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  1. Will you ever do anything about the servers....how long will we players have to endure this problems...any information would be nice!? Btw restarting the servers every couple days/hours will not fix them
  2. Don't we have enough N-tecs in this game already, do we really need another one?
  3. I understand that with your eyes they seem to be gold, but they are actually not. More like high silver players that are between silver and gold so please stop saying they be gold. They suck when they are playing against real golds, that's why they have to go to bronze to boost their ego
  4. Most games are gpu intensive, but APB is different. We here have a really cpu intensive game. What does this mean? It means you need a good cpu if you want good constant fps. You should also overclock it. 16GB of ram is recommended and an SSD drive (since APB writes a lot of files on the drive)
  5. Report system was useless, since to many fake reports were coming in all the time and the staff had to probably check all of them
  6. I love how many players complain about N-TEC, even tho there is nothing wrong with it. It's just a very popular and versatile weapon. When players complain about car spawners, remote detonators and mobile radar tower destroying the game (which they actually are), other players tell them to adapt and overcome . Maybe you should do the same with N-TEC
  7. I did this once as well. I heard from a friend that you can do it, since i decided to took a long break from APB i give it a shot. I contacted the support and gived them all the necessary information and it was done, my 120 premium days were on hold. About 17 months later when i got back to apb, i again contacted support about my premium. I gived them the same information (i still had the mail from the last conversation so i just copy-paste it and send it). Guess what happened next. They told me: ''The information you have supplied does not match our records'' - all premium gone just like that! I love how good the support has always been in this game
  8. When they added car spawners to the game they completely destroy the balance in missions because players can literally spawn on the objectives with car spawners. As far as i remember they added them so we would have more spawns to choose from, i do like the idea but it sure does need some changes. I also wouldn't mind if it would get removed. And if they don't remove the remote detonator from the game, they could at least give it a 2 minutes cooldown
  9. Leave the reputation and make it so you can like a topic, for posts change likes and dislikes to agree and disagree. Fixed
  10. He was only 33 years old, what a tragedy
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