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  1. The new contacts should come with engine upgrade even if the upgrade doesn't change that much ingame. However, r255 to r299 needs to be very difficult to reach and take hundreds of hours in order to keep the grind going for as long as possible. All the new ranks need new unlocks which is a big job itself.
  2. Lixil had her baby? Hope both are doing well !
  3. اضطررت لاستخدام جوجل. ماذا سنفعل دون جوجل!
  4. Seriously. Wait for a reply. Posting on the forums wont get you special treatment. You must be low in the cue. They have a mountain of accounts to look in to. They wont ignore you, just haven't got to you yet.
  5. The ddos a few days was frustrating for me as I finally had some time to myself while my kids went out with my wife. Jumped on APB and got kicked within minutes Not played since
  6. LO need to invest in a mobile app. account protection, armas, clan chat, player profiles, voice chat, social district. Would be great.
  7. I really like it! Nice one! It could be worse. You could have the razer logo tattooed on your wrist like me
  8. I am being sarcastic.. Please don't edit the files.. Just wait for LO to sort it, probably after the update. If your fps is that bad, then just use advanced launcher, low res. Or just upgrade you pc
  9. I am confident LO will be happy for people to remove these things to gain an unfair advantage. I see absolutely no problems with these things.
  10. This only usually happens every so often but if it’s continuous then submit a ticket to support
  11. Yes you can play on both. You can have 10 accounts and they won’t know unless something or someone brings it to there attention.
  12. They are running a business and will absolutely not refund anyone any differences. Everyone who spent money on armas stuff done so willingly at the prices they were given. Hell I don't even want armas exclusives. Just put the prices down and let everyone get everything equally.
  13. Hey Witch. Can you clarify it will be on Friday the 1st June (I am assuming) Also, do you need an donations for this ?
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