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  1. hey you're the medical professional here not me You’re just a tv!
  2. this thread made me lose brain cells thats not healthy at all How did you lose brain cells that you never had in the first place? Your response is too p2w please nerf!
  3. Please my thread promotes being healthy what do your threads ever promote?
  4. I see a lot of apb players being unhappy exposed from the BPA that apb gives off please take care of your health take the day off go outside play other video games or actual games like BPA free checkers or chess please see a doctor check your current health status and eat healthy ethically sourced organic foods read a book do yoga look into oatmeal eat your fred flintstone vitamin gummies greens for eating not smoking thank you! Im all good love enjoy! Only serious replies please
  5. But im not forcing it onto people and nobody is forcing you to respond so if anything you’re the one who needs to move on.
  6. You’re still responding you’re the one who needs to move on don’t contradict yourself
  7. Did i ask you? Also how do i know if this is true when the stats of each weapon is different and im not trying to be “mean” either
  8. Well ill have to wait and see but in all honesty i thought shotguns were fine before i just like consistency in my weapons i just don’t believe that this is a buff you know.
  9. Either way you’re still defending him how many people does he need to come to his aid? Wheres your evidence?
  10. Why are you defending this person they are obviously grown and can stand up for themselves i would hope so Because you don’t know when to shut up so keep repeating yourself
  11. I don’t need to know you and honestly you’re not accomplishing much. Whatever
  12. Whatever i still will be whining and You will too no need to act hostile i thought you were a civilized human being.
  13. Don’t contradict yourself you must be typing or talking from experience. And I don’t need to take reading advice from someone with a typo username
  14. No their not they are nerfing the pellets per shot i use the ogre so that means if im caught off range like 15 to 20 meters i rely on those Pellets to have consistent damage.
  15. Please hire your ghostwriters back ! And quit “rapping” off key.
  16. Leave them shotguns alone there shouldn’t be any changes in the first place for these shotguns
  17. Personally i thought they were already effective i even relied on those pellets for far range i don’t believe this is any good. Not even they are going to 1/2 shot you and then throw a perc grenade at you i can’t wait to be one of those people!
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