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  1. Summary: Losing frames when moving mouse fast Game Version: 2.1 Beta Oct 24th Description: When you either turn fast or shake your mouse you lose almost all frames in financial. Steps to Reproduce: 1) Move mouse fast. Reproduce-ability: 100% Results: Frames go from 80 to 14 for me. Expected Results: Frames should be consistent
  2. See; if this were citadel then it would have already been fixed. Seeing as it's just good ol' jericho we're ****ed.
  3. Yoss


    Do you happen to have a joystick or controller plugged in?
  4. I think this is one of the best things they have ever done for this game. People always complain about others using whatever gun they feel is op and now they can see that it really isn't.
  5. Or just have kept the servers down until it's fixed. I mean honestly with 500 people in the world playing is it that bad to be down for a day to get your patch out?
  6. I think the majority of us would have rather had the servers still down vs waiting another week for another apology.
  7. You cannot blame EAC for this. If your programming is not modular like you claimed it would be for the new engine; then why is it all or nothing for this patch?
  8. I was referring to the VAS C2 and how this is a direct competitor and that the C2 doesn't even have a chance. The VAS really really need something done to them. But then again; so many weapons right now do.
  9. I've tried to like it. But it's just so bad it makes no sense. It's stat for stat a 35m ntec.
  10. Whelp. Rip the VAS C2 now. There is no reason to ever use it considering there is a better alternative now.
  11. Issue is now solved. Must have been server sided
  12. I'm just stuck on loading district forever. Anyone else having this issue?
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