tryhards who shouldnt have any input cuz theyre sweaty and abuse everything' and 'every gun should be viable cuz that makes sense' really are just hurting the game, and need to die soon. Almost all top good players barely try, hardly even break a sweat against 90% of players. They barely exploit, and most of the time (at least with my group) if we see a teammate using shitty tactics, we point it out and go 'wtf man'. Also, every gun is just not going to be viable. It's not happening, and trying really hard to do that is just going to make balancing a fucking mess. But then again, as im finishing writing this, I realize there's probably no point in making such a post, as the response will just be 'shut up sweaty tryhard get back in your pioneer lmfao' from the average gamer on the forums.
  10. Emcitement is more right than you guys think I can't think of a single good balance change or idea they've done so far really. And all their events have been horribly organized and made. While I think LO is better than G1 by a big margin, it doesn't mean LO is doing anything good. LO should honestly try and get a high skill player group together of ~10-15 people and bounce ideas around. We have SPCT now but they can only test what LO brings them AFAIK. A more direct communication to LO through a top group of players (1% top) would probably help LO find out what they really need to change rather than looking at this cesspool silver forum and finding ideas here.
  11. I kind of skipped most of this thread. But OSCAR is only slightly better than Carbine cuz no RNG, otherwise theyre both amazing, and both balanced as fuck. The OSCAR rewards skill, just like the .45. Both are difficult to master, and require insane aim, along with good movement. I see no reason to nerf the OSCAR. It's not even meta really. Top tier play never sees it. It was almost never used in 4v4s back in the day, and still, id rather have a Carbine over an OSCAR when vsing good players.
  12. Suggestions from you that have been posted here are awful. Nothing more to say about that Someone proved you wrong with your review idea, and ive watched a lot of youtube reviews and pretty much all of them are people who just don't understand the game, don't care, or have no suggestions. Nothing more to say about that. And FYI, people who are vets are most likely going to know the problems that are most important, and what gameplay changes really need to be made. Try again later
  13. I mean, it kinda is. Even w shit setups its still easy to thrash randoms Then you just become a 'trolling pleasant fellow' Once you get way way to good, you pretty much never come down from it, even after months/years break
  14. I was wondering why this forum post had so many replies, since it's a really dumb post. Skipped to the last page. Wow.
  15. The community has been this way since 2013, you should know this considering you've been here 'before 2013' If you read any of the other forum posts here you'd know what to expect. What you posted wasn't funny anyway.
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