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  2. I'm a bit of Hopium, but I believe we'll start to see more, since the backend stuff is finally getting fixed. Fingers crossed
  3. Actually had some fun the other night playing with friends! Similar to the old days, and far less hit-reg issues. Like almost every other MMOs, you'll have more fun in groups and friends, rather than going solo
  4. I think what has been said before still stands: These updates are meant to first fix the backend before we see better changes in terms of gameplay, graphics, etc. The backend was a mess, some which I'm not sure I can say still(?) but the newest patch is a step in the right direction, and we may finally see some better aesthetic looks like this in the near future.
  5. Hopefully something cool comes in the future. There's a lot I could ramble about, but I think most has been said already. While I'm not active anymore, I do hope maybe I can come back when things have picked up. My big fear is putting so much hype on some form of engine update, when really what we need is content, but we need the update to get better content. "Any sort of update on this engine is like putting a brick on a house of cards." -
  6. Haven't been around in ages, but I think they'd have to do a really big marketing push to breath new life. Right now it makes sense that there isn't much, as they want to get the game fixed up first before trying to get new people in, which is a smart move, at last imo. If they can get the engine out, then that's good, but there also needs to be a lot of changes to the missions, as at least we we saw it ages ago, many of the changes were to the backend, onto of some visual updates. (I think I still have an old old build somewhere too?)
  7. I'm happy that you guys are looking into this, communicating honestly and being transparent. While I haven't been looking into all the other feedback people have sent, is there any plans to do some form of advertising for this? While I hear some players are waiting for the Engine update to come out, I feel some people just aren't aware of this update at all. I'm no Yes-Man, but I quite enjoyed the one round of this that I was able to play, but was sad to see it die out on my server after a few days. Looking forward to future updates.
  8. Yea, I think part of it was how RP was selling it as a B.R. before they stopped their version of it. I honestly enjoyed the 1 round of it that I got even, even with some randoms, but it's sad to see it's impossible to get another game in now to see more into the mode. By biggest fear was sort-of met, with the lack of players needed to keep the mode on-going. I think part of this may be the lack of advertising and potential reliance of word-of-mouth played part of this. (Note: I haven't had enough experience to fully say how the mode is.) I'm hoping once this engine update comes, they can get more players back. I understand the issue in, which is something we endlessly discussed back in RP's SPCT, how there's a bad loop of what's needed. We need the new engine so that the game can be updated and have better back-end support. However we also need content to keep players around and playing. YET, to add new content, the back-end tools are needed to make actually making the new content easier (we've been told how difficult their custom-prototype of UE3 is.) "Updating this game is like trying to build a house of cards with a brick" -Jotunblut (Not-Exact quopte.)
  9. This was a fun event and Im glad to see so many people were involved with working together in this old game
  10. I love this theme too. As for forgetting it, that isn't likely as they want to make the flow better. What's wrong with it? Well Matt said himself, something around the lines of 'why have a loading screen for another loading screen' or something to that affect. While the new one has a neat look, it's another thing that has to load in, which takes longer to get into this game. This is something he wants to change, so I likely doubt he'll forget. In the mean time, with hackers, DDOSing, and the engine update taking priority, it make take a bit of time, but hopefully the update, or UE4 will handle this long load.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKAY!!!!! @SKay <3<3<3<3☆☆♡♡♡
  12. Game breaking bug in social: some of the bottles and glasses are hanging haldway off the shelf!!! Can't play anymore gg
  13. In a way you can. Unless things changed, you get negative points from a mission, and at the end of the mission, those who didn't score in the top 50% go down some in Threat score. That or they're hoping that the team leader will kick them after X many Teamkills. And I'm not sure if it's the same as a loss, but after 3 or 4 Teamkills in a certain time frame, the game kicks you out back into the lobby, and I'm pretty sure it still counts as a lose to the player, those making them do down in <some backend number> of ranking.
  14. My opinion is this: While not perfect, it's better than some games out there. Guns: While there have been historical moments of OP guns, they usually got nerfed, but at the cost of consumers who bought the gun. But with the LO aquisition, we may see some gun reworks to fix guns that are too weak. In addition, some of the best guns are the base ones available just by playing the game (NTEC, Obeya, HVR, to name a few.) Plus, in the QA I believe they said they would expand upon making every gun available/leasable through normal gameplay in some way. Premium: This is probably the only big P2W spot, as the halved CD on Nitro can Make-or-Break a mission finale. I wouldn't mind seeing this changed in some form. Joker Boxes: This is a hit-or-miss, as some guns are bad->ok->god tier, and ontop of the legality issue, I rather not touch but can see some slight P2W Cars: Mostly cosmetic, and you can get the high-end 4-slots through normal play (though I can see the gray area of this too, as having 4slots early on can be more beneficial to some.) One thing I do enjoy is that we don't have to pay much money to look good. There's only a few items I'd ever want from the Armas store in terms of clothing, and we don't even have to RNG, grind, bid crazy, or buy a pricy appearance changers like in other games (BDO, Tera, BNS to name some.) This is something that I hope never gets changed in APB, as the game is rooted around being YOU
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