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  1. i have no idea what i'm reading but glad you're enjoying your gun i guess? not bursting your bubble but you do realize the CBMP series is just a reskin of the PMG, right?
  2. You tried re logging in and see if it gives you then? bought the exact same thing awhile back and i still get my account bounds in the mail.
  3. Comparing the Usrus to a DMR/HVR has got to be one of the worst analogies I've ever seen.
  4. ono. they made a change that broke the game once. i should be super pissed even though they've already said sorry and are currently planning to fix it but still. at this point i'm more scared that people are getting too entitled just because someone threw in their chips to at least try to fix the game and screwed it once.
  5. Queenie


    don't worry, i'm just an inch below you. then again... i'm a woman tho
  6. Waterfront is known for having really awful areas that are easy-camp and too open for some players. It also doesn't help that Waterfront seems to be either poorly optimized or it renders too much of the open to the point that it just makes playing there a dilemma for your PC.
  7. Lady, have you heard of the Vehicle System? also the game's style and combat is rooted for fast and loud, not tactile and decisive. That style belongs to a different game.
  8. ironically, we DID start a bit of a riot ;3 In any case, Thanks for Clearing some information up, Matt
  9. This is it, We're gonna get what this game really needs. . . A Sports related game mode to compliment the Sports Clothing Pack.
  10. It's less of "getting away with it" and more of "making it subtle"
  11. I love how he wants exaggerated feminine features to be a thing while the entire company is also dealing with the development of other things AND the ongoing server problems. Also, censored chat? Unless I play this game at the worst of times, The chat's been the same since 2014.
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