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  1. IMO... If you make the conscious decision to delete an item; you should not expect to have any way to get the item back other than repurchasing. It even asks if you are SURE you want to delete that item and that there is no way of getting it back.
  2. @Scarlet it isn't because you came back. It's been hit consistently for months now. This is just a one off larger attack is really it.
  3. This should really be under suggestions and not social.
  4. @Shimmer That would devalue all other valentines day weapons.
  5. @Datpaper420 You harassed multiple people in social and expected nothing to come of it. Glad you finally realized that actions have consequences.
  6. The dog ear doesn't benefit from the sniper silencer as intended. You can clearly see the muzzle flash every shot.
  7. I'm against this. I own two of the three.
  8. I did it in a day of actually trying... It isn't that hard.
  9. Yoss


    This might sound bad but hear me out. Currently the reason cheats are updated and so easy to maintain is the lack of encryption in memory and the binary itself. There are pubic tools for dumping and creating an sdk of sorts. PUBG repacks their binary daily; hence the small updates that happen often. This prevents cheats checking for a "signature" or "offsets"; meaning a section of memory containing all of the information tables that you could want to use. Another solution is to do a linear aimbot check. If the path of motion is linear and has no human input it's clearly not made by a human. I believe fairfight has flags for this already. As you stated; This is completely understandable. You're doing the right thing by not banning players that have done nothing wrong. The correct choice for an anti-cheat is batteye. But you shouldn't write out fairfight because it was badly tuned when you received it. It has the highest chance of catching a cheater if they indeed have a bypass for your custom client and battleye. I'd recommend in getting in contact with the support team and have it made the way YOU want it. Not the way g1 wanted it. Thanks for being transparent Matt. We all can appreciate that.
  10. Well if we're doing freebies you could just give everyone that ever complains what they ask for and we'd all be better off. /s Though I don't think giving the skin out to everyone is a great idea; there are better alternatives than devaluing something people worked for. If you say the event is flawed then wouldn't their win be worth more? A title is also laughable. Old players have so many titles that it wont be used ever.
  11. You won't get ttk with the yukon unless you're point blank. You also get -10% base acc from the purple mod. and to top it off; when you aim down sights it just becomes a worse pre buff bullshark.
  12. I got mine back from being banned by tiggs lol. I've spent over 200 now since I've been back. Does that mean you support the game more than us wibsey?
  13. Never thought I'd see a hackusation on moneychixx. Money has also been around for 8 years friendo.
  14. This 'sale' was absolute garbage. The 'packs' were the juggernaut and revelations packs. There was no 'and more' to it at all.
  15. They are clearly looking to find an advantageous deal for themselves. They have all of them for a reason friend.
  16. Diamonds is not the rarest lol. Joker takes that tag. And at most i'd value them at 2-3ish mill for a joker one.
  17. Every game I know of gives an incentive to play the test branch before it's pushed to live. It would REALLY help out our current population with testing.
  18. This event is as bad as the skin imo. Everyone sat at the edge just killing the others actually trying to do the event properly. In the district I was in the same guy won twice. I don't think this event was play tested or well thought out.
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