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  1. nice, i got 3 FFAs so i am hypothetically rich, but i barely have 2 mill across 6+ characters great job with the list buddy, and taking the time to make it is really nice of you
  2. 5-6 years ago i woulda been all over this, nowadays.. not really. still, pretty cool idea, grats on being chosen
  3. hey spasibo bolshoe my dude, although i think the OG advanced launcher should include that MLP image
  4. bonita benjamin, violet prentiss and i guess double b only because they're girls and kinda cute, and am a lonely guy in a zombie apocalypse
  5. you cant just stop rerolls on a F2P game, if they had to pay for each reroll then maybe they'd stop (although i'm sure 90% of them would pay and continue to reroll) also threat is account wide mi amigo, low rank gold means nothing
  6. honestly i have absolutely no knowledge about tech and coding and whatever, but it sounds like it would be a gigantic pain in the patootie to implement and by the time they manage to do it, jericho will be ded anyway
  7. i dont like the hunter, it makes me dizzy
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