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  1. Right go kiss their behinds all you want im sure you say the same thing about whoever has higher authority over you.
  2. the way you feel about the game does not reflect reality or factual evidence I could say or type the same thing about your replies the way you feel about the game does not reflect reality or factual evidence I could say or type the same thing about your replies
  3. You seek help i thought the shotguns were fine as is if anything you need to seek special ed help
  4. There’s no accident what i mean there is why should my well being be jeopardized and compromised because a large group of people don’t know or just have bad results on using shotguns when i have good results on using shotguns
  5. That’s not what i mean if anything little orbit should of rehired the people who balanced weapons in realtime worlds.
  6. I never said i expected the balancing to be perfect in the first place but what i do expect is for the balancing to be realistic so please speak for yourself
  7. It’s pretty funny how on their website they only specialize on kids games and i have never seen them do shooter games in their past history before so yes i do expect them to have a lot of money and to be well prepared like any other good company.
  8. It does not matter if anything they need to fix the servers first which should be a top priority before making big decisions on weapons don’t be a do*che
  9. You don’t think i played otw? You’re hilarious
  10. I still prefer comunism... xD I prefer a democracy or liberalism thank you very much
  11. This isn’t even a community this is more like communism just because some people can’t keep up and expect everyone to be same.
  12. If they don’t get it right the first time what makes you think they are ever going to get it right it’s not my problem some players have bad experiences with shot guns maybe they are just bad with them
  13. I specifically said the first time to leave auto shotguns alone but noo you people just had to whine about them and now i am seeing posts of people claiming some automatic shotguns are broken or over op or less op g1 may screwed up on a lot of things but they sure knew how to keep the shotguns right I’m just glad i see the same people who disagreed with me in the first place now disagreeing against the new changes im glad you’re upset you deserve to be upset. and the topic is about why the new shotgun changes is unnecessary
  14. I need to know what these weapons are going to be like I don’t have access to a pc at the moment. Or at least send consoles players rental weapons for like 2-3 days
  15. I'm curious about the ursus tho...i mean on the console it has bullet piercing on it as a second default mod with the 3th slot empty.. They changed it again it has hunting sight 1 now
  16. I wish the ingame sexual harrassment would stop!
  17. You can’t produce more brain cells but you sure can try to preserve any leftover mental health you have by visiting an actual doctor!
  18. i don’t have enough brain cells to lie And what makes you think you have enough to tell the truth either?!
  19. rating your own shitpost is against the unwritten rules How am I supposed to believe you when you don’t have any brain cells?
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