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Found 8 results

  1. CSA Sheriffs Department Info CSA Sheriffs department was founded by MrMarshmallow and Deputysteph, with help from our 3rd in command Geari it quickly became one of the largest police style enforcement clans from 2014-2017 with 100 members at its peak. As some of you may know we used to be a RP heavy sheriff clan, with a custom police computer coded into our website, and an extensive ranking and sub unit system. Most of us stopped playing APB around 2017/18 and the clan moved onto other games such as fiveM and SWAT 4. But since the 64bit update a few old members have gotten together and decided to try and revive the clan. Since we've returned we've got the clan up to around 45 active members, with peaks of 10-20 players daily. There are also currently no requirements to join except being 18+ and having a good understanding of english. We are not an RP clan anymore, but more of a collective of like minded individuals who enjoy playing missions, designing new vehicles/cars and just having fun together. We do still however have some RP aspects such as a ranking system, medal/merit system, and clan vehicles but if you're not interested in any of that we welcome you to hang with us anyway; join the discord, show us your designs, do some missions or just chill out. As well as all of these we do regular clan events, in which we do races, last man standing, king of the hill and other activities. (Photos shown below) Clan registry & Medal system: REGISTRY DISCORD Clan Units: Once you had reached the rank of Deputy II and finished your probationary period you will have access to join 1 of 4 units: (These only effect your uniform, vehicles, medal progression route and other cosmetics, and do not effect who you will play with or the style of your gameplay.) Patrol: The backbone of the department, all deputy IIs will become a patrol officer by default until they choose another unit. Traffic Support: This unit is responsible for high speed pursuits, all TSU members are highly skilled drivers. To Join TSU you must complete the sewer run in under 1m 35s in a standard doltan broadwing. SWAT: The SWAT team is our elite combat department, they specialize in all firearms. To join SWAT you must be gold or level 200+. K-9: Our K-9 unit specializes in sniffing out suspects, and foot chases. There are no requirements to join K-9. Active Officers: DeputySteph Nirzi Phlavia BronzeTuna AgentDark Additional Information can be found on our discord or clan registry, both of which are linked at the top, feel free to join if you have any questions! A photo of our deputies outside City Hall. A member of our K-9 unit detaining a suspect. A photo showcasing one of our standard patrol cars. (Clan design available on most cars on the game) A screenshot taken from one of our clan events.
  2. I can't even play since EU server is no longer in EU,nor can I waste my life on playing my favorite shooter smh.
  3. Welcome to the XONE Recruitment Forum post! About XONE: This is a fairly new Clan within APB Reloaded, I created this Clan with the idea in mind that I can provide players with a place to belong and also have people who are ready to help you out or just team with you in missions or just to give new players a collective of people which can help them out or give suggestions to them to get better weapons and tactics within the game when combatting with the other faction. What Faction is XONE? XONE is an Enforcer Clan, one I like Police and two... ne noor nee noor. How do I join? If you message me via Mail in-game or whisper me if you happen to have me in your game with the Subject "XONE Clan Join Request" and the Contents with your Discord username and ID and your IGN. You'll be accepted into the game Clan and when the Discord has been created you'll either see the link in the MoTD or you'll be added via Discord. My IGN: CryzTheKitsune Faction: Enforcer Does XONE have a Discord? Currently, we don't have a Discord but I'm working on that and I'll update the post when one has been created. Is XONE mainly English Speakers? Yes, since I am not blessed with the ability to use multiple languages or just more than the English Language, English is required to converse with other Members and me, but you don't have to have perfect English though long as you can understand people and you are moderate with English you'll be fine. Clothing and Vehicle Icons: Clothing and Vehicle icons aren't really needed if you've already got a set design on your character and cars that you like but if you wish to sport the Icon of XONE they'll be shared via the Discord when it's created. Threat Levels / Ranks: Don't need to be a set Threat Level or Rank to join anyone's free to join. Clan Community Rules: DONT BE A BAD SPORT. DONT DISCRIMINATE, HARASS OR CAUSE DRAMA FELLOW CLAN MEMBERS. (Stright up kick from the Clan DONT AFK MID GAMES (Both not cool and just abusing the games XP and money mechanics.) DONT TK 'Team Kill' (Both not cool and you'll just be harming yourself in the long run.) AGE CANNOT BE BELOW THE AGE RATING OF THE GAME I.E MATURE That's the end of the XONE Recruitment Forum post long read, right? I'll change the format up every so often if it's too lengthy along with updating information about the clan. Hope to see you in the Clan!
