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  1. I don’t agree for the new weapon balance i thought shotguns were fine as they were i find this so unnecessary so what am i going to use to counterbalance a yukon honestly i better not be the only one who feels this way the shotguns should just be left alone they were perfect before.
  2. What does that mean is this a good thing or a bad thing because in all honesty i thought shotguns were just as fine as before Also will the eols be buffed? And can the yukon recieve a wind up timer
  3. But i still depend on those pellets especially when im caught off range.
  4. Is this only applied to pump action Shot guns or automatic ones because if so you guys ruined a great weapon especially the ogre on top of that how come the yukon wasn’t bought up how am i going to combat a yukon then if my ogre pellets get weaker overtime im honestly quitting this game so ashamed what you guys did is diabolical.
  5. It’s annoying and unnecessary for those vending machines whoever is that voice actor or actress must of got payed to annoy me and other players please look into this.
  6. Im not talking about the weapons everytime i log on 90 percent of the time theres more criminals than enforcers especially in fight clubs and mission districts im getting sick of this and im sick of getting spawned killed too
  7. Thank you that helped a lot do you think little orbit is going to nerf the ogre because i like my ogre the way it is
  8. I need to know how joker box weapons used to perform before g1 “balanced” them or changed them i heard the ogre had more range before and it did not have a wind up also how did the anubis perform before the nhvr nerf i need details and i would search up videos or whatever but most of them are updated that’s why im asking here so you either answer my question or I don’t need any other response.
  9. I see they are removed is the ffa 3 gone for good?
  10. Will it have it’s own joker box or is it gone for good because i don’t see it circulate around anymore
  11. I read from the roadmap that pc is getting a new trading system but it said pc only after the first critical updates that are planned for xbox one will we xbox players recieve the new trading system too? Or is it just for pc only?
  12. Will the eol grenade launchers recieve a change?
  13. before the developers bring in new content or whatever is planned for the next updates i would like a very small and or minor update for the apb characters what bothers me a lot about them is that these characters don't blink at all like they do not blink their eyes just stay open all the time can one of the developers please do something about this because the only time my character blinks or any apb character blinks is when you whip out the ammo supplier that's it but i would like for my character to blink all the time like regularly but yeah that's all i ask for how come the npc's get to blink?
  14. i do report this all the time you have no idea but this happens mainly in the consoles and in all honesty i come here to the pc section since things actually get addressed here.
  15. Im sick of the team killing Little orbit or whoever is in charge of this game needs to take off friendly fire because i am sick of the team killing lets be realistic even if i do report them for team killing it will take days just for staff to get the report and either way this same perpetrator can just make a new account it’s not going to resolve much. As an enforcer i try my best to play for my team and to provide as much participation as possible until i have someone from my own team shooting at me to lower my health or just plain team killing me and you know dang well these perpetrators are trying to accomplish to help the opposition win and i could say the same thing happens to the criminal side im speaking for every victim who has to go through this I don’t put in a lot of time and accuracy and planning to try to get an enemy just to get teamkilled at the end or shot at by my own so called team mate everytime this better be taken into consideration because i don’t need to take sh*t from some random stranger who only knows how to team kill or is just abusing the system. Im not the only one who feels like this
  16. Don’t nerf the ogre leave the ogre as is if anything just nerf the magazine size to 14 like the way it used to be but other than that leave everything else alone i really love my ogre
  17. Im just curious also will we get the music mixer that pc has because we don’t we have that on xbox one
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