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  1. Hard but not impossible. This might be an advanced mission for good players. But i agree some missions are a straight lose. Still all depend on team work.
  2. They will keep k/d ratios at bad state, which is easier than dethreating. You can win bronzies without even kill them lol. Or get killed a lot on purpose. The solution is other and i repeated it many times: bigger pop and diversity of skill so player can scalate the getting good stairs.
  3. Crossmap pledge... coff coff... How long ive had this idea? Is not just now, its something necessary for the reasons i gave with my "first" acc.
  4. Its been already sugessted... there are suposed to be gms around but they cant take actions more than report more directly a cheater. No idea if they keep going with that... gms were volunteers. Edit. I doubt they were doing anything anyways... or the process too slow. Cheaters will reroll faster than the time its spent to caught them. They won and there is not much it can be done because apb is f2p. Im suspicious they even want a merge to citadel to be able to have more clients... they even send players to sugest this. They come as far as to ddos jericho for that. If you have another idea... the extra problem is that they now need proof so the banned account cant claim false ban or something like it.
  5. God... Barely anyone know how dethreating started and they make asumptions how to solve it. Cant wait for this to burn down just as happened with weapons balance... The quickest band aid i thought it was that once you reach a new threat you cant go back. More simple than that impossible. The hard way is fixing apb core problems and get population back so the skill gamma players appear and everyone enjoys back facing diversity of players and finally climb the stairs of getting good. There wont be huge income of new players (getting into consoles, for me, was a new way to get new players because pc didnt receive many imo)... they will quit for many reasons. Care for getting back players who like/d apb. I really doubt doing tricky things will keep new players when the ones already stay are leaving aswell. Its like having a restaurant with the floor full of shit and you pretend clients keep coming by putting tables, spraying fragrances, adding flowers here and there, painting the shit, putting signs "we are working to solve the shit issue enjoy ur meal"...etcs. will solve the core issue that is having shit in the floor and clients will keep steping on it, smelling it, falling on it, potential new clients will see that from outside and run as far as possible blah blah blah. Enjoy the shitty analogy
  6. Best solution get back players... im tired repeating it.
  7. What is your sugestion? Ive sugested crossmap pledge for other reasons 2, but it was better to kill some weapons instead.
  8. A good triggerbot for oscar and thats likely the best weapon.
  9. A cm with SAD And not even interacting with people, just chating or messages. Now we know the presure apb puts on you... imagine if she started playing apb. Now i understand why the female overprotection ingames.
  10. Atac, ntec/stock star and pmg. Nhvr or volcano for fountain. Opgl if u need to exit apb.
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