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Joker Employee Design Challenge

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Chief Security Officer. I made something simple.

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I don't usually participate in contests but this time, why not? 


Joe "Lil Joe" Harrison

From: Midtown

42 years old





Also known as Lil Joe because of his low growth, Joe Harrison was one of the most dangerous killers of San Paro years ago. His life changed suddenly when Kem Puccino, one of the most notorious criminal bosses, announced a $1000000 reward for Joe's head to eliminate the competition. Joe knew about that and always been ready.

39 bounty hunters instantly came to his house to claim the big reward but something went wrong for them. After braking the house door, they heard a strange noise in the kitchen and came there. No one of the bounty hunters could even imagine what it was a smoke bomb trap.

Afterwards Joe left his house through a secret basement exit and activated the bomb... 17 of bounty hunters died instantly, 20 more were gunned down by Joe and the other 2 ran away and disappeared. After the firefight, Joe, injured with 16 bullets in his body somehow reached his groupmates' bunker there the surgeon of their band saved Joe by a serious operation. 
Lucky for Joe, the body armor saved his life so the gun bullets didn't turn him into the dead man instantly.


Joe knew about his bounty announcer and prepared a counter attack. Tracking the offender, Joe, with his groupmates killed every Kem Puccino's guard, kidnapped Kem and... What happened next? Joe never tells. But since there, no one knows where is Kem and what happened.


After that Joe moved to Midtown to change his life. He decided to try something else by joining the Joker Distribution. Joe's life really changed. Being very successful in the business, he was appointed as a head of the new special Joker Distribution unit with the unique stuff.

Back from Midtown, Joe, being one of the most valuable persons of Joker Distribution, sells the goods because he enjoys doing this. And, the more exiting fact, Joe doesn't really need the security, he will protect himself and his stuff.


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17 hours ago, Queen of Love said:

there is one spreading downvotes.... 😞 

Yeah, I wish they disabled reactions for this thread - 


1. It's Matt/LO who is doing the choosing, so our opinions mean nothing.

2. People have put a lot of work into their creations, every single one, just like the Christmas Sweater one, everyone is so creative and learning things in the designer takes time and effort, and shouldn't have that work greeting with anonymous dislikes, it's just mean. 

3. We're limited to the amount of reactions and considering everyone's work here is just splendid, I'm maxing out before I can give enough hearts, so just want everyone to know that I love all your work, this is one of the best threads ever. 

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This is Kenzi Palmer





You will barely get a word out of this girl besides “mhm“ and “nope“
Her story is unknown and Kenzi probably won't tell it either
lately she worked for the Pentriss Tigers in the background
but she could not deal with the secrecy within this organization
the principle “you see what you get“ of the joker corporation is the way she like it

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Cody "The Shadow" Blackburn


 Much of Cody previous life is buried in mystery, he himself is individual which isn't very talkactive and keeps to himself. There is no previous record on Cody - he never needed to be in rehab center, never needed any grant from goverment and paid his taxes. One thing from his past is known to everyone... civil war in San Paro changed his life. Cody seems of righteous type at first glance - he didn't joined criminals nor enforcers seeing them as just bad piece to each puzzle... but then one might ask question after that - why did he join Joker, company known mainly for it's guns and ammo distribution? But Cody never answered that, like always keeping everything to himself. But this time there are records on his activities as Joker employee - at begin, he started his career as salesman for company and took unique approach to promoting Joker products - by using them himself in fights - there are always unliked enforcers or criminals on rooster of most wanted which would nobody really care if they would disappear. His unique approach was obviously noticed by higher ups in Joker. They decided that Cody would be very relatable salesman at Joker Distribution for both criminals and enforcers. And here he is, from your average doors-to-doors, company-to-company salesman, up into one of prestigeous salesmans of Breakwater Marina.


I tried to both keep him simple and wanted to make him look fine. Also as probably some noticed I had problems with em... clothing limit.

Hope you guys like him.

