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  1. im not in japan currently im living in turkey as a exchange student and i take 45-65 ms
  2. i need japanese alphabet
  3. they should be fragile+adrenaline injector users xD
  4. Meizaki


    the same language thing would be really good for better communication however rewards and progress will be weird in this place. in my opinion people abuse this system again. the best thing to appeal other guys to play this game is advertising. even my close/gamer friends never heard apb in their lives. i know if people know this game and its potential maybe more players gonna play this game.
  5. Meizaki

    Proof Shredder Is Imbalanced

    wtf is that gun lol
  6. Use advanced launcher and disable loading videos. ENJOY !
  7. support is not fast you know. i want to use my steam wallet for g1c purchase and i dont want to wait 1 month or more. This is why i used forum for my problem
  8. Hi, i was using steam for login my account before but after "password reset" i cant login with steam. It says reset pass visit gamersfirst bla bla but i already reset my account's pass(same with my steam e mail). Now i cant login through steam but it logins if i type my email and pass manually. Why i cant login. Please explain this. @Lixil (my steam acc email and my gamersfirst email are same)
  9. i saw this screen filter for apb https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/183/ and im wondering is it bannable ? It is look more warm and natural idk how its works
  10. Hi LO. I want to translate game files to turkish language. Is editing localization files bannable ?