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  1. thought this music video was pretty cool. it was performed at BlizzCon 2018. it's LoL skins, but they look very APB, especially the Akali skin and all the graffiti stuff. She does a little rap and stuffs. Official K/DA "Pop Stars" Video
  2. thats why u dont let aquariums host pumpkin painting events....too much water in the paint.
  3. @saxtus Over the span of apb's life, the events/contests section of the forums has been wiped about 4 times over at this point.
  4. man i wish i had the old iRL costume contest thread still. it's been lost for years but it was pretty great seeing 20+ ppl dress up irl like their apb characters. i think advertising it on in-game bulletin boards also helps.
  5. tfw the most original/creative halloween costume design entry is by none other than MONEYCHIXXX. is there no one left?
  6. man, almost no new art in like years. well here's some more old stuff to add to the pile. https://www.deviantart.com/iodyneapb/gallery/62789211/APB-Character-Portraits
  7. On the contrary, do not DO NOT delete any information, conversations, pictures, etc you have. You need these in case the person decides to be spiteful or tries to hurt you or blackmail you at some point in the future. From the sound of it, I wouldn't put it past the guy. Just be safe and keep everything in case you need it.
  8. Post in 3d render thread. There's also a 2d art thread.
  9. Kemp can pick a top 10 and then have Lixil pick the top 3 winners from that. In addition, add a separate "popular vote" winner.
  10. this is exactly right. If it's not one thing, it's gonna be another. All the jealous no-names who don't get the recognition or attention they want always lash out like this over ANY reason they can come up with. It's their way of trying to justify their feelings of jealousy/envy/spite as having an actual foundation. But it's always a double -standard and it always contradicts previous things they've said or done themselves. Don't ever tell them life isn't fair or they'll cry.
  11. That 3 monitor one is really nice. I'd add a black bar tho to the bottom of the image tho cause ur task bar is covering up a lot of the characters' details. Then just scrunch the top a bit to keep the monitor proportion. Also if ur monitor isn't long enough for the whole image, u gotta use the right side of the image as the centerpeice...it's the most detailed! Aughhh Seedy just give me ur monitor's resolution and I'll do it for you! edit: i guessed
  12. definitely not joking. this is like text book example. also had a schizophrenic roommate once. they can seem pretty normal until they go batsh*t crazy. there was also a schizo dude who would post flyers that looked just like this type all around town.
  13. do you mean community volunteer GM's? I didn't realize the GM's would be handling support tickets...i thought they would just be helping players in-game?
  14. When I took abnormal psychology, this is what the example of a schizophrenic person's writing looked like.
  15. Well killing Elsie is was made bernard make "the choice" to bring back Dalores. He saw the extent of human nature's evil as he helplessly watched her die right in front of him. He would not have made 'the choice' otherwise.
  16. @notzombiebiscuit At first I cared about Doloras before she was evil. She had some deep speeches, but then they got repetitive. The episode towards the end that focused around the Indian guy's story was kinda touching... The only person I was really upset about dying was Elsie, the programmer chick. She was so kewl I was mad she died.
  17. The question for season 3 is... Whose 5 data spheres did Deloras sneak out of the park and print in the real world?
  18. @dibbzz Berserk?! Man, the Golden Arc trilogy of Berserk is my absolute favorite.... but berserk is definitely not for kids that age. There's like 3 different instances of no in Berserk...defensively a 13+ series. And yeah I always felt awkward watching anime with my parents in the room, especially since they were the type to tell me to close my eyes during erotica scenes in movies...I think the one time my mom saw me watching it was Fei from Cowboy Bebop all tied up with her huge knockers bouncing around. Only movies that I'd be willing to watch with her is the studio Ghibli films.
  19. @asgerlund ah, 10 is pretty young still. I think when I was 10, I was just watching Pokemon and Sailor Moon and whatever was on Toonami after school. Most of the better ones aren't PG unfortunately. I always recommend Samurai Champloo though. Some good soundtrack (nujabes). I'd describe it as edo period / urban street gangsta style. It's even got some beatbox scenes and grafitti tagging scenes which I find to be funny since the time period is set so far back. It has some good fight scenes too. It's on Netflix dubbed. I thibk you should watch that.
  20. This is why when I logged into social district this week after years of being away, ppl still are wearing the same boring stuff with no new interesting concepts (other than jaql). Everyone in game is so dead creatively. Bland and generic. Can't recognize a masterpiece from a hot steaming pile if it hit them in the face. Everything good is just a copy or carry-over from the old playerbase. Honestly I don't think any of the new players even know what's good and what's not....they only know what is "valuable" and popular according to what everyone else has.
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