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On 6/15/2020 at 1:23 AM, proxie said:

Hello, meet David. :- )





Name: David S. Muzzle
Age: 46


David has been a part of Joker industries as far as anyone can remember. Nobody is quite sure how long he's been exployed by Joker or what he actually does for them as he has not been seen doing actual work by anyone. Despite working for the company for many years he has yet to move up in the ranks. There are several rumors to why is still employed by Joker industries. Some say he is in fact a highly skilled marksman, some say he's an remote explosives expert but some say that he is friends with the owners of the company. But what is most likely it could be that he is one of the leaders of the workers union, some workers rights legislation has made it almost impossible to end his employment without significant cost to Joker. What ever the reason it does not seem like he is going anywhere any time soon and he as such has been re-assigned to the Joker Store.


David is known for constantly eating burgers while on company time. He even has repurposed a tactical leg pouch to keep extra burgers warm. He keeps mostly to himself and does not say much more than is needed. This can make interacting with him quite awkward as it often turns into a one sided conversation. He has a strange yet friendly welcoming aura around him that often can lead to the mistake of trying to start a conversation with David.



Im not attached to either the name or lore of the character, open to changing all that if picked.

Holy shit dude, this has to be in, it fits the APB style so well.


I fucking love it

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Her age 24 Shes born in San Paro at the chaos of war.
She grew up without many friends and fun but all her life She loved music
and when She growed up: in 20 years old, She started to make music. 
After year of hard work She became an idol of San Paro!
Shes try to make the hard days of war better then they are, Help people 
smile and have fun. At last she loves joker corp and Really loves cats because of that
her image idol looks like kitty girl.



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Screen-Shot00039.png TashaReeves - Make San Paro great again. Vote for me, and crushing down your enemis.Screen-Shot00040.pngScreen-Shot00043.pngScreen-Shot00047.pngScreen-Shot00053.pngScreen-Shot00059.pngScreen-Shot00058.png




Screen-Shot00062.pngAustenLee - I just wish you good luck. Screen-Shot00075.pngScreen-Shot00076.pngScreen-Shot00078.png

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Most people grow up with a loving family that is there to help shape them, that wasnt the case with Jolanna and her older brother Shawn. 
They lived in a shithole of an apartment in Midtown with their drug addicted parents that were more concerned about their next fix then putting food on the table.
It got to a point where Jolanna and Shawn had to provide for themselves since every last bit of money went straight into their parents veins. They where tired of it, wich lead to them one night deciding to
leave and never come back, they have already been providing for themselves for awhile so why hang around with those dopeheads ?. So they did, at the age of 13 and 17 they took what what little they had and bailed.

The streets of San Paro is a very dangerous place, people getting shot, becoming roadkill and mugged on a daily basis. But they didnt leave without a plan. While being out getting supplies for their family, 
Shawn had stolen a car wich he started to be pretty good at driving. Even managed to catch the attention of Dead Hundreds, one of San Paro´s speed tribes. That was Shawns plan, taking up on an offer he got from them and bringing Jolanna
in aswell. Of course they where very sceptical about having such a young girl hanging around, but they saw the fire in her eyes so they gave her a chance to prove her worth.

At first she were just her brothers co-driver, carefully watching everything he did while he kept winning more and more races. But she didnt really bring anything to the table so Dead Hundreds was concidering just getting rid of her.
Saying that having someone represent them that doesent even drive was a disgrace. Hearing that really pissed off her brother, saying that if she leaves, he will aswell, wich is something they didnt really want concidering 
the amount of money he kept pulling for them with the races he was winning.
They then decided to give her one last chance to be of any use, so Shawn started to teach her to drive right away.
The girl was a natural. Almost to the point it scared her brother. But ofcourse he was more proud then anything.

A few years passed. Jolanna and Shaw was tearing up the streets in their finely tuned cars, climbing the ranks of Dead Hundreds, beating everyone that opposed them, being racers or SPPD.
Until Shawn already at the age of 24 decided to leave while ontop and settle down with this girl he had been seeing that was studying in the Financial district. It hurt Jolanna abit to hear that, but she did respect it.
She wasnt at that stage at all, she loved her lifestyle too much.

