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  1. thats just a crappy video card with artifacts. happened to me on a shitty amd r9. got a gtx1060 n forgot about it
  2. it works for me ive used it sevfer since BE and nothing so
  3. JohnnyWar is a smart

  4. Its so inconvenient that its been removed.
  5. Yea bro il make you one, hit me up in-game - HaveYouSeenMolly USA USA USA the greatest
  6. Svaigsti cia atejes. I can, I JUST DONT FIND COMFORTABLE HAVING TO SPAM CTRL with my pinky to crouch quickly. Duchas.
  7. When can these be expected to be added as an actual feature in-game? defaultinput.ini stopped working so now I am stuck with a deforming pinky.
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