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  1. What about "Case the k.o" I think you will like that one. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=63&subcatID=197&productId=3478
  2. Name: Ichristy From: Denmark Server: Citadel Preferred faction: Enforcer Likes: Fightclub, nice people Hates: Lag, toxic people phrase: "You got my money?" Ingame:
  3. If it means I will be able to remove the annoying plastic part on the T-25, then yes.
  4. IChristy

    Dethreat fix idea

    Silvers could stop hiding in bronze, and try to get better fighting stronger enemies. That is what I did back when I started to play Apb, you won't get better by stomping on bronze players. Or we could disable the server list so, we only can choose what district we want to play. Or lock the threats again, and only make it possible to join other threats than your own. By choosing what district you want to play, and if all the recommended servers are full then the game will pick anyone that has space. This would also make it possible, to play with friends who are not the same threat as yourself.
  5. IChristy

    Dethreat fix idea

    Yeah, I know the Rank idea will hit some innocent silvers, but something has to be done to keep "golds" out.
  6. IChristy

    Dethreat fix idea

    So, here is my idea how to defeat dethreathers. Make it so silvers only can join, if they are under Rank 100 or maybe 150. That way you keep the high-level golds out, who is dethreathing to bronze servers. High ranks and skilled players have no place in the bronze district!
  7. Yep, I'm only using stabba since I'm forced to use it for the cop role. ._.
  8. I'm fine with the N-hvr itself, all I want them to do is fix the gawd damn quick switching.
  9. I love the Broadwing and the N-ssw Dvah. Edit: Maybe I would like the T-25 more if it wasn't for the none paintable plastic!
  10. Good news, but please remove the trial weapons and replace them with something useful.
  11. I'm pretty sure, they just have to follow the law in the countries they got servers/ offices in.
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