But as time passed by, Shawn was still living off his winnings from his time in Dead Hundreds, had two daugthers even, twins. Jolanna had just gotten deeper and deeper into the underworld of San Paro, slowly loosing
contact with her brother.
Because of all the attention they where getting, the Dead Hundreds got approached by someone just calling themselves the Organization. What they wanted was simple, get their goods from A to B, get payed at the drop.
It seemed abit out of nowhere, but Jolanna said she was willing to give it a go, to take the risk of it being a setup. The leaders didnt argue a second about that, even promised her a spot at the top
if she pulled it off and it would be a good deal for them. Put her in charge of the weapon runs.
She met with the contact, got the package in her car and went off. 
Almost immediately the SPPD was on her tail. Wich wasnt really a problem, she lost them after just a few blocks. After delivering the goods and coming back to the dealers, they asked if there was any trouble, 
she told them about getting the SPPD on her after just a few minutes. Then they told her it was them who called SPPD, they wanted to se if Dead Hundreds was as good as they have heard. It was a test, and after hearing Jolanna´s 
response to that, they knew they picked the right crew. She just laughed and said that they should have called someone that actually got a chance to catch her.

That was the start of a prosperous partnership.
As the trust grew between them, Jolanna didnt just control the runs from the Dead Hundreds side, but also getting more involved in the seller part of things. Those runs was just one part of the Organizations buisness so 
they ended up puting Jolanna in full control of it.

But as time went by, Jolanna was getting older and starting to think about whats actually important, family. So she tried to get a hold of her brother, only to find out that he and his girlfriend had been murdered because of a heist they did.
And to make it worse, they apperently got gunned down infront of one of their daughters, wich Jolanna didnt even have the pleasure to meet yet. She didnt want to influence them with her lifestyle when Shawn
so obviously tried to keep them away from just that.  
She was devastated. Ended up trying to drink her sorrow away. Regretting not just joining him when he said he wanted out.

After 2 years of that, the rest of Dead Hundreds was getting pretty worried. She was in charge of the weapon deals afterall. Her input was always needed so they wanted to know why she didnt seem to be as enthusiastic as she
usually was. What was going through her head.
She didnt know anymore, just constantly thinking about her having the best time of her life while her brother was struggling that much. Why didnt he just reach out for help ? She will never know.
Just told them there was nothing to worry about, she just needed a few days to sort out some things.

When getting back on the streets, she immediately started to hunt down her brothers car, it was not only a beast of a machine, but also the only thing left that would make Jolanna feel close to her brother again.
It had apperently been stolen a couple of years after the murder. But a Dead Hundreds member swore to have seen it not too long ago in Financial, exept with a few body panels replaced, but still recognizable. Just the distinct roar it makes 
is enought to give shivers down your spine.
Jolanna then decided to move to the Financial district, making that her final run, finding her brothers car and see if she by any chance would meet one of her nieces, but thats something she dosent have much hope for. So much time has
passed-by that they most likely got their own lives now. If the poor souls got passed what happened to their parents that is.

So Jolanna gave one of the other leaders of Dead Hundreds all he needed to do her part for the weapon runs, telling him she would still be close by to help with any questions he might have. Then she packed up and moved out of Midtown. 
Leaving her old life behind, still representing Dead Hundreds, but not from the front lines anymore, shes in her 40´s now so felt like it was about time to pass
on the torch and give room for the younger generation of Dead Hundreds anyway.

Now spending her time looking for Shawn´s car while also seeing if she could get work somewhere, not that she needs it, just want something to keep her head busy.
But all she knows is guns and how to tear up the streets in a car, so what kind of place would hire her ?


