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    OCA-EW 626-SD

    You realize that people make mistakes and stop being a child by telling them to never, ever do it again, ever.
  2. Jilleroo

    OCA-EW 626-SD

    Alright, the next time you make a mistake in anything, you're no longer allowed to EVER do that sort of activity again. Simple, effective, illogical...
  3. So true. I Kickstarted Ashes of Creation in 2017 and that game has come further along than APB has in over a decade. The new Halo is coming out and it looks gorgeous and innovative. Tarkov is getting a huge map expansion and more. I don't really understand how APB is still even accessible these days... Other than shutting it down, selling it for a bargain to LO makes a lot of sense. I really hope LO didn't pay over 2 million USD for APB's rights, and if they did, I really hope they got a decent chunk of change from selling the future rights to that other company...
  4. Game's pop is in the toilet. I think a lot of people share that sentiment, but ok whatever.
  5. Feels like a hindsight thread. In hindsight, I'd estimate they probably could have just built a new APB over 3 years and probably have more to show for it than a sphere Matt shared a little while ago. Alright, that was a bit underhanded, but honestly, I don't think they really understood just how awful APB is under the hood and underestimated how much effort it would take to fix it. They're kind of committed to fixing it now... I seriously doubt they can pack this all up and just reforge the spaghetti code from scratch, so this thread is more-or-less just reflecting on the likely more efficient path that was available when they first started off. If we're doing the whole hypothetical hindsight thing anyway, I'd have to say that if they could have bought the rights to the universe/game, then they could have let G1 keep their spaghetti monster, and then save money + time and just make All Points Bulletin 2.
  6. They should make this the April Fool's for 2022, "we deleted all the guns due to crying, so it's the STAR only."
  7. Or you could just take a break? Sounds like you need one. I haven't played since August, 2020. Just patiently waiting for them to update cause the game is kinda crap atm.
  8. Because they're upset that a game they love has been absolute dog water (I personally adore the game, but let's be real - it's not exactly well maintained) for many, many years and it's a natural thing to do as a species to vent frustration. Getting emotional is what we humans do. Treating people who are upset with aggression or dismissing their emotions just makes it worse. People venting to Little Orbit costs you nothing and you claim you don't care, so why even post? It didn't help any. That's why people like Cookie shouldn't open their mouths most of the time, hence why he's been reported and reprimanded for it in the past. Little Orbit does. Any profit seeking entity cares about how its users are feeling. Stop coming here if certain threads irk you so much.
  9. He knows, but I don't think anyone who trades this way cares.
  10. My friend trades premium for legendaries, so... Some people want it and are willing to pay for it.
  11. Nice try, Hex. You don't even know what it sounds like. Honestly, you're probably deaf from rigorous volcano use. So really, your opinion is far from relevant.
  12. And the most important thing; it doesn't sound like an awful wet noodle every shot.
  13. This forum is mostly the same trash over and over, but every once in a little while there's still some humour to be mined from it... Support is the only way to get your account unbanned. So whether you're telling the truth or not, it doesn't really matter to anyone here. We can't help you, but good luck.
  14. Defending a mechanic in the game from change is fine, swearing and spitting all over yourself because you're a child is not.
  15. Me, still new to the game, getting chased (and stalked) by my then-not-yet-bff AsheKetchum.
  16. "never ever ask for changes to be made to the gameplay cause some new guy on the forum got upsetti spaghetti and screamed no, go away!" Okay, but like, no?
  17. I've been an advocate for it for ages for APB. I said it helped ruin WoW.
  18. Yeah, and it helped ruin it, lol. Would be great for APB though until its numbers aren't so low.
  19. Interesting read for sure, lol. Seems like LO hired a dev team to make a game last year(?) and they didn't deliver and talked trash so LO sued them for not finishing the project and casting shade on them in public. Anyway, I cleaned up the formatting on some spice to share.
  20. Matches already scale based on length. Can always just make an internal cooldown on forfeiting so you can't forfeit a dozen times in an hour.
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