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  1. I was given a 3 day ban on one of my accounts and I go onto another one of my accounts that wasn’t issued a ban only to be given a Battleye global ban. The account I originally got the ban on was for three days and after the three days went by I was issued a six day ban right after. Now I have no issue waiting the six days, but i’m concerned about the other accounts that I logged into during the time of the three day ban. When I login to those accounts I can make it past the character selection screen but when I try and enter any district I am disconnected and brought back to the login screen with the Global Battleye Ban and my ban ID. Will I keep getting served more and more days of suspension and will I be able to login to the accounts that share the same IP that the account originally got banned on?
  2. I had to make another account for the forums because like 12 days ago i was sitting in social and i logged off my character to get off for the day and when i was back at the character selection screen it said i was 10008. Not sure what i was banned for but I am still waiting to hear back about what happened.
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