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Name: Mira Fallenhas, born in 1980 in Yugoslavia

 (40 years). At age 13, due to devastation and civil war in the country, she lost her family, was forced to flee to America. at the age of 20 she began to voluntarily serve in the US Armed Forces, where she brilliantly showed herself as a reliable fighter in the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq. After the wounds she received, she quit and left for San Paro in the hope that her talents would be useful to this city and there she was quickly noticed by the representatives of the Joker Destination and offered the position of weapons specialist. She successfully copes with this work by advising both the Police and the Criminals.20200618212744_1.jpg20200618212755_1.jpg


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Meet Val


Music lover, basketball fan and parkour enthusiast, Val used to work gigs as stuntwoman for a while. Unfortunately she had a tendency to go off-scrip in order to make even more insane and spectacular acrobatics and, despite her performance being indeed impressive, directors and producers were less than amused by her antics. So her career was short lived. Or... it would have been if someone at Joker's marketing department didn't see advertising potential in in this reckless daredevil. 
Now, Val has pretty much carte blanche to perform whatever crazy stunt she wants, for as long as she's promoting Joker Distribution.




[Edit] Increased saturation and added a gradient to the pants. Wasn't too happy with the original gray design. 

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On 6/17/2020 at 11:32 AM, Xnetexe said:

So when you guys are picking the winners, do you contact them first to determine if the character/outfit still exists, and only if they respond and confirm the character exists and is currently wearing the outfit do you select them as a winner? And do you copy the characters immediately or only after all the winners are finalized?

I'm planning on submitting an entry but I might not want to be wearing my entry outfit the entire time until the winners are finalized.

We will contact our winners through the forums via DM to collect details after the announcement of Matt Scott's favorites on stream. The winning character submission will need to be ready when the details we request are sent to us.

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Story by a friend 

Maye Fahmi




You never appreciate it when you've got it all. Maye Fahmi was unlucky to learn this bitter lesson through her own experience. A former model and a rising movie star from Egypt, beautiful, popular, and wealthy, she lost everything when at the age of 22 she caught a rare disease that made her skin gradually change pigmentation and eventually turn silver. While some thought this made her even more spicy, the majority turned their backs to the wannabe Marilyn Monroe. She stopped getting casting calls, disappeared from tabloids, her friends abandoned her. Even her family were not happy having her around anymore. Indeed, it could understood, she looked evil. Not only her skin, her eyes changed dramatically. The pupils, iris and cornea all turned silver of almost identical tint, so that her eyes looked hollow even close-up. She tried every possible medication but nothing helped and she lost hope to recover. 

The only thing she hasn’t lost yet was her money and she decided to fill the rest of her life with all the joy she could buy for what she had left. She started travelling and visited many countries, always in eyeglasses and a mask, and always in the pursue of the dirtiest aspects of life. Night clubs, drugs, orgies... she tried them all. And they entertained her a lot, but only for a while. After about a year of living this epicurean life she noticed that every next country she visited and every next city she stayed in started giving her less joy. Boredom and loneliness became her frequent company. She still had money to drive her careless life to its obvious end but she just had no more fuel in the tank. It is in this foggy state of mind that she arrived to San Paro.

The city was unlike any other she visited. Unstoppable fighting at streets, raids, pain, and trouble, this seemed like one of the movies she starred in years ago came to life. That was exciting. But it didn't last long. Very soon she dived into the deep of boredom again and started to booze. It is just this honorable occupation she was dedicating herself at Rimbaud when she got noticed by Gumball.

"Hey, honey, I'm Gumball. What is your name? Show me your pretty face." Maye didn't feel like dating. "Fuck off shit ball." Gumball liked the answer. He sat down next to her and took the eyeglasses off her face. 
"Omg, girl, what happened to your eyes? And skin?"
"Fuck off!"
Gumball had a taste for special girls. And Maye was exceptional.
"Come with me. I'll show you something."
"What is it?"
"A heist. You'll be part of it."
That sounded interesting. After all, even if he just wanted to no her, she didn't care for herself anymore.
"Ok" -- this word changed her life. 

