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  1. oh so it actually turns out i'm a damn buffoon so sorry i wish my brain was as big as my eighteen wheeler
  2. I have been eyeballing the Pack of Revelations for probably a week or two now and often pondering when would be the right time to strike and get, when suddenly last Friday there's a post from Matt: Going through this the night it was posted, I was, along with probably a lot of other people, excited! After so long, a rework to our (beloved?) Armas Marketplace. So I'd found my reason to wait, so I wanted to wait until this Armas update was pushed through. What do I see when the update comes out? Along with a fresh coat of paint, the first thing I check is the packs and I see the price went up from $50 to $70. Looking at it now, it says specifically "Of the items reduced, the price has been lowered on average by 30%". Was my hype warranted for the price drop? Or did I once again set my expectations too high? What do you guys think about this realistically saddening wording? Clever, in my opinion but equally saddening as that's the one thing I actually wanted.
  3. Is there a tutorial I can follow to properly yeet? I feel like I have poor form.
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