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  1. Will you ever be able to make the playable characters blink my character does not blink whatsoever and this is bothering me ever since also the npcs get to blink will this issue ever be resolved? And why was the ogre nerfed? The range on it is atrocious especially with improved rifling
  2. You decided to be a btch? You could of just worded it that way since you play like one too
  3. And you don’t handle people defending themselves from your hostility well just remember this post was a yes or no but instead you decided to patronize me so don’t be a hypocrite
  4. You’re scared the only thing you could ever do is harrass me on my posts you honestly need to stfu.
  5. Then don’t comment on my post if you never had an issue with it then. No.
  6. Well you think of something better then just don’t forget how many people trashed their yukons after the update especially since they are selling less than 4-3 million now
  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the same person who got over killed by the yukon before these updates are you still pressed?
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if mrhappypenguin abuses your marriage and finds other women
  9. Like i said in my last response i never spent any real life money on this
  10. I hooked up one of my girlfriends (best friend no homoo) with a yukon a while back before the update because it was a really strong weapon and a lot of times you can’t depend on your teammates but anyways i spent a lot of money on it for it to be “fixed” or nerfed in a manner that former yukon owners don’t like why can’t you keep the original ttk and just put a wind up timer on the yukon for it’s fully auto mode? Like the ogre
  11. I haven’t been on for a while but good i am glad
  12. I was right in the first place i made several posts about how these shotguns changes were terrible and nobody listened to me just a few people before these updates but anyways they need to revert the ogre and revert the improved riflings to what they used to be
  13. It’s unplayable because my frames skip and on top of that people hide in glitches do something about this because gamersfirst handled it better than this
  14. I saw a couple of videos and I don’t see any zombies just regular npcs
  15. Im worried if they touch my ogre in a bad way i really enjoyed my ogre the way it was before you don’t think they are going to downgrade it right?
  16. https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2018/09/mid-september-update.html?m=1 what do they mean by 4 shots from 7 meters?
  17. I always see you on every single one of my posts nobody is forcing you to comment or to read my posts please get off my d*ck and quit making your life any more difficult then what it has to be.
  18. Can you no scope with the sitting duck and reaper or are they both nerfed also?
  19. Don’t contradict yourself if you cared so little why even bother to post this bs.
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