It was a real heist, of a large bank. Nicely planned and smoothly performed. They were four heroes, and they defeated it all: sophisticated video surveillance, face and eye identification, coded locks, sneaky security guards. Seven million gain, not a drop of blood lost. This night Maye Fahmi died and Tatt0o was born.

Tatt0o became Gumball's secret right hand and woman. "My little alien" as he calls her, but on heist she is more like a robot: precise, fearless, unstoppable. One day she also became his ears. "I need someone in the Joker Store to sniff stuff. They are looking for a sales rep. Wanna try?" Of course she did. After all, she is an actress and that was a completely new role she got offered. So, either you are a cop or criminal, beware when talking shit near this girl when you are in the Joker.

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 Here is my take. Unfortunately my blurb is not small as I had done it for both characters who are brother and sister. I tried to make their story lore and gameplay friendly 


"Land of opportunity" he thought when he first got off the ship of San Paro. His home country did not understand him. He needed to get away from that, get some inspiration, let his fantasies slip free into the light. He was hated back home for his open views shown through the art on old cars he used to paint, bringing them another life. People called them creations dictated by evil influences from outside. He left the country not expecting to come back yet still hoping for a welcome.

He took his sister with him and shot off to America, San Paro. That was the only place he could afford. First months were not going so well. He and his sister rented small apartment in a rotting house. He found couple of jobs only have them ruined by criminals and therefore denying any income to business and he would end up being made redundant. Same thing was with his sister. She kept on getting more and more frustrated. But in the end they managed to get into more stable places get some connections.

Shaolinie she called him. They used to call each other nicknames instead of brother or sister or by real names. It was too old and they were new generation - something had to be different. When they were kids she called him first time with that nickname he laughed:

"What do you mean?"

"Look at you, going around always looking for higher something yet always seeking for a balance - the yin yang thing and all just like some shaolin monk" she said.

"Yeh but why that weird ending, it suits a girl more don't you think?" he asked.

"There is got to be something interesting when your nickname is called, some sort of mystery. I mean only males can join Shaolin yet your nick will confuse, set people guessing, set them thinking and in the end it will be more memorable"  she explained.

"Well in that case you will be Smoker" he said and laughed. She laughed too.

"But why? That is totally male nickname. I am nothing like a guy."

"Well then you will be Miss Smoker" he corrected.

"Sound more like it but I smoke just about the same as others and I smoke outside so there is no smoke in house to keep landlords happy" she tried to counter.

"Well this is not a literal nickname. Americans have this as smoking someone as in beating someone really bad and the way you are you could beat the living thing out anyone whether it is physically or verbally. You smoke them all" he laughed.

From that day on they called each other like that.


Shaolinie ended up working in a pretty busy bar in Trespass club. The place was filled with shady people. You could see a lawful person from miles away. No other place wanted to take an immigrant who had past history of attracting destruction to the businesses. Though it was not his fault and things were going to happen anyway people still believed what they wanted.

It is the times when working behind the counter in Trespass he met loads interesting people. He got introduced to Double B and Pagan. They said that if he ever looked for a job in different line of business he could always contact them. He got to meet Zombie and Charlotte Bloodrose - real celebrities in the club. Rumours about their criminal activity were always in the air but police had no way of getting to them. Uncaught they enjoyed the protection of the club.

Meanwhile Smoker managed to get around police force. She really wanted to work with policemen like Saul Linklater or Miguel Estebano. They meant business when time came to dealing with criminals. But by day things were getting worse on the streets. Criminal activity was growing each day and soon police force was starting to lose control over the city. Then Mayor Elections came with Jane Derren promoting the City Security Act. Smoker loved the idea and therefore went and voted for this to pass when time came.

Shaolinie said nothing. He was proud of her. Yet working in the bar was not going to cut it. His passion was still not fulfilled. Car designs did not seem to happen and those two contacts of Pagan and Double B were just getting warmer in the pocket. Then the day came - CSA was now official program and Smoker came back home all cheerful - she was in. Praetorians accepted her as trainee and soon she was going on her first patrol.