  4. C-Pain


    BIURO OCHRONY RAPU Requirements: - Play the game - no minimum age, no maximum age -microphone -activity in the game (login at least once one month)
  5. Takeover Command Hello guys! We are a freshly created clan looking for new members! What we offer: - a friendly, experienced and open community - people that are able to work as a team - clan outfit and cars - events once we are more members - a discord server for communication Requirements: - ability to play as a team and communicate - being friendly and respectful - microphone for communication would be nice, but is not a must - joining our discord is also recommended so you can get the latest info, and find other members to play with t matter How to reach us: If you are interested in joining us, message Killer54321 or RyanKiller ingame or join our discord server ( https://discord.io/takeover or https://discordapp.com/invite/7Nzd8qR). We are looking forward to you!
  6. pyre is an English-speaking Criminal clan founded in 2018 by three veterans of APB. We have over 16,000 hours of in-game experience between us, and have all belonged to some of APB's most successful clans at some point. Coming from this background and using our knowledge and experience, we've decided to set up our own organisation in APB. Our primary objective is to to create a competitive APB community which players are proud to belong to, and not one which is simply an extended friend list. We realise that we are not a large group currently, but every clan starts out somewhere, and we're hoping to make a success out of it. If you're interested in joining us, please make sure you comply by our requirements: Requirements: To join pyre you must: Have a solid grasp on the English language, both spoken and written Be at least 18 years of age Possess a working microphone and be prepared to use TeamSpeak3 Hold and be able to maintain a Gold threat level Not have characters with offensive names or symbols Have a positive attitude If you think you've got what it takes, simply visit our website and head to the recruitment section. We look forward to meeting you! All the best, Lord Cashpoint.
  7. CURE - Central Urban Response & Enforcement Welcome potential new recruit! We are CURE, an EU (Citadel) enforcer clan that promotes good team work and which aims to clean up the city of San Paro. Our ranks are open to anyone who wishes to join, we don't discriminate again rank or threat level, everyone is welcome, we're just here to have a good time! We strive to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere where everyone can group up together with other clan mates to help each other progress their characters and contacts through missions. We don't mind what rank you are or what your threat level is, if you just want other friendly individuals to play with, this is the clan for you! As we are part of a gaming community you will also find other benefits in joining our clan! We have our own game servers and teamspeak/discord server and you will find that many players from all over the world are proud to call our community home. Recruitment Want to join? Great! Either send a in-game mail message to CombatMedic02 or one of our officers listed on the staff page below or ask to join us in the clan recruitment channel on our Discord server. We’ll get an invite sent out to you when we’re next both online. We are always looking for good team players with good attitudes that will make our clan great so if you think this sounds like you, send me a message in-game today! Our current Officers can be found Here! Rules By joining CURE please remember that you are representing us as a clan. There are a few rules to follow if you want to stay with us which can be seen below, just a few obvious rules really, nothing unreasonable but rules that I expect all CURE officers to follow. 1) Be Active - If you are going to be away for a while at least let me know, I don't want clan slots occupied by players that don't play much. 2) Be Polite/Friendly - Don't argue with players in district chat, it gives us all a bad name, I'd like for us to be a clan other people would want to be a part of. 3) Teamwork is Key - Work together when playing with other clan members, respect other clan officers and each other. Don't insult each other, team kill other officers on purpose or leave them behind when they are about to be killed. Uniforms/Clan Vehicles Uniforms are currently completely optional so don’t feel like you are forced to wear one I just wanted to promote some clan pride and team spirit by at least geting us wearing the same colours. You can buy our starter kit uniform or build your own by requesting our symbols! We want you to make your uniform your own and unique to you while showing you are part of the team. It just looks pretty awesome when we all turn up in our clan vehicles and pile out in clan colours. We're enforcers after all, I think it's cool to look like we belong to an organised unit. But as stated earlier, it's completly up to you. We even sell some pretty awesome looking clan vehicles too! If you would like to buy one check out our website and let me know which one you would like to buy and I'll make one up and send it out to you. Criminals plague the city and we are the CURE! Links Click Here to Visit our Website's Clan Page! Click Here to Visit our Youtube Channel! Click Here to Visit our Twitch Channel! Click Here to Visit our Steam Group! Click Here to Join our Discord!
  8. (European Enforcer Corps or EEC) unites all European performers. Born from the initiative of Soldato Eterno0, the goal of bringing together the many players scattered on the xbox platform, find enforcer on the EU server and report who preferred NA for lack of activity on European servers. the command is on the xbox platform, UE server. The EEC is composed of police forces from all over Europe, there are no special requirements to have. Only your national flag is required on your tag by adding your nickname. on request it is possible to have the car and the uniform of the corps. The ultimate goal is to be able to create a community of European executors to cope with the shortcomings that afflict it. You find mates, friends, players to share the victories on the city of San Paro .
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