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  1. Queenie

    Big guys in the game

    *bane joke*
  2. Lady, have you heard of the Vehicle System? also the game's style and combat is rooted for fast and loud, not tactile and decisive. That style belongs to a different game.
  3. glad to see some numbers
  4. ironically, we DID start a bit of a riot ;3 In any case, Thanks for Clearing some information up, Matt
  5. Queenie

    Let's talk about FC

    This is it, We're gonna get what this game really needs. . . A Sports related game mode to compliment the Sports Clothing Pack.
  6. It's less of "getting away with it" and more of "making it subtle"
  7. I love how he wants exaggerated feminine features to be a thing while the entire company is also dealing with the development of other things AND the ongoing server problems. Also, censored chat? Unless I play this game at the worst of times, The chat's been the same since 2014.