Being the man of balance Shaolinie made a decision - legal work will leave his passion and dream in ruins - time to call. Soon he was going through streets with his face covered, to spray some walls on the order from Double B. Something closer to his dream but not yet. It was easy job and he earned more cash in that one day than his pay and tips at Trespass for a week combined. He was always leaving the house when Smoker is not on patrol so that their paths never cross. Told her he had found a girlfriend but was too shy to introduce her and would do that when he feels comfortable about it. She did not insist.

Then on the job where Shaolinie had to raid a shop he got spotted by enforcement unit and things turned ugly – now those who protect shot first then asked the questions. He got lucky. Shot hit his partner in crime - all because he was so tired from running across alleyways. He was so tired that he did not see small ledge on the ground and ended up tripping. The two enforcers were not yet experienced which resulted in his partner getting shot and killed giving Shao time to escape. After that he came back home took all his saving for cars and bought himself Star 556 and SNR 850 alongside storage space in warehouses belonging to Joker Ammo - all he could afford so far from the jobs he done. Joker was an organisation that was storing weapons and trading ammo for both factions. He was thinking about raiding them but changed his mind when he heard what their private security done to enforcers when they tried to take weapons belonging to criminals by force.

After that missions became more dangerous but being able to stay alive got him respect from his contacts and he was referred to higher standing members of respective underground organisations - G-Kings and Bloodroses. Same was for Smoker her eagerness to fight crime made her notorious and she got spotted by Prentiss Tigers and soon she was rolling on patrols for both organisations earning money and fighting the crime.

Shaolinie soon realised that he won't survive alone and started to look for people he could be doing jobs together more often - people he could trust with his life, people that would be loyal to each other. These kinds of people appeared and disappeared - killed or thrown in jail. Then when he was hanging around Breakwater Marina, looking at amazing car designs of other more famous criminals and enforcers, he got a text:

"We have just assembled a crew and looking for assets to join. You look like you could be it. Evade"

Number was not anonymous so he replied to message - "Yes". Next thing you know he is rolling with Infamous crew - scoring bigger and bigger jobs, earning money, getting cars and more importantly designing them. Business was going superb.

Same thing was with Smoker. She got approached by enforcer name Hot Pursuit. She was the leader of Infamous Enforcers - a group of crazy enforcers only looking for fun while cleaning San Paro from scum that infests it. It appeared to be especially fun when she got introduced to Crowd Control Gun or more commonly known as CCG. You could now shoot criminals and the gas would make them dizzy and stun them. It was funny to mock them and then before they could get wits about they would end up in cuffs and being put into a van straight to jail. Oh those insults and threats coming from the vans so enjoyable to listen to.

They were made - Shaolinie and Miss Smoker, them and their crews getting more and more famous. Kicking patootie and taking names, making money, expressing themselves and being able to stay alive. They earned respect among their own and the other sides of the law. Those who managed to survive to this day know those names and treat them with respect. Having fun with them in Breakwater Marina and keeping an eye out outside of it.



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I decided to take on a bit of a different approach to this event, a bit "dirtier" one. Presenting Madi Johnson.

If you're a typical Joker Store customer, you've most definitely heard of Ophelia, Wilde and Darrell. How can one not be attracted to purchase a massively wide range of weapons, clothing, vehicles, ammo and consumables from such a colorful trio? I mean, they are the perfect poster children for Joker, the trademark, a PR dream come true for the company. People with such empowering stories, there's something about these three that will always bring you back to them. But a Joker card is always two sided, and the other side Wojtek Pajac is a bit more reluctant to speak about.

Well, Mr P. avoids speaking about "the other side" not because it's filled with shocking stories and riddled with illegal behaviours, but simply because it isn't all red, all Joker, all happy PR. Someone actually has to take care of sourcing and delivering the manufactured goods Ticket Store has to offer, and this is where Madelynn "Madi" Johnson comes in along with a couple of other people.

