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  1. And you expect a Person gets banned immediately after you reported said person? Because the said person was most likely just better than you? Ray 2.0. And yes, you can know where someone will come from if you played enough you will know how the spawn system works and how people usually pick spawns. But hey, they are all cheater in your eyes so whatever. For the sole reason of not having anyone banned a second after you press report for imaginary cheats you just became ray 2.0 or ray's personal clone soldier.
  2. well, Forum and game are 2 different things. In game has genitals banned, somehow feminine features are okay. But the forum is a more accessible place then the game so noods are not allowed.
  3. SweetFX was made banable the day they banned shaders, it's injection based, so either BE won't let you play or they make you stop playing. Forever.
  4. Not exactly a change NEED, with UE 3.5 and then UE4 Shaders will change, most likely drastically. And there is always the hopeful Ansel support.
  5. It's no mystery that the game has Optimisation problems. Majorly in Waterfront. And then the random Frame Drops. i7 4790K 32 gig ram GTX 970 usually sitting on 101 fps, aside from waterfront, duh.
  6. shredder could use a ttk buff tbh, but mostly the gun is really satisfying when you finally get a kill with it, and it sounds cool.
  7. Brain fart, if your a mental charity case you sometimes think of one thing and type the opposite, or you forget to type the word entirely, but I actually wanted to write "changes" instead of nerfs. dunno why I actually wrote nerfs.
  8. Quality Hexerin stuff I see, if you cover up names, cover up all of them. Name and shame are after still against the forum rules. But the Dethreater frustration is understandable. Not gonna lie, it has to be dealt with, but coming up with an actual working solution won't be done within a few weeks. They working overtime already, and i think so far they doing fine sticking to their plans.
  9. I am not so keen on the Shotgun nerfs but we gotta see how that will change the game and the meta, but the rest looks solid, it's a start, still, some guns need fixing like the yukon. But we are going in a direction that possibly none can entirely dislike. Good Job Jeff Kap.... I mean Matt Scott.
  10. I am not so sure if we should compare them, Overwatch is gradually dying with each year eventually ending up where APB and even HOTS are right now.
  11. Why should we have detailed skins when 99% play the game on settings making them look like a blop of paint? And on top skins don't look anywhere near good since the guns and their texture are low poly anyways.
  12. Someone thought he is clever. Even with "only" 4 1080, you wouldn't get much higher fps. Aside from that Nvidia isn't providing support beyond 2 cards.
  13. Your own post qualifies as shitpost.
  14. none likes you either. which is a blatant copy of the Saints Row Dubstep gun that people build ages ago already. He prolly bought one and repainted it.
  15. You just learned a valuable lesson. How placebo works.
  16. No - Why would they? No. Hopefully fixed. never used an RFP in my life. Doesn't need to be touched.
  17. It's your fault for getting scammed in the first place, the warning signs are all over the place, never trust anyone in APB and if it's not a GM, don't use random Middlemen. If anyone tells you they are trusted or something simply keep in mind, that none in this game is trusted, not even community GM's, we have seen it with SPCM which was a bunch of Scammers and cheaters. So yea, it is your fault for getting scammed, but give the support some time, I still got an open ticket a month later, number 1100 something, but hey, that's just about an idiot recording himself cheating and crying.
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