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  1. Because it happens all the time, in all the games? Which is why most communities request separate servers for ruskies, not to mention the toxicity, lack of team support and refusal to speak in english
  2. Fair enough, but don't expect me to say sorry
  3. You're a fool if you refuse to aknowledge that cheating is common amongst all russian communities in all games
  4. At this point, I seriously doubt new players are put off by saltiness, but rather being stomped by dethreaters
  5. And where's the problem in that? If you see two people swearing at eachother do you call police on them ?
  6. Sorry for offtopic but I must ask, is it possible to import a song in-game ? Making a theme that way?
  7. -Dan-

    Daily log in bonus

    Instead of login, maybe better daily activity rewards and an increased bonus for each consecutive day in which you complete a daily activity
  8. Hopefully never, more russians do no good
  9. This is better
  10. -Dan-

    Armas refund

    There are absolutely no free trials given for buying on Armas, just the Loyalty Rewards I've bought guns, skin and a Nomad and haven't been given anything extra And in 30 minutes you think it's enough to test different setups with different mods? FC is not a good place to try because neither Asylum nor the docks are similar to Financial or the rest of Waterfront (also, how can I try a sniper for example on Asylum, where everyone uses shotgun and oca?)
  11. I agree that it needs a nerf, maybe longer ttk, but it's still beatable..I am more concerned with the other shotguns
  12. I can't tell how many shots that guy actually did Also I didn't know it is 3 shots, I never played shotgun
  13. Wow, two good shots at blank and you are dead from a weapon that only works in this exact situation?
  14. -Dan-

    Armas refund

    A 30 minute trial is not enough to fully make use of the weapon And of course refund the G1C, not the payment, I thought it was obvious enough And yes please teach me how to use a 4x4 or Nomad on crim/Espacio on enf without buying (trying your teammate's car during mission is not right)
  15. -Dan-

    Armas refund

    It would be nice if we had the option to refund our Armas purchases, and just have a total limit of 3 refunds
  16. Just let us be able to trade Armas weapons, and to avoid players from abusing account bound purchases, make it to work only for R220+ players
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