Click the spoiler to know a bit more about her

While she refuses to talk about her past, Joker Corporation has managed to dig up a bit and is already keeping very long tabs about her. Initially born in an rich family whose wealth is tied back to an industrial revolution, her strict to the bone parents tried to strip every part of a normal childhood that she could have. All this wealth, yet she lived a rough life of an ascetic - instead of having fun like a normal kid, she was forced to learn every aspect of the business they managed, even the "less legal" parts. It was almost as if she was supposed to get Master's Degree by the age of ten. "It's for the greater good" - her parents used to say that a lot, especially in private associate meetings. But the truth is, Madelynn despised spending even one second near mommy and daddy.


The hatred quickly became unbearable. After years of living that could be compared to tyranny, at the age of 14, something snapped in her. Went to a local drug store, sneaked out with sleeping pills. While back home, she crushed all the tablets and added it all into her parents' favourite wine these two were drinking that evening. The medicine started working very quickly and powerfully. Not ten minuted have passed, and her parents were already down and unconscious. Madi packed essential things - clothing, toothbrush (she barely had anything else, anything money wise was covered by her father) and left the mansion, straight onto the streets. Alcohol and pills are not the best mix though. The kid didn't know that combining these two might be lethal and by that she almost unintentionally killed her parents. Fortunately Mr Johnson called the EMS as soon as his wife started feeling unwell. If it wasn't for that, then little Madi would already have a kill count at such a young age.


She struggled the first months on the streets. Lack of any income nor source of nutrition/hydration made it very hard to cope, but previous "sadism" caused by mommy and daddy parenthood methods made it easier for her not to break down completely. She once found refuge at the old and abandoned Asylum - far from general populace, quiet and spacious. As nice as it initially was, she quickly had to vacate the premises after the place started getting infested with lead bullets and aggression, something she was not accustomed to back then.


During her life on the street she met a lot of people. One person of higher significance to her was Peter. Thrown out of his house and disowned by his own family for a sexual preference he has. Homosexuality just wasn't very accepted by his people, and while their stories are different, Madi and Peter found each other among all the homeless. They were pretty much inseparable, always together, a perfect match. Even though she started having certain feelings for him, she knew about his preferences would not make this work at all, so she decided to keep it in frames. Madelynn presence near Peter made him a different person - once lost and erratic, he always calmed down and had someone to fight his drug addiction for.


But as most relationships are, arguments will happen eventually. A big one emerged among these soulmates, which caused Madi to separate herself from Peter. Days have passed and she started missing him. After a brief thought she decided to go back and figure this one out so that peace could once again be found between them. 


She then saw Peter - all pale, needle in his forearm. The poor guy couldn't cope with the pressure of the situation and decided to relax himself with a drug injection. Tough luck the stuff he had injected into his veins was a foul batch. Madi was absolutely crushed by all of this. Especially with the fact that the last moment spent with such an important person to her was during a verbal fight. She blames herself for his death to this day, knowing that keeping close to him might have been the only thing keeping Peter alive and away from the needles. Up until recently she used to extinguish cigarette butts into her forearm each time she felt guilty for what she has caused. Even though she stopped, the scarring from burns still remained.


Months passed, the struggle of homeless life continued. She grabbed all the labor she could - one of the jobs was requested by a medium level Joker Corporation employee in charge of weapon sourcing and quality control. He explained to Madi that he was looking for strong people for hire. Mentally strong. He believed that people living on the streets, especially on streets of San Paro, must be perfect candidates. The guy mentioned that the job would cover trading weaponry that didn't meet the Corporation Ticket Store standards straight to the thugs and gangs. If she proves herself worthy to Joker, she will be granted an accommodation and a percentage of money made from sales. Of course all these actions must be kept with discretion as these operations were strictly off the Corp. books. It didn't take her long to show her potential, especially when it came to quick decisions and multitasking. Certain Bloodroses and G-Kings started being her regular customers, as these so-called by Joker "sub-par quality" weapons still were better than most stuff available illegally back then. It was then, when Madi employer knew that appointing her to street-level trading was just wasting her skills, as she could be scoring massive profits for the company. He knew that this girl influence on profits would most likely grant him a promotion.


