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  1. Hello friends. I bought 1 month before CBMP-45 DART JT3 gun from joker market. 10.000 joker tickets i give it. and i cant addicted that gun still. I usually use Colby gun in missions and 1 week colby coming to me more powerfully then my new gun CBMP-45 DART JT3. in the mission some friends says to me. "Wow ur gun is good" its nice gun. look like that comments coming to me. But i really not happy with it. If i dont play with silvers or bronze. its makes me crazy. I put it Reflex Slight 3 and Cooling Jacket 3 . and what i must use for 3Th empty slot? And i hear from a gamer youtube channell . He says if your FPS value is down dont play with shotguns or colby. My fps are average 60 fps i think. He says if FPS down play with riffles look like obir Ntec.... I doing daily joker missions for buy new gun from Joker market. ım good with obir too. whats ur advice to buy for next gun with jokers. ty. good games . see ya.
  2. Its not working still. Saying connecting. and 8 10 seconds blue connecting write showing with bar. Then Error 9 again. From Turkey.
  3. Breaking news APB Reloaded has been stolen. Officials said that while the game servers were moved, the criminals stole the servers.
  4. We cant login the game from from Turkey bcoz of same reason? When we can enter again ?
  5. i found myself that red pumpkins now after i see this video thinking why we dont check the forum always?
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