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  1. Can we look at this as a team deathmatch or last man standing rather than battle royale? I got kind of bored of delivery missions over and over again, and at this point, APB can't get any lower really, maybe this Riot thing is not so bad
  2. For a second there, I thought we will get a 3rd new faction that would stomp on both crims and the crooked vigilantes
  3. How will the JMB guns prices be after the merge? Lower,higher ?
  4. "Russia against homophobia when?...Never" is not a fact, you're implying they are not fighting against it
  5. They love ruining the game for everyone on Citadel, bunch of griefers and hackers I'm not even joking, if Nekrova gets merged with Citadel then the situation will get even worse
  6. Maybe I'm wrong, but wouldnt disabling carspawn while vehicle is shot put extra pressure on server? Either way, nah, you equip blowtorch to fix the car, and it takes the most important mod slot, field supplier, so at least having full usability of the blowtorch under any circumstance is fair
  7. I'd rather improve handling and increase ramming power on Kurai and increase ramming power and top speed on T-25 Anyway, I feel like vehicles need a rework entirely, because collision is messed up
  8. Why not give extra speed to the Kurai or T-25 ? I bought Nomad for the HP, not speed
  9. Currently, there's no 4 slot Montane obtainable in-game, so, add it please..And the 4 slot Vegas too There might be some other cars that i'm missing, but I don't know for sure
  10. Prizes were either a 90-day Valentine weapon selector or 3D Glasses+5 Day Prem+100G1C
  11. Which they shouldn't, I didn't even know of their existence until today when I won 2 pairs and now I don't want everyone else to have the ability to use them
  12. The prices for weapon skins has been increased by 300 G1C, who would pay 699 G1C for a Hazard skin ?? Also, the Medusa is still the Hazard skin feature weapon, but Medusa cannot be skinned https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=103&subcatID=254&productId=2144
  13. Average means some weapons have been lowered even more
  14. There are F2P games that still survive with less than 30 players active daily And you don't need to compare things to realize that one of them is too expensive, paying 40 dollars for two weapons+maybe another 20 for a car is simply too much, not taking into account that you may want to buy more than one main weapon (and no "buy in-game" bs, there are only a handful of guns available at contracts, JT store is beyond the possibility of grinding weekly for just one weapon, and the only cars worth using are Nomad/ 4x4)
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