The guy introduced Madi to his superiors. Joker knowing the circumstance of meeting Madi fired the guy on the spot for risking a good name and authenticity of the company. Out of their fury, and to rub salt into his wound, they decided to appoint Madelynn for his position. After all the fired guy spoke very positive words about her and they needed someone to immediately fill in the blank spot in the company, as this branch was crucial to their correct functioning. It was the first time they had ever seen someone work with such precision and speed. She knew exactly what to do and when, her exceptionally correct decision making paired with high efficiency made people talk all over the Corporation.


Within a single month Madelynn Johnson managed to grab the opportunity, step off the streets and thrive to her own extent. Out of her gratitude she decided to tattoo the company logos on her arm and under her eye. Not something that Joker would really approve, but significance of Madi in monthly income made it acceptable, apparently. Her whole unwelcoming (at first) appearance, in fact, was overshadowed by her value to the company. Not that anyone can say she is fully stable in the mental department after enduring all that strain in her teenage years. She still hadn't fully recovered from losing Peter and all these years spent on the streets made her think twice before trusting someone. As broken as Madi may be, she's also really important to certain people.


Recent Joker Corporation decisions to expand their vendor pool in order to stimulate higher weekly ticket circulation has caused her to emerge from the dark and face the customers face-to-face again, this time fully legally, as a Joker representative. They also believed that her looks do have their own aesthetic that will attract a particular niche clientele among regulars.


Overused tank-top, grey shoes that were once white. Even though nowadays she has money to live a lavish life, values her parents forced onto her and certain sentiment towards the previous life she had once lived made her stay the way she is right now. She doesn't simply care about the public image, she just gets the job done, and does it very efficiently.



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Sorry for the many photos but the outfit has many parts and details needed to be shown ^.^











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   Actually get to know this-Mikixx!

- One of the dangerous bandits of the city of San paro, which holds control of many areas and has its own night clubs.

- But he wasn't always like this, he came to this city for new opportunities. It so happened that the streets of this city met him very severely and our hero the Mix was left without a penny in his pocket.

- Then he decided to take revenge on all his abusers, returning not only everything belonging to him, but also with interest. In the end, he found the same people who had been treated the same way on the streets of this city, and they joined him.

- So Meeks organized his gang with like-minded people and the night club business, settling in San Paro very firmly!


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Howdy, we are the Blackwood Twins

(ment as one contact)



Susan Blackwood



Rose Blackwood



these identical twins always stick together and are rarely separated
Rose & Susan allways keep them manners like real ladies even in messed up situations
grown up in a village close to San Paro they got used to play with pistols and rifles instead of puppets and girly toys
Hunting after school and shooting bottles was always a good thing when they got bored
they were outside anyway
when the twins came to San Paro they were always outlaws but in this city that doesn't mean much

They prefer honest earnings instead of crime or bending the law
after working for Colby Firearms they are now hired by the Joker Corporation


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another character just becous i wanted


Jacky Fissher

Husband: Hubert Fissher


morale: Jacky keeps the SPSI in check / San Paro Sail Invest

backstory: Jacky has been a swim teacher for 30 years but with the accident of her husband she took hands in her matter and started running the SPSI

Her husband is in the hospital becous he almost drowned when his ship started sinking.




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Age: 28

Name: Fum 

Faction: Crimforcer

Place of residence: San Paro

Arms & Equipement dealer for san paro

Net income 678.000.000$

Criminals or Enforcer ? She don't care as long as they've got cash


Could add some story, but the government blacked out the whole file already. xgXBNlU.png

"Wanna make some profit ?, GET UP FROM THE COUCH!"



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