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  1. realized this a bit too late i think, but good call and good luck, hope yall can get some more players
  2. After years of disappointment followed by a little glimpse of hope, just to end up with more disappointment.. do you really expect players to stop hating and try to revive it? i would not even recommend this game to the people i dislike, let alone any of my friends
  3. tbh just enjoy whatever is left (if there is anything) in the game and wait til it finally dies
  4. can confirm this works
  5. I want the old 1-10 threat system and also a girlfriend
  6. this would be so cool tbh, reminds me of when swtor did it for pvp so you could have republic and empire in the same team. yeah it completely shits on lore but it helped a lot when the game was super low on pop
  7. did i miss the finals or they didnt play
  8. damn that's kinda like a sophie turner/emily browning hybrid
  9. nice, i got 3 FFAs so i am hypothetically rich, but i barely have 2 mill across 6+ characters great job with the list buddy, and taking the time to make it is really nice of you
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